Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 14: New

by Ami Dalsania

Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 14: Your wallet may have taken a hit when you bought the iPhone 14. But it’s also important to spend money on a good case that will protect the phone over time. If you don’t want to carry around your dented wallet, you could get an iPhone 14 wallet case that protects your phone and also holds your cards.

People who want to get the most out of their phone case should get a wallet case. You can keep one pocket free because you can store your important cards and IDs right on your phone. If you like the idea, check out some of the best wallet cases for the iPhone 14 that you can buy.

Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 14 ( 2022 )

1. Vibeside Magsafe Wallet Compatible with iPhone 14

This isn’t a wallet case in and of itself, but Apple’s MagSafe wallet can be attached to any MagSafe-compatible case to make it a wallet case. The MagSafe wallet is made entirely of leather, which looks and feels high-quality no matter which case you use. It even works with Find My, so if you lose your wallet, you can find it using your iPhone.

We suggest pairing the Apple MagSafe wallet with the official Apple silicone case for iPhone 14. This is because the silicone case creates enough friction to keep the MagSafe wallet in place. Apple’s silicone cases look great and come in a variety of colors. Not to mention, they’re also very protective.

The best thing about the MagSafe wallet is that you can just clip it onto the back of your iPhone 14 when you want to use it and clip it off when you don’t. It also doesn’t add much bulk, which is a problem with most wallet cases.

But it’s expensive, and with the case, you might be looking at a three-digit number. But you could always get a cheaper MagSafe case for the iPhone 14 to lower the total cost.

2. Dockem Card Case for iPhone 14

If you don’t like how the last case is made of faux leather, this Dockem iPhone 14 leather wallet case is made of real leather and has a wallet stitched onto the back. You get two card slots that are built right into the case, so the wallet part of it doesn’t add much thickness. The high-quality materials also make it feel great to hold.

The Dockem real leather card case for the iPhone 14 has a lot of useful features. On the back, there are two card slots and a metal plate next to the camera module that can be used to mount the phone on a stand. All of these are less important, though, because the main purpose of a case is to make your phone look and feel good, and this case does a great job of that as well.

If you read the reviews of this case, you’ll see that every buyer gave it five stars because of how it’s made. We would say that the only bad thing about it is that it can only hold two cards. So, if you don’t mind that, the Dockem case can’t go wrong.

3. Casevasn iPhone 14 Case with Wallet

You might want to keep your cards with your phone and show off the color of your device at the same time. If so, you should check out this clear case from Casevasn that has a built-in card slot. This is a good option if you’re looking for a clear wallet case that can hold two or three cards at once.

This is a clear TPU case for the iPhone 14, which means it is flexible and also does a good job of protecting the phone. It has a card slot on the back that can hold up to three cards. One good thing about this card slot is that it has a small notch at the bottom that you can use to push your cards out when you want to use them. This makes it easy to take out your cards, even if there are a lot of them in the slots.

Even though the wallet part covers almost all of the phone’s back, you can still see the phone’s original color through the clear parts near the camera and on the sides. If you want a clear wallet case for your iPhone 14, you could look at this one from Casevasn. But keep in mind that since it’s made of TPU, the case will turn yellow over time, which could make it look bad.

4. Silicone Card Case Compatible with iPhone 14

If you like silicone cases, you might want to check out this silicone card case. It protects your iPhone 14 and lets you store your cards at the same time. It comes in a lot of different colors, just like Apple’s silicone case. On the back, there is a wallet that can hold up to two cards.

The silicone cases that Apple makes are pretty, but they’re also expensive. Also, they don’t have any extra functions. If you like how different-colored silicone cases look and feel in your hand, you might want to get this silicone card case from Homstect. It’s basically a normal silicone case with a wallet stuck to the back.

The look is similar to what you would get if you put an Apple silicone case on your phone and attached a MagSafe wallet to it, except that this wallet can’t be taken off. It’s a cheap wallet case for people who only want to store one or two cards.

Reviews say that it’s sometimes hard to get the cards out with two cards in, so you can’t store anything more than that. In fact, some users say that it’s easier to use if you only store one card.

5. Bocasal Detachable Wallet Case for iPhone 14

Some of you might want a wallet case that you sometimes want to carry. Sometimes, you may want to use a standard case that protects the phone without making it too big.

Well, what if we told you that there’s one solution that can help in both of these cases? The Bocasal case has a magnetic wallet that can be taken off and used when you need more space. If you want to look slim, you can just leave the wallet part out.

The Bocasal detachable wallet case not only makes your phone more useful, but it also looks great because the back of the case and the wallet attachment are made of PU leather. This makes the case feel soft and look expensive. The case is made of TPU, but the back is made to look like leather. You can also use the case without attaching the wallet.

When it comes to the wallet attachment, it’s a folio that magnetically attaches to the case and has slots on the left side for your cards. Because there are so many compartments, it’s easy to store 4-5 cards and some cash.

If you don’t want to keep a wallet case on your phone all the time because it makes it thicker, this is a very convenient way to switch between a wallet case and a regular one.

Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 14 : Wrap Up

A wallet case can be helpful if you often forget your wallet at home, but we’re sure you won’t forget your phone! It also makes it easy for you to carry your important cards without needing to carry a separate wallet. Depending on what kind of case you want, you can get any of these iPhone 14 wallet cases.