Best WWE Games For Android

by Narendra

WWE Mayhem, Wrassling, and more. Here’re the best WWE games for android you can try.

Every year tons of android game are released in which only a few games like WWE that never loses their popularity with time, from childhood video game player to android smartphone WWE game it becomes more popular & trending in youngsters with new graphics, gameplay, and sound that increases the excitement toward the WWE games,

To not fade off that excitement here in the android play store there are plethora of new best WWE game for android has been releasing from months, So if you’re like me who is always excited to play best free WWE games in android then this article is for you, here we have compiled the best WWE games for android that you do not miss to play.

1. WWE Mayhem

Here is the first best WWE game for android on the list “WWE Mayhem” if you are looking for game that has amazing graphics quality, smooth controls, and provides delightful gameplay then this game you should have to try. It’s the best WWE action game for android available on play store that gives finest graphics experience seems like real raw smackdown. Moreover, Fighters action with ultimate sound gives you goosebumps that’s really amazing.

Apart from that, there are lots of new features that make WWE more awesome like, here you can choose your favorite character and customize it to play all your favorite WWE legend moves. Furthermore, there are various types of gameplay events that you can play like a weekly event, one-to-one fight, and many more that you are surely gone love it.

Install: WWE Mayhem (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 10M+

2. Wrestling Rev 3D

If you’re like me, who is fan of WWE fighter’s moves & styles to fight, then here is the best WWE game for android which gives you the same experience as you want, wrestling Rev 3D is the game which is mostly famous for players fight movement that comes with excellent graphics and controls, Moreover the game having every attacking control that makes the game more awesome.

Apart from that, the best part I like is the games modes, like if you’re new then practicing is the best type of game with coach, there is also one to one fight, and also with more players, So if you want to enjoy WWE game in low MB with medium graphics and high stunts moves then I’d recommend you to check out this game for sure.

Install: Wrestling Rev 3D (Free)

Downloads: 50M+

3. World Tag Team Wrestling Revolution

Here is another best free WWE game for android that you can try which has new fighting styles and moves which is a mixture of wrestler and boxing champions, More importantly, Here game comes with different modes to play like one-to-one, knockout, and more. Moreover, the best thing is its real sound that makes the game more playable, if you are looking for game that has different characters and styles to fight then you can try world team game.

Install: Wrestling Revolution (Free)

Downloads: 5M+

4. WWE Champions

If you want to play WWE in the new style unlike the above ones then this game is for you, it’s the game which you don’t have control by the cursor or keys, to play the game you have to solve every time a puzzle which is below it, from which the moves of WWE champions takes, apart from that the game having super great graphics and sound with various styles of fighting action that you sure love it.

The best part I like in the game is the real player character every time you will get a new favorite player to play that really amazing if you looking for great graphics and real WWE champions character then you should have to try WWE champions.

Install: WWE Champions (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 10M+

5. Wrassling- Wacky Wrestling

If you are looking WWE game for android just for fun then here is the game “Wrassling” through which you can do your time pass, the game having very funny characters and also movement. Your task is to throw out the opponent from the ring, and the main challenge is everyone is trying to throw you out from the movement so be careful otherwise you will lose the cup of wrassling. Isn’t it interesting?

Install: Wrassling (Free)

Downloads: 1M+

6. WWE undefeated

WWE Undefeated may not be as realistic as Wee 2k, but it has the best storyline. You can have extra fun playing with WWE legends and their signature moves. The game is approximately 268 M.B in size and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Install: WWE undefeated (Free)


WWE Slam is one of the more recent WWE mobile games in comparison. It is a card-collecting game featuring a variety of past and present wrestlers. It features new content for every WWE Pay-Per-View event and controls that are simple enough. There is a slight learning curve because there is so much going on in the game, but you eventually get used to it. Online, you can also trade and duel with other players. The game is freemium and a complete cash grab, but it’s still entertaining for a while.

Install: Topps WWE (Free)

8. WWE

This time, it’s not exactly a WWE game for Android, but rather an app that provides access to all WWE games. It’s the official WWE Networking app, and if you’re a true WWE fan, you’ll love it. This app contains all the episodes of the game. In addition, this app includes separate sections for various events, allowing you to easily locate themes. Are you curious about it? Then review the features listed below.

Install: WWE (Free)

9. Real Wrestling 3D

If you’re searching for the most realistic 3D combat wrestling game, you’re in the right place. Real Wrestling 3D is authentic wrestling in which you’ll feel the real action under your thumbs. You need only step onto the wrestling mat and demonstrate your prowess against your opponent. However, the game’s authenticity adds a level of enjoyment that is difficult to imagine. Want more information about this engaging 3D game?

Install: Real 3D (Free)

Wrapping Up: Best WWE Games For Android

These were the best WWE games for android that you can play in your free time or whenever you get bored. All these games are available on play store, every game has different features, graphics quality, and most important real characters you can easily choose the best free WWE game for you. Moreover, there is also one game which I like the most is Wrassling the game is just for fun but really a great game to time pass. More importantly, all these games are accessible without any internet access. So yeah, enjoy it!

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