Best Websites For Free Icons [New] 2022

by Narendra

Flaticon, iconfinder and more. Here’re the best websites for free icons.

When it comes to enhancing the website, icons still play a major role. It represents user of the brand, a hidden message, and a relatable product. Whether the icon is in vector images icon or in emojis it is always a fantastic way to represent an idea.

In the technology era, Vector icons are the first choice of a website designer to enhance usability & design for easy to remember. From the researches, it’s clear that icons, images, and unique designs are the best way to navigate users and are recognized for a long time as compared to simple written texts, on the other hand, if icons are not used correctly or don’t convey the message then the same icons make much confusion and make a bad user experience.

So it’s clear that icons are strangely important whether you are promoting a product, want to spread messages, and of course navigation for websites. But finding high-quality icons in different formats is not a simple task, but don’t worry after doing great research here I come with the best websites for free icons that you can use for commercial purpose. So no further ado let’s begin.

1. Flaticon

Here is one of the best website for free icon, with a huge vector icon database of “2,490,000” to access. Every required category is available in packs and in single icons to download. Moreover, the best part is icons are available in every format such as PNG, SVG, EPS, BSD, and many more. Flaticon also provides a platform for money-making by contributing unique vector icons.

Flaticon icon website

Apart from that If I talk about its UI then it’s wonderful with using icons it’s perfectly easy to navigate and looks great. For the person who is looking for icons in various styles and creations then I strongly recommend you to check out uniques icons that you can also customize as you want.

Flaticon is a freemium website where to download icons for free you must have to give attribution. Here the premium option is for advanced icons and to download complete packs of icons.

Visit: Flaticon

2. Icon Shock

Here is another free icon website that has library with over 2 million icons where you can effortlessly get your favorite one with tons of different styles & categories. You can also customize your icons such as color, size, format. But as icon shock comes in freemium version wherein free version you will get a limited customized option for unlocking full version there are different plans you can choose.

Icon Shock icon website

Furthermore, if you want to use free icons for commercial purposes then attribution is required and if not then premium plans are also the best option to use.

Apart from that Icon Shock has perfectly matched UI and navigation to find your desired icons pack. The new thing here you can also translate the language for a better experience.

Visit: Icon Shock

3. Freepik

You can call freepik a multi-website where you will find tons of categories of icons, images, uniques vectors, and PSD. Here you can easily download any type of icons with various styles and colors free of cost but for some unique designs and most popular icons come in premium categories.

Freepik website for icons

Apart from that, the site contains the most beautiful and new design icons that you may like. The thing I like here is its user interface & ease of navigation. Freepik also gives an opportunity for graphic lovers to contributing graphics and earn money.

Hence, freepik is also the best place where you can choose your favorite icons.

Visit: Freepik

4. iconfinder

Looking for an entirely best free website to download icons then here is iconfinder for you which provides the users ultimate icons with over 14000 in various categories from business-related icons to logos and many more. Those icons you can easily use for commercial purposes by just giving attribution to the creator.

iconfinder website for icons

The best thing here I like is it gives the user desired to customize option of size, a format in free of cost that really great. So if you are the one who is looking for free icons website then iconfinder is best.

Apart from that iconfinder comes in the simple design and easy to crawl that you’ll surely like it.

Visit: iconfinder

5. Icon 8

Icon8 is another surpassing website for icons, photos, vectors, music, lunacy. Icon8 cater to freemium icons with over 122,400 icons is free of cost, where it provides the user to edit as per they want such as color, size, formate, and more. Icon 8 is the website where you will get tons of related icons, pictures in different styles that makes it unique.

Icon 8 icon website

With lots of diverse categories & customizable options, icon8 is a much popular website for icons. Furthermore, if you are looking for trending icons then that will also you can download for free.

Icon 8 provides 90% icons are free of cost with incredible customizable options, apart from that I also like its interface that is simple and easy to findable.

Visit: Icon 8

6. Creative Market

Creative market is not less than a market place, here it contains every probable thing that can make your website amazing such as designed icons, templates, pictures, graphics, web themes, addon,s and much more. Not like others here it only confers you certified icons, images, or anything with a plethora of new designs.

Creative Market  icons website

The Creative Market is a premium website with premium & certified things, the basic plan of icons starting from $19 to $76. So if you are looking for icons or any designs for your business then no doubt the creative market is the best place to buy.

Visit: Creative Market

7. Iconmonstr

Looking for a free and simple collection of icons website then iconmonstr is the best site to choose, here you will get thousands of icons with 300+ different categories. Moreover, there is no limitation on choosing size and format so you can do it freely. Apart from that iconmonstr prefer to use simple standard web design that looks really classic.

Iconmonstr website for icons

If you want some unique icon from your choice to be made then here in iconmonstr you could also request to be made.

Visit: iconmonstr

8. Iconstore

Iconstore is another best free vector icon website that are made by the perfect designer, Here you can free download the icons packs in various categories. But if I talk about its features then it totally missing where you don’t get any customizing option such as in dimensions, format, colors.

Iconstore for icons

Here the iconstore only presents the user icon packs of 30 or more with fixed icon formate and size. But the best thing here I like is tons of categories and new icons design that may you like.

Visit: Iconstore

9. Material Design

If you like I am, who always loves material design icons to use every time then this website is great, It contains thousands of icons in different themes & categories, for instance, filled icons, outline icon, sharp style icon and many more. Moreover the icon only available in two formats i.e png & SVG. that is customizable for size and totally free of cost.

Material Design website for icons

Hence the website is definitely great for only material design icon lovers.

Visit: Material Design

Wrapping Up: Best Websites to Download Free Icons

These were the ultimate list of icons websites that provides free icons that you can use for commercial and for non-commercial purpose. Researches said websites with attractive & unique design icons may hook the user for a longer time-on-site and also proffers the user’s easy navigation. Nowadays icons are used in various fields such as while giving a presentation, websites, signboards, and many more places. Hence above I try to add the best sites for finding icons that generate new design icons for the client.

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