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by Anchal Thakur

Best Standing Wireless Chargers: Users like wireless chargers because they are easy to use, don’t take up much space, and can charge quickly.

Apple, Google, Samsung, and OnePlus all make wireless chargers for their phones, but third-party companies have also flooded the market with their own products. Standing wireless chargers are good for checking notifications without having to pick up the phone.

Due to strong haptics, your phone may slide around on a normal wireless charger. When you get a lot of alerts, your phone moves out of place on the wireless charger and stops charging.

On a standing wireless charger, this is no longer a problem. Let’s see what our top choices are.

Best Standing Wireless Chargers (2022)

1. MEISO 2 in 1 Wireless Charger

Meiso is one of the best 2-in-1 wireless chargers that you can stand up with. You can easily charge wireless earbuds or a smartwatch with your smartphone.

Don’t think of Meiso as a normal table stand. It’s a cool way to charge two devices wirelessly at the same time. Meiso lets all Qi-enabled devices charge at 10W. (20W output in total, 10W for each device).

It has four silicone pads that make sure it fits securely and well. Even if your phone has strong haptics, you don’t need to worry about it falling over.

The height of the standing wireless charger can be changed so that video calls can be made at a comfortable angle. Meiso wireless charger is easy to carry around because it folds up.

Meiso has two big negatives. The light that shows that it is charging is on the back. To see if the device is charging, you have to turn it over. It should have been in the front. For the price being asked, the company should include a power adapter. The Black color option is available for Meiso’s solution.

2. Anker Wireless Charger

Anker is a well-known third-party manufacturer. In both black and white, the company provides a wireless charging solution.

Anker supports 10W charging speeds for flagship Samsung phones and 5W charging speeds for the most recent iPhone models. It does not charge the iPhone at 7.5W. While charging, you can watch YouTube videos and the latest Netflix shows in landscape mode.

Anker charges a premium for a white wireless charger, which is an unusual move. Unfortunately, Anker still includes a micro-USB cable with the purchase.

Given the price, we’d like to see the latest USB Type-C cable included. Anker guarantees its products for 18 months. For the best results, we recommend using a Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 adapter.

3. NANAMI Qi Certified Wireless Charging Stand 

Nanami has the best design of all the standing wireless chargers. If the device aesthetic appeal ranks high on your priority list, hit the buy button.

Nanami has a fast charging solution with two coils that charges 1.4 times faster than a standard charger. It only has two ways to charge, though.

Nanami’s wireless charger comes in three colors: Elegant Silver, Classic Black, and Elegant White. The charger has an LED light that shows how it is charging.

It also has a safe charging feature to keep it from getting too hot. Nanami works with most cases that are up to 5 mm thick. It might not go well with cases that are tough.

4. YUWISS Wireless Charging Stand 

Don’t be confused by the strange name of this company. Yuwiss uses the latest Qi wireless technology to charge your devices that are compatible. There’s no need to take off the phone case. Yuwiss can charge devices with cases that are up to 5 mm thick.

For charging to go smoothly, you should keep your case free of magnetic and metal parts. When you use a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter, your phone can charge as quickly as it can. The charging pad is on top, and it can be used to charge both vertically and horizontally. Yuwiss has a good wireless charging option that comes in four colors.

The company uses a smart chip that is Qi and UL certified to protect against over-current, high temperature, and over-voltage.

5. Yootech Wireless Charger

Yootech gives your compatible device different ways to charge. The company makes sure there is a strong, reliable charging solution with a large area for charging.

Yootech gives you three ways to charge your phone. The wireless charging solution can charge your iPhone at 7.5W, Samsung flagships at 10W, and other devices at 5W.

The company doesn’t give you an adapter when you buy something from them. We suggest that you use an adapter for Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 with your charger.

Unlike regular wireless chargers, you don’t have to find a “sweet spot” to start charging. The pad can be placed either horizontally or vertically to charge the phone overnight.

It has a cool green LED light that you can see from far away. The Yootech charger is only available in black, which is too bad. It might not look good with the rest of your room. With more than 15,000 ratings, this one seems to be a favorite among users.

Wrap up: Best Standing Wireless Chargers

Our top choice from the list is still Meiso. Anker makes good products, but their cables are old. Nanami will look great in your home or office, and Yootech and Yuwiss are the least expensive options.

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