Best Thin Cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: New

by Ami Dalsania

Best Thin Cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best phone that company has ever made. To do this, the device has top-of-the-line internals, a beautiful screen, a S Pen, and arguably the most versatile set of cameras. The Galaxy S23 Ultra also has a “Ultra” footprint so that it can fit all of these features. So, unless you get a thin case for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, adding a case will make the phone feel even bigger.

Even though protecting your phone is important, you don’t want to make it even bigger than it already is. So, this is where a slim case comes in. These thin cases don’t change the size of your phone, but they do protect it from scratches and scuffs.

Best Thin Cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

If that’s what you want, we’ve put together a list of the best thin cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

1. Thinborne Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

One of our favorite cases on this list is the Thinborne case from Caseborne. This is mostly because this case is made of aramid fibers, which give it strength and a nice look. It’s a little pricey, but you’re getting a good-quality case for sure.

This case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra is made of carbon fiber and keeps the phone’s original feel when you hold it. It’s only 0.03 inches thick, which means it doesn’t add much weight to the smartphone. It is made of real aramid fibers, which make it more durable.

Even though the case is well-made, it won’t protect much if you drop it because there’s no material to absorb shock. The camera module, on the other hand, is well protected by a metal frame. The Thinborne case is a great choice if you want a very simple case that doesn’t add any extra bulk.

2. Nillkin Galaxy S23 Ultra Case with Camera Cover

Since a while ago, Nillkin has been making cases that are thin and protect. Most of the brand’s cases, including this one, are thin, but they can handle shock well enough to survive the occasional drop. The fact that the camera shutter is on the back of the phone is a plus for the brand because it gives users more privacy.

The camera shutter on the back of the Nillkin case for the Galaxy S23 series is the best thing about it. As you might have guessed, it can be used to protect the camera lenses when they are not being used and also for privacy.

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Not only that. The back of the case gives the phone a good grip when you hold it. And if you bought the S23 Ultra, the extra grip will come in handy when you only have one hand to use the phone.

All in all, this case from Nillkin is a good choice if you want a thin, protective case that also cares about your privacy. Just make sure the camera flap is open before you take a picture, or you’ll wonder why all your pictures are black.

3. DDJ for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

The frame of the DDJ Thin leather case is made of polycarbonate. The case has a hard shell. The brand then stuck a layer of leather on top to make the unit look better and feel better in the hand. Because it is hard, the DDJ leather case is not very thick. It’s one of the best thin cases for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, notably if you want an elegant look.

The DDJ Leather case is thin, so it should protect your phone from scratches and the occasional bump. The fake leather on the outside feels soft and looks classy. Also, the camera cutouts line up with the lenses on the phone, making the case look like it was made for the phone.

One problem with the DDJ leather case is that the buttons aren’t covered. Instead, there is a cutout for each button. This means that if you drop your phone on a hard surface, the buttons could get broken. Even though it’s thin, it still feels like a great case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. And let’s not forget that you can get it in more than one color.

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4. Ringke Fusion Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Many people like clear cases because they let them show off the back and color of their high-end smartphone. If you’re one of these people, you might want to think about getting the Ringke Fusion clear case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s clear, thin, and doesn’t cost much.

The Ringke Fusion for the Galaxy S23 Ultra is best because it is so thin. Even so, the back is made of hard polycarbonate, so it can handle being hit.

The sides are made of TPU, so they can also protect you from shocks. But clear cases tend to turn yellow over time, so you should be careful when you put it on your phone.

On the plus side, you can also check out the version with Smoked Black edges, which will keep the discoloration from happening. Ringke is a well-known brand, so if you want a slim, clear case, there’s no need to look any further.

5. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Silicone Case

Check out the Janmitta soft touch case if you want a silicone case that is even thinner. The Janmitta soft touch case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra is thinner and more flexible than the Foluu case we just talked about. The main thing that stands out about the Janmitta case is that it is thin and soft.

The cutouts for the cameras are also clean here. So, they look like they belong with the phone’s real lenses.

The Janmitta case won’t give you much protection because the corners aren’t built to take shocks. But that’s a trade-off you’d have to make with most thin cases on the market. We would recommend the Janmitta case to anyone who wants a case that feels good and comes in many different colors.

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It also comes in a wide range of colors, from dark green and black to bright yellow and pink.

6. Foluu Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Most silicone cases are pretty thin and feel good in your hand. The material gives a lot of grip, so it shouldn’t be hard to hold the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the Foluu case on. It also offers enough safety.

Samsung does make its own silicone cases on its own. But they are pretty expensive. Foluu’s silicone case is a good alternative that looks and feels almost the same as the case that came with the phone. You can choose from four colors that all look good. The inside of the case is made of microfiber, which helps keep your phone from getting scratched.

Since silicone tends to absorb shock, the Foluu case gives your phone a good amount of protection. The case also goes all the way around the camera module. So, if you want a soft, protective, and light case, we’d recommend the Foluu silicone case.

Wrapping up: Best Thin Cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

You don’t want your Galaxy S23 Ultra to become a brick, do you? Well, you’re in luck because you can choose from a number of slim cases for the Galaxy S23 Ultra that will protect the phone without changing its look too much. So, there’s something for everyone, whether you want to show off that brand-new color or wrap it up in some carbon fiber goodness.