15 Best Typing Software For PC [New]

by Narendra

Best typing software for Windows PC from popular to latest.

Choosing the best typing software for PC in 2022 is a crucial necessity, if you are living in a new generation whether you are doing a job or you are a student, typing shows your personality while working on the computer, you should learn words per minute test.

After a lot of searches and testing, we have found some of the best typing software for windows to learn typing which will support you to improve your typing speed.

If your typing speed is below 40 WPM, then you have to think twice about it. And invest your time to improve within a month like a professional having above 75 WPM.

For improving and better investment of your time, Here we have lined up the best free typing software’s for window 10 & window 11 laptops that professionals recommend using to type fast.

1. Key Blaze

Here is the leading best typing software for windows PC (Key Blaze) if you are a beginner in typing and you want to improve your typing speed then key blaze is the best software, which has a straightforward user interface for a better experience. The software takes you from the first step of typing and make you like a professional. In the software, there are lots of great lessons for the beginner as well as professional.

With every report of your typing, you can see and improve typing skills plus if you get bored then you can also play a game of typing through which you can enhance typing as well as knowledge. The software gives the roughly typing for improving and movement of your fingers to cover the whole keyboard.

Key Blaze [ Best Typing Software For Beginner ]

It is easily available in 32-bit computer systems of the Window XP to the 64-bit computer system of window 10, It a quite decent if you are a beginner in typing that will surely make you the best touch typer.


  • Free to download and has a simple user interface.
  • Simple and easy for beginners.
  • Having lots of lessons for your expertise.

Download: Key Blaze (Free)

2. Rapid Typing Zone

Rapid Typing Tutor is another typing software for free it will help you to improve your typing speed within a short time, there are three levels of lesson for the beginner, advanced and for expert. It will also give you the report of typing practice every time to improve the mistakes. There are many more features like you can also edit the text through you have to practice for typing, It’s really great software to be used for better typing speed.

Rapid Typing Zone [ Best Typing Software For Improvement ]


  • Having Lots of Features.
  • New Update of software in the time period.
  • Having easy to the hard lesson for practice.
  • Best customize the color of typing keyboard.

Download: Rapid Typing Tutor (Free)

3. Typing Master

Here is Typing Master which is again very popular in schools and colleges to study learning and practice of typing, typing master is the oldest most helpful software every beginner should have to use. It’s having all the great lessons and studying new steps of the keyboard to type in a better position so that it will make the habit, it contains lots of great lessons of numbers and syntax that make the finger free and easy to use. Typing master is free to download and readily available on Windows computers.

Typing Master [ Best Oldest Typing Software ]


  • WPM measure feature.
  • More great lessons.
  • Typing tutor offline tool free.

Download: Typing Master (Free)

4. Stamina Typing Tutor

Stamina typing is quite an impressive type of typing software if you are giving more time to type and practice then it is automatically comfortable for fingers to touch type. Stamina typing has long sentences, where you will write more and do practice more so that it will improve the speed of your typing.

The best part I like is in the stamina typing there are lots of different languages some foreign language of there region so that you can also write on it, It’s a small size package software where you don’t need lots of space in your device, After all, you can use this typing software to increase your typing speed.

Stamina Typing Tutor [ Best Typing Software For Touch Type ]


  • A decent user interfaces for fast typing.
  • Fast and easy words and sentences.
  • Great guide for typing.

Download: Stamina Typing Tutor (Free)

5. Rata Type

Rata Type is another best typing software for kids & adults that helps you to touch type like a pro with their advanced lessons. It’s a great option after key blaze where you can take a typing test for yourself if you are in the mediocre stage, then you should have to take a test to know your skill.

You can also take the software as a motivating software using their high score option, every time you have to score a little more than previous so that it always has something curious to make this happen and that will force you to break your record, its a perfect strategy to learn typing and become the best touch typing person if you wanna be.

Rata Type [ Best Typing Software For Mediocre ]

Apart from that, the Rata type also provides you a certificate after completing the test or their lesson. The certificate will be given based on speed and accuracy, for instance, if you have 70 WPM speed with an accuracy of 99.5% then you are eligible for platinum, and for gold, 50 WPM speed of accuracy 98.7%, and the same for silver 40 WPM with an accuracy of 96%. Pretty interesting and easy to get a certificate online and compare your results, improving your ranking.


  • Check typing accuracy online.
  • Get a reward and certificate after passing their test.
  • Decent user interface.

Download: Rata Type (Free)

6. Typing.com

Typing.com is the best typing software for windows that provides the user to practice online; here, you have to log in and start your typing test. Typing.com contains a lot of lessons practicing, from beginner to professional; The website includes lots of experiences of typing, which is based on the user whether you are in the beginning stage or mediocre as per your lesson will be decided.

