Best Stranger Chat Apps For Android

by Narendra

Random talk, Ablo, and more. Here’re the best stranger chat apps for android.

Chatting with the same social media friends over and over again, actually, get boring and there is no chance to share your feeling with them. But how great it was if you can talk every time with new strangers from all over the world, to know them and make a new friend from abroad, interesting! To do that there are tons of stranger chat android apps are available on the play store, which having a feature to do start a new conversation stranger chatting but choosing a real and protected stranger chat app quite a difficult task to do, For that here in this article I will tell you the best stranger chat apps which we also use to meet new people.

1. Random Talk

Here is the first best stranger chat app for android that you can use to chat every time with a new stranger from all over the world, the best feature I like about random chat app is that it will neither take nor shows your details like name, number, or anything to strangers.

As the name suggests random chat here you are matched every time with random person from all over the world without showing their gender, it’s really a private type app for only those who are interested to chat and knowing about a stranger to making friends.

What I like About Random Chat App

  • Fast random stranger matching.
  • Great user base.
  • Trusted & secure to privacy.
  • Simple and without login stranger chat app.
  • Having a feature to share an image.

What I Don’t Like About Random Chat App

  • It does not show the name of a stranger.
  • No Gender choosing option.

Install: Random Chat App (Free)

Downloads: 1M+

2. Ablo

Able is new best stranger chat app for android, through which you can chat and make a live video call with several randomly matched peoples from all over the world free, moreover the app contains lots of great features that help you to make an awesome impression with a stranger and have a great conversation. If you are looking for an app that has great genuine users and nice UI with lots of features then you should have to try ablo for sure.

What I like about ablo app

  • You can do chatting and video calling as well.
  • Having a genuine user base.
  • Free language translation automatically.
  • Every time a new country person we meet.

What I Don’t Like About Ablo app

  • Take time to connect the user.
  • You have to google sign first.
  • Not selection of gender to talk.

Install: Ablo (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 1M+

3. Sweet date

Sweet date is another best stranger chatting app for android through which you can chat with any stranger when you and other person swipe right to like, then it matched & after you can chat with that person, In the sweet date app you will find both gender girl & boy whom you want to chat, moreover, there are lots of features that make app great stranger chatting app like you can find your nearby peoples, chat around world, send photos & gifts, play games while chatting and many more.

Apart from that, the app is secure and makes your information private, to start using sweet date, you have to sign in with google account that all, then you can easily chat with matching peoples.

Sweet date stranger chatting app

What I like About Sweet date

  • Simple and It’s up to you whom you want to chat.
  • Secure and genuine users.
  • Lots of features to use.

What I Don’t Like About Sweet date

  • Only matched peoples can chat.
  • Not unlimited swiping features.
  • Some features are paid.

Install: Sweet date (Free)

Downloads: 10K+

4. Rando Chat

If you get bored with other best stranger chat applications then you can try rando chat where you don’t need any google sign in just install and click on the search button, moreover, you can also customize gender and age range so that it will show you the best result from your selected setting, that’s all, then app will automatically match the peoples and you can easily chat and time pass with them.

If you want to be more visible to public then you can also edit your profile and add some pictures and information, rando chat is a great app if you are looking for without login stranger chat app you should have to try it.

What I like About Rando Chat

  • Simple and no need to sign in.
  • Fast matched people from all over the world.
  • Have the option to customize age and gender.

What I Don’t Like About Rando Chat

  • Random peoples can send you a message.
  • Not see any information about the person.

Install: Rando Chat (Free)

Downloads: 5M+

5. Bottled

Bottled is another best stranger chat app with a new and great way to start a conversation with person from all over the world, Here the app finds a new modern interesting way to chat using bottle where first you have to write a good letter to stranger, and threw it into the sea and if a stranger will like your message and kept bottle then only you will start your conversation.

Really a great way to reduce spamming and seems an interesting way to meet with new peoples, apart from that the app does not store any information your conversation will become private and secure if you want a new way to meet strangers then bottled is great way start chat.

What I Like About Bottled

  • A great new way to start chat with stranger.
  • Less spamming mostly genuine users.
  • Chat with all over the world.

What I Don’t Like About Bottled

  • Receiving bottled may take time.
  • Not instantly received bottled by others.

Install: Bottled (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 1M+

6. Tagged- Meet, Chat & Dating

Last but not least, tagged is another best stranger chat app for android that you can use to meet new peoples, do interesting chats, and make new friends. Here also you can meet peoples by location, age, and various different things. So get ready to chat with strangers, if you get bored and want to make new friends.

tagged stranger chat app

What I Like About Tagged

  • New concept to Chat.
  • Better UI.
  • Timepass place.

What I Don’t Like About Tagged

  • Some bugs that not perfectly match peoples by age.
  • Various Fake Profiles.

Install: Tagged (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 10M+

Bonus: Buddy Talk

Basically, open talk is not a stranger chat app, it’s a stranger talking android app through which you can talk with various people from all over the world, chatting for a long time make you boring for that I included one talking app through which you connect with genuine people and getting time pass with them and its a great way to know stranger culture and their country as well, you should have to try the app.

Moreover, here on buddy talk, you can also do video calls with strangers but to do you must have coins that only collect by using more of this app. The app contains lots of features that make your call more interesting such as a recorded intro, have stats of calling, and much more.

Here On buddy talk, you will find strangers from all over the world to talk, so be curious about whom you will talk, next and enjoy the long conversation as you want in free of cost.

What I Like About Open Talk

  • Fast connected with a stranger.
  • You can customize the language to talk.
  • Free and simple to use.
  • Video call option.
  • Stats of call and genuine user base only.

Install: Open Talk (Free)

Downloads: 1M+

Wrapping up: Best Stranger Chat Apps 2021

Chatting with stranger is really a great way to time pass when non of our friends online on social media, That time these stranger chatting apps works awesome and through which you will able to chat and known other stranger also from all over the world.

I always prefer to use these types of Stranger app when I get bored and want someone strange to share my feeling, you should have to try these apps which really works well and having genuine user base to chat.

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