Bethany Mandel Mask: What’s the Matter?

by Narendra

Bethany Mandel Mask: The Internet can’t stop talking about a picture that Bethany Mandel posted on Twitter of a dirty disposable mask. Do you want to know what all the fuss is about? We know everything you need to know.

Before posting the picture of a pretty disgusting mask, Bethany sent out another tweet in which she questioned “progressives” for “scarecrowing” their children into wearing dirty masks for long hours. She then backed up her claim with a lot of proof, but a few people on Twitter have called her out for the same thing.

Who Is Bethany Mandel? Bethany Mandel Mask Tweets

Bethany stays at home with her kids and writes on her own time. She is writing for the outlet Tablet about politics, culture, and Jewish issues from a “politically conservative point of view.” She is also an editor for the magazine Ricochet and a writer for the newspaper Desert News.

She has more than 82,000 people following her on Twitter, where she is known as @bethanyshondark.

In her Twitter bio, it says she’s married to Seth Mandel, who is an executive editor at the Washington Examiner Mag. He had worked for the New York Post and the Commentary before.

Both Bethany and Seth have said that they are proud of the fact that their children are Jewish. “Father of the five Irishest Jewish kids on earth” is also written in Seth’s bio.

Bethany Mandel Mask News Tweet

Bethany posted two pictures of a mask for throwing away that had yellow stains on it, making it look like it was dirty. She wrote in the post’s title, “This is what this mask looks like after one day.”

In the next tweet, she said, “This will last a small child one day.”

People were quick to judge Bethany for letting her kids wear such dirty masks after she tweeted before about how parents “scare” their kids into wearing masks. Most of them, though, said that it was impossible for so much dirt to get into a mask in just a few hours.

People quickly responded to Bethany’s tweet, criticizing her for how she felt about kids wearing masks.

One person tweeted, “I worked as a temp at Amazon for a few months last year. I worked 4–10 hour shifts per week and had to do hard work, like a lot of walking and lifting. I had to wear a mask the whole time, except when I was eating. My mask never looked like that. No one else’s did either.”

Another person tweeted, “If that’s your kid’s mask, please take them to the doctor because that’s not normal. If I knew you, I’d say it was just a trick you did to get more views. After one day, no one’s masks look like this. The same masks had to be worn by nurses until they fell apart, but ours didn’t look like that.”