The best part I like about typing.com is here you can improve your speed through the setting of time, or you can also do competition with your friend that will help you to concentrate on typing more in less time, really a very excellent website to improve typing.

Typing.com [ Best Typing Site For Practice ]

Furthermore, In typing.com, teachers having other lessons, and students having others to practice in their format. It makes touch-typing more efficient in their field of interest. From the dashboard, you can also check your typing speed, typing accuracy, and typing time that will help you to improve; it also gives you the report of your typing at the end of your typing practice.


  • Live average WPM and typing time.
  • Contains many more lessons than other typing software.
  • Contain test lessons of different time duration.
  • After completing the test achievement will shows.
  • Lot more themes options to customize the interface.

Download: Typing.com (Free)

7. Typesy

If you are looking for paid typing software for pc then typesy is the software you can pick, in which you have three options to choose from as per your experience, for example, school, for the individual, and home school with these you can select the software which will help you to improve your typing experience, Here you can access the software for 5yr in the price of 60$ for a small package.

Moreover, you can also learn some more and advance lessons, typing practice which will not be available in free lessons, After completing the courses of the plan you will get the certificate which has value through which you can take a job, or you can also teach students to type fast.

Typesy [ Best Typing Software For Advanced ]

In the paid software typesy is the best option that you would choose that makes you the real typer with the certified professionals that will help you in the future.


  • It is originally designed by touch typing expert to make it more real.
  • You can share your work anywhere.
  • Here you will get a certificate after completing the program to get a better job.

Download: Typesy (Paid)

8. The Typing Cat

Typing cat is an online typing tutor which has a catchy typing skill set to make an interest in typing, with the typing cat software; you can learn and practice your typing skill with their given typing programs. It contains a lot of new lessons and games which help you to improve your typing speed; there are a variety of courses which you can use to improve your typing skill like basic, advanced, funny, HTML5 and many more using these you can improve the speed of typing.

The best part I like about typing cat software is it contains lots of different keyboard layouts to make every key recognize perfectly. You can also use your favorite themes to make interest regular and learn faster with your favorite themes.

The Typing Cat [ Best Fun Typing Tutor ]

Other than that, Many different keyboard layout that makes typing more interesting and has a variety of courses where different level you can choose from. Typing cat has two courses that are paid for the next level guide and for the advanced user.


  • Contain more lessons and tests.
  • Having a keyboard layout options and best themes.
  • Choose premium for advanced level typing.
  • Having typing Games to better type.

Download: The Typing Cat (Free)

9. Typing Test

Typing test which is the most responsive and famous site for typing tutor, it contains lots of tests and has a large and small paragraph for the beginner as well as professional, to learn the first step from the beginning you have to start from the rows and number practice from the typing test software you can quickly learn and do the practice.
Here you will also get the report of every typing time by which you will know how much you improve; this software is for the beginner who wants to improve their typing skill fast.

Typing Test [ Best Typing Software For Practice ]

The typing test is mostly famous for the test your speed within a minute and checks RPM. If you are an intermediate user then you can check your accuracy using the software.


  • 1 Minute test check WPM and misspelled words.
  • Typing game zone.
  • Great easy user interface.

Download: Typing Test (Free)

10. 10 Fast Finger

10 Fast Finger typing software which I like the most because of their typing test, it contains different typing tests from the range of 200 words to 2000 words, where you have to type a lot for several minutes, that makes the habit for the longer typing and with this technique you can also improve your typing speed better than previous.

Here you can also play as a multiplayer with your friend and make the competition of longest typing that really a great way to improve the speed of typing and soon you will be able to type like a pro. Here you can also check your online performance and compete with online players in the world.

10 Fast Finger [ Best Typing Software For Long Practice ]


  • Multiplayer typing test.
  • Typing competition.
  • Practice your own text.
  • Typing test up-to 1000 words advanced.

Download: 10 Fast Finger (Free)

11. Typing Trainer

Here is another best typing software for windows computer which will help you to improve your typing speed to give competitive exams like SSC easily, it’s having lots of lesson for beginner to the expert using the software you can boost your typing speed as the touch type.

Typing trainer obey the step by step improvement as per they give you the lessons of typing, you can also see the on-screen keyboard for your typing finger, to know that where your finger is going, The best part I like in typing trainer is the smart review where it can tell you where you have lots of mistakes so that you will improve.

Typing Trainer [ Best Typing Software For Exercises ]


  • Simple and unique interface.
  • Best for the beginner and experience.
  • Best guide toward the writing.

