22 Best Time Pass Games For Android [New]

by Narendra

Stack, Mekorama, and more. Here’re the best time pass games for android you can play

Who doesn’t like time pass games? And if you can play when you are feeling bored with your work or having a long journey then there is nothing like it. Well, that’s what this article going to represent to you. We know how hard it was when not having any state to do work or going for a long monotonous trip. And where time killing android games works outstanding, to make mood happy in that boring time, here we complied an amazing best time pass games for android list, where you will get all genre of best time killing android game from which you can easily choose your favorite one, So no further late. Let’s begin.

1. Stack: Focused Time Killing Game

Stack is one of the most popular and great time pass game for android, as the name suggests, here you have to stack up the object as high as a tower, Game is going to be addicting and more interesting as you stack up the more blocks, The only thing that you need to play the game perfectly is your strategizing mind, hands and eye focus. Otherwise, you will lose every time, and that’s the main motive of the game to divert your mind and make it enjoyable.

If I talk about its graphics then it’s pretty awesome, as you stack up the blocks it will automatically change colors in the background as well as on blocks that really look fantastic.

Interesting Part: The game real addiction starts when you start to stack up the block where points & speed of moving block going high, that a nerve-wracking moment, where you just need very high concentration to break records. Overall, the game is fantastic to play if you are feeling dull.

stack game

Install: Stack (Free)

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2. Mekorama: Challenging Game

If you love puzzling & challenging games then mekorama is the most suitable best time killer game for you. Here it holds multiple unique levels that are only be solved by using the mind. In the gameplay you have to leave the tiny robot at the correct destination, to go there your strategizing mind only helps you. Apart from that, the game has beautiful graphics & soothing music in the background that makes love & relaxing.

The interesting part: In the game, interest will begin when levels go hard, and where you have to brainstorm, to pass that level. Tip: Every level is easy, you just have to look clearly to solve.


Install: Mekorama (Free)

3. Helix Jump: Best Time Pass Game

If you believe you are the best then once you have to try this game. The gameplay is simple you just get bouncing ball to the bottom without touching the red part. As in every game as you move further ahead the game makes it slightly harder and challenging, where the real addiction started. Apart from that, the helix jump has great graphics and music that change your mood automatically. What’s more, is as you pass levels you will get points to challenge with your friend.

Interesting Part: Real challenge starts in a hard level, where the only focus will make you winner and record-breaking score. Overall, the game is quite addictive if you challenge your friend, and also the best time passing if you play single.

helix jump shot

Install: Helix Jump (Free)

4. Stick Hero: For Stick Fans

Stick hero is another best time pass game for android, looks easy but it’s not. If you love challenges then I recommend you to play it once. The gameplay is simple, here you just have to cross the platform from making a stick for yourself, but it’s not easy making a stick, and crossing the gap is the main challenging part that makes stick hero amazing. Apart from that, the game has a tiny character with a beautiful interface that engages you to play more, So if you are getting bored then stick hero is another best time killer game for you.

Interesting Part: As you level up, the game makes it harder and quite difficult to cross the gap.

stick hero game

Install: Stick Hero (Free)

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5. Smash Hit: Interesting time wasting game

Chances you already know the popular smash hit android game, in case you don’t then let me tell you. Smash hit is the most popular glass-breaking game, where the gameplay is you have to break glasses through iron balls to make the way. In case you aren’t able to break glass, you will out. Now what’s make smash hit popular and interesting is its glass-breaking sound and unique difficult levels that engage you till not out by wall or glass. Hence, the game is interesting always you should add it to your best time killer game list.

smash hit game

Install: Smash Hit (Free)

6. Jet Pack Joyride: For Action Fans

Jetpack Joyride game for the user who loves power and action game, in this game, you will know how to handle power and to be safe with the mechanic items. In the list of best time killer games jetpack joyride is the most interesting and time killer game, the man having lots of power in their suit which makes safe from danger and killer items. As you go further through the game becomes harder and more interesting.

time killer game

Install: Jetpack Joyride (Free)

7. Duet: Ultimate Challenging Game

Duet is one of those best time pass android games that might have haters, apart from challenges & visual effects the duet also contains the ultimate soundtrack that matches the playing situation. If we talk about its gameplay then it’s simply having two balls facing dodging obstacles and where the interesting and addictive part begins. You have to cross dodging obstacles without touching any balls, face as many obstacles you can to stand with the best score.

