Break Check Dmz: Find Car Crash Site Near Observatory In DMZ

by Rajitha Reddy

Break Check Dmz: The DMZ Break Check mission for the White Lotus faction in Warzone 2 is a brand new quest that was added in Season 2.

And as the name suggests, it is related to the brakes on a particular vehicle that do not function as well as they should. In this guide, we will show you exactly where the first step of the guide is located.

In DMZ Season 2, this is the location of the wreckage of the car that was found close to the Observatory.

Break Check Dmz: Find Car Crash Site Near Observatory In DMZ

In DMZ, there are a lot of missions that require players to find certain dead drops. There, you’ll drop some important things. In Season 1, this kind of mission was pretty common, and it’s still a big part of DMZ in Season 2.

Because of this, we already have a few new missions that follow this pattern. In DMZ Season 2, the “Break Check” mission for the White Lotus faction has players “find the car crash site near the Observatory.”

Once you find it, it should have a hard drive inside that you’ll have to take out. It looks easy on paper. But a lot of players don’t know where to look for this crash site. Where is it then?

It’s “close to the Observatory,” as the task says. To be more specific, it is just southeast of the observatory complex. From the Zaya Observatory, there is a dirt road that goes down the hill and leads to Ahkdar Village.

And right next to the road, you will see a car that has flipped over and is on fire. And that’s our “car crash site near the Observatory” in the DMZ.

When you get close to the car, you’ll be given the choice to take the Ashika Security Hard Drive. You’ve done the first two steps of the mission by doing that.

Now, all that’s left to do to finish the Break Check mission is to find the Waterways Dead Drop and drop the hard drive there.