Download: Typing Trainer (Free)

12. Fast Fire Typer

Fast Fire typer is a game typing practice, where you will get new words every time you type that will improve your typing speed as well as your vocabulary; this software is best for the beginner as well as having some experience if you want to check your speed her you can easily do, Fast fire typer always increase the speed as you type the word fast.

Here also have the option to compete with the world player that makes you more addicted and make you the better touch typer, score of the typing game is based on the word you type in given time intervals that the best way if you want to improve your typing speed.

 Fast Fire typer [ Best Typing Site For Challenge ]


  • Best for typing speed.
  • Having lots of new words.
  • Compete with the world player in typing.
  • Easy to use and have great UI.

Download: Fast Fire Typer (Free)

13. Keybr.com

Keybr.com is another popular best typing tutor for the typing practice; if you know something in typing, then this is the best way to improve your typing by having lots of easy to painful lessons as per you go. Complete lessons, then you will get a harder lesson than previously. The best part of the keyboard has a simple user interface that will not be difficult to type.

Here you can also play games of typing while you are not doing full lessons, Here also an option of multiplayer typing online where you can compete with the other online typing persons so that you will automatically improve your speed in typing, that really a great way to improve your typing.

 Keybr.com [ Best Typing Software For Experienced Ones ]


  • Best For the practice lessons.
  • Multiplayer online typing method.
  • Make your profile of typing with reports.

Download: Keybr (Free)

14. Typing Bolt

Here is another best typing tutor for PC (typing Bolt) where you can practice as much as you can it will record your speed and accuracy after completing the practice, you will have your result of typing, Using a typing tutor you can do the best touch typing it will automatically adjust the typing difficulty as per you type to make you comfortable to write more as you write more you will improve your typing speed.

The best part I like in typing bolt is the UI, which is quite decent; you don’t get bored while typing more typing bolt is also the best option to choose if you want to improve your touch typing.

 Typing Bolt [ Best Typing Software In UI & Practice ]


  • Adjust difficulties as per your experience.
  • Get your real-time report.
  • Better UI than other typing tutors.
  • Best for the beginners.

Download: Typing Bolt (Free)

15. Typing.io

Here is an interesting typing tutor software where you have to type the coding like a programmer it’s a little bit hard for the beginner because there is lots of unknown characters and syntax which is making it difficult to type but if you have some experience in typing, then you should have to try once its not a simple writing its a programming language which makes you the better typer with practicing hard syntax and character.

All are the source code that you have to type by sign in google and start; it’s having simple UI and fast experience to make more concentration its also having more lessons and comes with a paid version if you want to improve your typing more.

Typing.io [ Best Typing Software For CS Student ]


  • Best For the experience and wanna improve more.
  • Just to practice some hard characters.
  • Best free and paid typing tutor.

Download: Typing.io (Paid)

How To Install Typing Software Properly?

To install Typing software in your computer correctly without any breakdown, you have to follow the below steps that can be applied for any software download from the website.

Step 1: Firstly, You have choose typing software that you want to download, above there is the best list of typing software choose from that by given link and download software on pc.

Step 2: Now double-click on the Setup that you downloaded from the site. Now Setup is processing, and after that, click yes option. And then after a new pop-up window will open.

Step 3: Now accept terms and conditions and click on the Next button after that, your software might asking user type where choose beginner and finish the Setup.

That’s all you have to do, now just choose lessons and start typing.

Factors you have to look at before choosing typing software

  • Firstly most important, typing software has tons of long lessons and games for better practice.
  • The user interface of typing software also matters which makes the mood of typing.
  • Clean and ads-free software works great without annoying ads.
  • Make sure typing software has a small size that takes limited space of memory in the computer.

Wrapping Up: Best Typing Software For PC

These were the 15 best typing tutor software which we like the most and almost all we have tried and experienced, Choosing a great typing software is the foremost thing that everyone has to focus on to increase typing speed with ease. In the list of typing Softwares I personally recommend you to go with typing.com, the reason is it contains valuable lessons, statistics, and easy typing tutor, which helps you to learn typing faster in no time.

Most searchable question on typing software?

Q 1. How do I become a better typist?

Ans: To become a better typist you should follow these rules:
1. Spend at least three hours a day on typing software.
2. Try to type without seeing the keyboard.
3. Do Regular Practice

Q 2. Who is the best typist in the world?

Ans: Stella pajunas is the best typist having a speed of 216 words per min that’s very fast.

Q 3. Is Typing 40 wpm good?

Ans: Yes, if you are a beginner but No if you are practicing typing from the year.

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