Really, no doubt, the duet is one of the best time-killing game that you should play.


duet game

Install: Duet (Free)

8. 8 Ball Pool: Good One

As the name suggests 8 ball pool which is basically a pool game where you have to compete with the world pool players on your level as you level up gradually your game will become harder and interesting.

8 ball pool game

If you love the competition and you have the ability to fight in the world on your level then you must play that you will be called the best time pass game ever.

But the game will be played only for the online player you have to invest your internet to play.

Install: 8 Ball Pool (Free)

9. Chain Reaction: Multiplayer Fun Game

Bored with friends? looking for a multiplayer best time pass game for android. Here is one of the best options that you can play. You can play chain reaction with your 8 friends, the gameplay is simple every player has to make a chain of the ball to kick out other small balls reactions, at last, one player will win who has the longest chain in the game.

To play games no need any internet access its an offline time killer game that you can enjoy with your friends. Moreover, here also having an option to play with a computer if you are single and getting bored then also play a chain reaction to get time pass.

chain reaction

Install: Chain Reaction (Free)

10. Worm Zone.io: My Favorite Time Killer

No doubt, It’s the most addictive best time pass game on the list, as the name suggests it’s a worm battle game. Where to win or conquer to the top you must have to grow your worm largest than any other. The gameplay is challenging in the battle there are various other worms if you collide with other opponent worms then you lose. So growing worm to the largest is the best possible solution to lose. Furthermore, you can also do tactics to become a champion by eliminating an opponent worm.

Worm Zone.io

The game is pretty interesting and addictive to score and make the largest worm in the crowd, apart from that here you can also change skins of worms with beautiful colors & shapes. Overall, worm zone.io is power-packed action plus survival offline time killer game for android, that you can play.

Install: Worm Zone.io (Free)

11. Push’em all: Best Fun Time Pass Game

Looking for a fun game, Here is push ’em all. As the name suggests here you have to kick out all the enemies by your stick. The gameplay is easy, a crowd of enemies rushes on you to kick out, So before they push you better is kick them out with your long stick in bulk and clear level. The interesting part begins when it gets hard to kick out enemies, but don’t worry use some tactics there and throw them from building.

Overall, the game is funny and challenging as well, so don’t worry about your boring time, this game definitely kills it.

Install: Push’em all (Free)

12. Extreme balancer 3: Simple Time Killer

Balancing a ball needs more focus with perfect movement, and that is what you need to kill time. Extreme balancer 3 is another most addictive and challenging time killer game on the list, where you have to balance a ball on wooden bridges to reach the boat.

In between, there are various obstacles and turns are there that make the game difficult. Apart from that, it’s an adventure game where the whole surrounding is covered by water and a beautiful forest, that looks amazing to play. So if you are an adventure game lover then this game is for you.

Install: Extreme Balancer 3 (Free)

13. Tic Tac Toe Glow: Popular Game

I am sure, everyone played this game on paper, but now in tech era its also available in our smartphones, In case you don’t know about this game then let me tell you, tic tac toe is a puzzle game which you can play with your friend or with AI, Apart from that, the game now includes beautiful graphics with a glow that makes more interest to play. Furthermore, The game comes in offline mode so in the boring journey without internet access tic tac toe is the best time killer.

Tic Tac Toe Glow

Install: Tic Tac Toe (Free)

14. Slap Kings: Perfect Fun Time Killing Game

Want’s most fun game for a time-kill, here is the slap kings for you, ultimate fun with tons of different levels. The game is simple you just have to slap opponent with full power to beat, both players will get chances to slap, perfect slap player will win the match.

Apart from that, there are multiple features in-game such as unique characters, power boosts, and coin earnings. The game is so addictive and funny that you can spend many hours on it easily, so be aware.

