5 Best Wall Mounts For 75-inch TV : New

by Narendra

Best wall mounts for 75 inch TV from popular to latest.

We are sure you wouldn’t want to take any chance with your premium class TV Right? For that, you would want a high-quality wall mount that can easily hold any brand of TV weight, has the functionality, and more importantly perfect fit with a 75 inch TV. So that you can enjoy your favorite shows without glare & rotate or tilt wherever you want.

Luckily for you, here we’ve sorted out the best wall mounts for 75 inch TV that you can consider buying for your Samsung LED TV or any other brand smart TV.

So what’re we waiting for. But first,

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Best Wall Mounts For 75-inch TV (2023)

1. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Wall Mount For 75 inch TV

If price is not a concern and looking for full-motion ultimate quality wall mount for 75 inch TV then Echogear is worth a shot. This one checks several boxes. For one, the wall mount is made of high-quality alloy steel that promises to give a long life span plus smooth movement without any issue. Secondly, here it can easily hold 125lbs TV weight.

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Wall Mount For 75 inch TV

And that’s not the end of story, Being a premium class wall mount here it allows you to pull your TV out to 22 inches. More importantly, retract back to 2.4 inches from the wall. To deliver a slim look. Cool right?

Furthermore, here it designed to fit with several VESA pattern, that means your favorite TV definitely fit perfectly whether its LG, Sony, or Samsung.

Lastly, as many users said it is quite easy to install without much guidance. So no worry about that.

Overall, if you don’t want to compromise with quality & features then this is the wall mount for your 75 inch TV you can buy.

2. PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion

Another wall mount for 75 inch TV that comes in an affordable price bracket that caters to the premium qualities just like the above one. First thing first, this is articulating movement type mount that provides you widest field of view, you can tilt, swivel, and extend.

PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion

What’s more, the wall mount is made of first-class steel which is tested thereby it can hold 132lbs TVs effortlessly. Flat & curved TVs both are compatible. So no worry. Did I tell you here it uses an 8.8 level wall screw for ultimate safety?

Furthermore, several VESA patterns are available to fit 50 – 90 inch TVs effectively.

Aside from that, the design of wall mount is pretty good as of large TV, you can pull it out to 23.6 inches and retract back to 3 inches to look pretty slim.

Overall, this is another best option when it comes to quality & price points that you can consider buying.

3. Advanced Full Tilt Extension Wall Mount For 75 inch TV

If you are looking for a Tilt functionality wall mount for 75 inch large TV then this one is worth a peek. The main highlight is the tilt design which provides you the best viewing angle. Using this wall mount you can easily tilt large LCD, LED, or Curved TVs to Max 8 degrees up & down.

Advanced Full Tilt Extension Wall Mount For 75  inch TV

Furthermore, being a low profile wall mount it can retract to 2.4 inches to the wall plus extend up to 5.2 inches. Which is pretty good for viewing angle & slim design.

Surprisingly, here the wall mount can hold up to 165lbs which shows the built quality of mount. Moreover, the mount is come in several VESA patterns to fit 50 to 90 inch TVs to it.

Overall, low profile & tilt functionality is what you need the best then this affordable good quality wall mount is perfect for your 75-inch tv.

4. Long Extension TV Mount Full Motion For 75 inch TV

If you’re searching for long extension wall mount for 75 inch TV then you can’t go wrong with this one. Although the price is premium but at the same time, it delivers pretty great features & quality that you can’t ignore. For one, it comes with 42-inch extra long arm where you can attach your up to 100lbs TV effortlessly.

Long Extension TV Mount Full Motion For 75 inch TV

Furthermore, this is full motion wall mount that provides you ease of doing extend, tilt, swivel, and more customizable as you want.

As of premium price point, it delivers durable high-quality TV mount. All thanks to heavy-duty carbon steel material which promises to provide a long life span.

Aside from that, At installation, it will not take your much time, although you’ve to drill to fit but thanks to pre set drill hole plate & screws that fit easily on concrete walls or wood stud walls.

On the downside, you might feel it pricey as compare to above one.

Overall, this is best for one who wants a long arm & a full-motion wall mount.

5. USX Wall MOUNT For 75 Inch TV

If you’re looking for low price & trusted wall mount for 75-inch tv then this one from USX won’t disappoint you. Here this one is compatible with every model & type of TV-like flat, curved. Another upside is the very well weight capacity which is 100lbs.

When it comes to built quality then no worry here is made of quality material. Being a full-motion wall mount you’ll get a proper viewing angle with smooth movements, thanks to dual articulating arms.

Aside from full-motion you can also pull out & retract back to the standard point. When it comes to installation part users have been praising for being super easy to install in wood & concrete. The good thing is company ships 3 cable ties for better cable management. For more cable management items you can check here.

Lastly, if you don’t want to invest much in wall mount then USX wall mount is made for a perfect buy.

Top 75 inch TV Wall Mounts

The problem with most TV wall mounts is that they break if you apply a high load to it, I’d recommend you to check out the weight capacity of the wall mount then only use it on your smart tv. Nevertheless, make sure you choose top premium class wall mount for your premium TV. The full motion wall mount is best that 90 % of users use.

Best 75 inches TV Wall Mounts: FAQ’s

Can you hang a 75 inch TV on a plasterboard wall?

Yes, you can easily hang 75-inch tv on plasterboard, just make sure to position the mount to attach two studs or attach bolt-on corner holes of the mount for perfect fitting.

Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

If you want to save space in your room and you decided to give TV a dedicated space then wall-mount it the best option otherwise you can go with TV stand.

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