Boston Richey Responds To Snitch Allegations

by Narendra

Boston Richey Responds To Snitch Allegations: Real Boston Richey, a well-known rapper, has responded to claims that he snitched in an interrogation video that just came out.

Yesterday, vlogger 1090 Jake shared the video, and since then, it has gotten over 200,000 views.

A short video of the rapper saying “that’s him” is making the rounds on social media. Many people see this as proof that he told on someone.

Boston Richey Responds To Snitch Allegations

Boston Richey Responds To Snitch Allegations

Media Take Out says that the rapper agreed to talk to the police about a case from 2013 in which he and two other people were charged with Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle.

The longer video shows Boston Richey being questioned by police in a police station. He seems to name several suspects and a “alleged shooter” by name.

1090: Jake put a transcript of the video on YouTube, with important parts marked by minutes. The Floridian vlogger has caught snitches in the past, and earlier this month he posted proof that Boston Richey was a snitch.

But Boston Richey took to Instagram today to clear things up. He said, “No one in that interview was real.” He then said, “It’s very clear that he has nothing to do with s***.”

On his Instagram story, the rapper indirectly called out 1090 Jake. He asked, “How can a white boy with tattoos who wants to be black give you advice on everyone’s case?”

After a month of confusion about Boston Richie’s alleged informant, it looks like the rapper is still denying the claims.

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