Slap Kings

Install: Slap kings (Free)

15. Ant Smasher

Ant Smasher is another funniest & best time-killing game for android, as the name suggests here you have to smash ants to protect your food, Moreover, it’s the most popular and 100M+ downloaded game on play store that everyone loves. Apart from that, the game having pretty impressive graphics that makes the game attractive, As you pass different levels the game becomes more challenging and interesting, and that makes the ant smasher a perfect time passing game in 2020.

Ant Smasher

Install: Ant Smasher (Free)

BONUS: Most Famous Best Time killing Games Ever

16. Clash Of Clans

Here is the most famous online time killing and most addictive game ever, In case you don’t know the game this is the epic combat strategy game where you build the village, Upgrade your army and go to the battle and steal money from opponent villages by destroying their army. Now the interesting part is everyone would attack your village also and steal your money. So the overall game is rounding between the attack and defend your village by other online opponents. To conquer the clash of a clan you need a proper strategy with strong troops to attack, otherwise, your village never grows. Hence, the game is pretty time killing so if you are getting bored and have internet access then this game is the ultimate option for you.

Clash Of Clans time killer game

Download: Clash Of Clans (Free)

17. PUBG

Well, to be honest, I don’t think there is anyone that not heard about the PUBG game. This is the most widespread and best time passing game ever on the play store. In case you don’t know, it is a multiplayer survival battlefield game, where you have to fight with other 99 players to stay late and win the match. Isn’t it interesting? If you love battlefields with the hurdle then this game is for you. I only recommend this game is for when you are feeling bored otherwise, this game is too addictive so beware and play safe.


Download: PUBG (Free)

18. Subway Surfers

Another most popular best time pass game, “Subway Surfers”. Want to be in a happy mood? Loves score game to challenge your friends? Then here is the game that you should play when you feel bored. To be honest, this game is surprisingly interesting contains a fascinating gameplay interface, tons of unique characters, and challenging levels that you sure love it. Apart from that, you can play games in offline mode. So what are waiting for? Let’s hold the game in your free time.

Download: Subway Surfers (Free)

19. Angry Bird 2

Looking for a fun and challenging game to time pass then go nowhere, here is the angry bird 2. This is also one of the most well-known games in the world. It contains amazing gameplay levels that make you stick in your boring time, moreover, it has beautiful angry birds from which you have to play. Apart from that, It’s an offline single-player game, so no worry if you not have internet access. Overall, I recommend you to play the game when your mood is off.

Angry Bird 2

Download: Angry Bird 2 (Free)

20. Hill Climb Racing

Loves classic car driving games? Looking for a funny and addictive car game? If yes, then hill climb racing you sure love it. This is the whole package of fun + time pass where you have to climb a hill with pretty funny driving that gives you a marvelous thrill throughout the game. Apart from that, the game contains lots of unique and fantastic levels for instance: Mud road, mount road, and many other levels. So overall, no doubt this game is one of the most fun time killer games that you should play in 2020.

Hill Climb Racing

Download: Hill Climb Racing (Free)

21. Dr. Driving

Here is another crazy driving game, If you love car game then this one is for you, Here you will get lots of new challenges and different levels that might you like. Moreover, the addictive part is hidden in the driving, If we talk about its gameplay then it’s pretty amazing, every time you will get a new town view that makes the game interesting. Apart from that, dr driving is an offline single-player game that most popular for time passing.

Dr. Driving time pass game

Download: Dr. Driving (Free)

22. Solitaire Bliss

A great app that offers a variety of classic card games, Solitaire Bliss is the perfect place for entertainment while giving players the strategic gameplay they crave. Play classics like Solitaire, and new variations of the game that include Golf, Yukon, Freecell, and Pyramid. The app gives users the ability to customize their backgrounds, card decks, and create an account where they keep track of their progress.

Download: Solitaire Bliss (Free) or play solitaire on their website.

Wrapping Up: Best Time Killer Games

These were our best time pass games for android list, that you can enjoy whenever you get free from work or get bored in free time, I compiled a 21 best time pass games. However, there are many more amazing games are available in play store that we will choose for you and will update in the article as soon as possible till that, play these games and feel free to tell us in the comment section which game you like the most.

Comment Below which time killer game one is your Favorite!

Hope You Like it !!!

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