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by Narendra
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7 little words, words with friends, and more. Here are the best vocabulary apps for android & iOS.

Whether in your office or in daily life, communicating effectively with others- understanding them and also expressing your thoughts to them- clear a clear, and concise manner is important. Have you ever faced a situation where you couldn’t find a specific word in the middle of a conversation? Even though you know what you want to say but can’t find the ‘perfect’ word for it? I have been there. Don’t worry, here we are going to see 14 best Vocabulary apps for android & iOS, that can help you learn new words on a daily basis without affecting your time or money. 


Vocabulary is one of the best vocabulary apps for iPhone available today and a good one for teen students. Its game style makes it easier to memorize words. It provides customized learning exercises and related quizzes for each individual user. You can your own personalized list of words like ‘Words I’m Learning’ or you can simply select pre-populated ones. 

Download from here: (iOS)

2. 7 little words 

7 little words is an interesting vocabulary app for android & iOS. It is similar to a crossword puzzle. Here each in puzzle there will be seven clues for seven mystery words along with twenty-two- or three-letter combinations. You have to put together the letter combos and make words according to the clues provided. So, you will learn a total of seven words from each game. Funny game, right? 

Download from here: 7 Little Words (Android | iOS)

3. Words with Friends 

Similar to the classic board game Scramble for Zynga. In this game, you can play up to 30 games with friends from around the world. In words with friends, you will be given 7 randomly chosen letter tiles, which are replenished until all 104 tiles have been used. Take turns and form words either vertically or horizontally on the board. In 2017, it was the most popular game in the US, and owing to the popularity gained over the years Word with friends came out in the same year. 

So if you are looking to improve your vocabulary with fun then words with friends app are ultimate for you, available for both platforms android & iOS.

Download from here: Words with Friends (Android | iOS)

4. PowerVocab

Here is another best vocabulary app for android. It is a word game with a built-in dictionary. Here there are ‘word packs‘ for different levels and one can go through these levels by successfully answering the multiple-choice questions. You can as a single-player and multiplayer. It provides you with a competitive atmosphere through ranking and learning statistics. This helps to learn more words without the usual boredom associated with learning words. 

PowerVocab  vocabulary app

Download from here: PowerVocab (Free)

5. A Word A Day 

It is a simple & useful best mobile vocabulary app for android. Each day this app will give you a new word, with its meaning, definition, pronunciation, and even sentences using it. You can also share this word with your friends or college via mail or social media platforms. Through learning one word per day, it will be easier for us to implement them in daily conversations. It also offers a couple of games like ‘Sentence Completion’ and ‘Synonym Search’. 

Download from here: A Word A Day (Android)

6. Magoosh Vocabulary Builder 

This vocabulary app for android & iOS is made specifically to help students to improve their scores on the GRE (Graduate Record Exam). By providing more personalized learning options to students, this app has the best GRE preparation vocabulary with over 1200 words. There will be three levels- basic, intermediate, and advanced and while learning more words you can also track your progress. 

Download from here: Magoosh Vocabulary Builder (Android | iOS)

7. Memrise

Memrise offers you vocabulary learning over 200 languages. It is more helpful when it comes to more practical communication. Operates in both online and offline mode. It has games, a voice mode to help you with pronunciation, and thousands of videos to improve your vocabulary. So if you are looking something a different best vocabulary building app for android & iOS then memrise is great option to use.

Download from here: Memrise (Android | iOS)

8. VoLT 

VoLT is another best vocabulary app for students preparing for exams like GRE, SAT, TOFEL, etc. It has interesting flashcards of the words, their definition, synonyms, and antonyms. There is one important point in each card memory key. Memory keys are sentences containing a specific word, that relate to our daily events or objects, made to help you remember the words. Not only students anyone can use this if you need help with your vocabulary. 

Download from here: VoLT (Android)

9. Word to Word 

It is a game-based best vocabulary app for android & iOS that enables to master vocabulary through connecting words. That is, here in this game there will be a list of words given and the player should find the connection between them. The other word can be a synonym, acronym, with a similar phrase or same origin. 

Download from here: Word to Word (Android | iOS)

10. Quizlet 

A good app to test your vocabulary skills. One of the main features is the flashcards that help you learn words through images, audio transcriptions, and definitions. After learning these words you can test yourself through quizzes in three modes -learn, memory, and time. If you couldn’t find a particular word, don’t worry. You can create a flashcard of it and add it here. Here words are categorized into different groups making it easier to connect and find words. 

Download from here: Quizlet (Android | iOS)

11. Anki 

Anki is a flashcard system-based best vocabulary builder app for android smartphones where words and their definitions with the image are stored on the front and back sides of flashcards respectively. In this customized app, you can save words in the form of the deck- a stack of cards. It also allows mega downloads. 

Download from here: Anki (Download)

12. Fortitude Vocabulary Builder

This has over 1400 words in it. It has three levels of proficiency in which you can select yours. Then you will be given words, its definition, pictures, audio pronunciations, and of course, sentences that are being used in practical conversations. 

Download from here: Fortitude Vocabulary Builder (Android)


With over 2,000,000 (and still growing) words and definitions, is one of the best Thesaurus you can find. This app has so many intriguing features like Word of the Day, spelling help, word translations, audio pronunciation, etc. It is a perfect pocket dictionary for vocabulary development. 

Download from here: (Android | iOS)

14. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary Word of the Day 

Last but not least, it is one of the popular vocabulary development app for android and iOS users. Similar to A word A Day, providing one word with its meaning, definitions, real-life sentences, etc on a daily basis. Backed by a powerful dictionary- Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, you can confidently depend on this to improve your vocabulary. 

Download from here: Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (Android | iOS)

Choose Your Favourite Best Vocabulary Practise Apps

Improving Vocabulary might not be the simplest task it needs consistent learning new words and practice, to improve your vocab faster, above were the best free vocabulary apps for android and iOS that help you in an interesting way. So pick your smartphone and install it now whether you are a college student or adult who wants to improve their English language. Pick the best-suited vocabulary apps and let me know in comment section which app you have gone used.

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