Bridget McDermott Accident Interstate 95/Route 128 : News

by Anchal Thakur

Bridget McDermott Accident Interstate 95/Route 128: Hello, young readers. Today, we have a heart-wrenching story to tell about a tragic car accident that happened on Friday, October 13, 2023, in Lexington, Massachusetts. It’s a tough story, but we’ll try to explain it in a way that you can understand.

The Terrible Accident

So, here’s what happened. On that fateful Friday, a really bad car crash took place on a road called Interstate 95/Route 128 in Lexington, Massachusetts. This crash was so bad that it led to the loss of two lives, including someone named Bridget McDermott. It’s a really sad thing, and it happened near a place called the Route 4/255 interchange.

The Wrong-Way Driver

Now, this accident was a bit unusual. Imagine if you were driving on the road, and you saw a car coming toward you from the opposite direction – that’s what happened here. People called the police and said there was a car driving the wrong way, going south on the side of the road where everyone was supposed to go north.

The Crash

The police got these calls at around 1:20 a.m. on Saturday, and they hurried to the scene. When they got there, they saw that the car going the wrong way had crashed into another car. It was like a big, bad puzzle that they had to figure out.

What Went Wrong

The police started looking into what happened. They found out that a 2001 Toyota RAV4 was driving the right way, heading north on I-95/Route 128, near Exit 49. But then, out of nowhere, a 2019 Toyota Prius, which should have been going in the opposite direction, was driving the wrong way and hit the RAV4 near Exit 49B. That’s where you get off to go to Route 4 north/Route 225 west.

The crash was so terrible that the RAV4 flipped over onto its side and even caught fire. It’s like something you’d see in a movie, but this was real life, and it was really, really sad.

The Tragic Outcome

Because of the fire, the situation was very, very serious. Firefighters came to help and tried to rescue both drivers from their cars, but it was too late. The police had to confirm that both drivers had lost their lives right there at the scene.

The Investigation

The police didn’t stop there. They wanted to know how this happened, so they started looking into it. They closed down the part of the road where the accident took place for several hours to do their investigation, but eventually, they opened it back up for traffic at around 6:45 a.m.

So, they’re still trying to figure out what went wrong, why the Prius was going the wrong way on the highway. It’s like a big mystery they need to solve.

Our Hearts Go Out

This is a really sad story, and we can’t help but feel really sorry for the families of the people involved in the accident. Losing someone you love in a sudden and tragic way is one of the hardest things in the world. It’s like a piece of your heart gets taken away, and you don’t know how to make it feel better.

We might not know these people personally, but we can send our thoughts and love to their families during this really, really tough time. It’s important to remember that accidents like this are heartbreaking, and they remind us to be careful and safe when we’re on the road. It’s a sad story, but we hope that you can take away a lesson about the importance of driving safely and looking out for one another.

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