6 Best Standing Desks For Small Spaces In India : New

by Narendra

Best Standing Desks For Small SpacesL No doubt, standing desk & portable laptop stands are the best investment you can do in 2021, In our desk-bound lifestyle & busy schedules we forget that stay hunched or sitting for long hours might disturb our body posture & health.

But these standing desks will solve your problem, which allows you to change height of standing & sitting as per your taste. On top of it, these desks only cover a tiny space in your room, In which you can easily hoist your laptop, mouse, and more things. So, if you planning to buy one, Here we’ve compiled the best list of standing desks for small spaces you can consider.

Best Standing Desks In India (2022)

1. eStand Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Width: 24-inch

Weight: 17 lbs

If you are looking for a quality standing desk that caters you standard design with enough space board, you can’t go wrong with the eStand height adjustable standing desk. The one has an easy height-adjustable mechanism that allows easy switching. The top measures around 24- inch and is wide enough to hold your laptop & accessories.

eStand Height Adjustable Standing Desk

What’s more, is eStand comes with lightweight with wheels and the best part is you can also lock the wheels to make it stable at one place, Unlock the wheels and move from one place to another effortlessly.

More importantly, the thing that makes eStand popular is its built quality and height that everyone can comfortably work on it, you might miss shelves but if loves clutter-free things then this is the best choice.

Overall, If you are looking for best simple standing desk with height adjustment, sturdy quality material plus ample space for laptop & accessories then we recommend you to check out eStand.

2. Kurtzy Multipurpose Portable Laptop Study Table Desk

Width: 18-inch

Weight: 11 lbs

If you are looking for a multifunctional portable standing desk in India albeit marginally smaller, you can’t go wrong with Kurtzy Multipurpose standing desk. The high spot of this desk is that it contains several shelves to keep plethora of things, for instance, books, keyboard, mouse, laptop accessories, and few other essentials.

Kurtzy Multipurpose Portable Laptop Study Table Desk

If we talk about its measure then it has top board 18-inch width and surprisingly it can extendable to 33-inch.

And yes, you’ll have to pull up manually and lock in your desired height. There is no gas-spring mechanism. But it’s pretty comfortable to adjust as per your work.

Apart from that, this standing desk comes with four good quality wheels that you can also lock to not sliding.

Due to multi-functional and good quality material used, here Kurtzy standing desk has a good user rating of 4.5 stars.

Overall, if you are looking for multifunctional plus a budget-friendly standing desk in India then this one you can consider.

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3. Supreme Scissor Height-Adjustable Multi-Purpose Standing Desk

Width: 25-inch

Weight: 9 lbs

Here is the third-best standing desk in newest model of scissor, Compared to the one above, this standing desk ( 25-inch wide ) has a broad working area, to comfortably place your accessories with laptop. The base is made of powder-coated steel that caters to high strength and stability while working, & above it provides you high-grade polymer that makes the table good-looking plus comfortable.

Supreme Scissor Height-Adjustable Multi-Purpose Standing Desk

Furthermore, the most likable thing is its portability, due to its lightweight of (9lbs) it’s much comfortable to carry one place to another, you can easily enjoy supreme scissor desk as a study table, laptop desk and for kid uses as well.

Most importantly, due to primary material of high-grade polymer, it becomes waterproof, easy for multipurpose use, and no maintenance required.

However, the downside here is in leg portion, you can’t put an overload on desk otherwise it might bend, although it can easily accept your laptop and other weight, so no worry.

Overall, If you are looking portable standing desk for multipurpose use, that caters to lightweight, ergonomic work, sturdy legs, and a new design to try then supreme scissor is good to go.

4. Kurtzy Multipurpose Portable Standing Desk

Width: 22-inch

Weight: 9 lbs

Here is another best standing desk item from kurtzy, This one has a design similar to the eStand and caters elegant look with perfectly balanced with four wheels. And the best part is it can go up to max height of 35-inch and wide board of 22 inches. So think nothing of it.

Kurtzy Multipurpose Portable Standing Desk

Furthermore, this desk is adjustable by tilting angle, standing height by safety edge stooper. Plus it packs four casters at bottom with upgraded lockable omnidirectional, for not sliding.

What’s more, is this standing desk caters to multipurpose as we said earlier, you can tilt it for ergonomic comfort while work from home, place laptop, books and use as a study table, also you can effortlessly move outside as well.

Overall, if you are looking for an elegant look standing desk that provides lightweight, enough height and desk space plus good quality of material then kurtzy standing desk is definitely for you.

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5. Bi3 Table Dual Adjustable Strong Multipurpose Portable Laptop Table

Width: 28-inch

Weight: 8 lbs

If you are looking for modern standing desk with wide width of (28-inch) & portable as well then you can’t go wrong with Bi3 standing desk. This one has a new design look with dual adjustable top, that caters space for laptop and more accessories you want. Furthermore, there are 6 different heights & angles through which you can easily work in better ergonomic position.

Bi3 Table Dual Adjustable Strong Multipurpose Portable Laptop Table

If we talk about its quality then here it provides you moulded vergin plastic at top and good strength rods to make it sturdy. Plus bottom horizontal rode gives it stability.

But only downside, that we feel here is this table not comes with wheels, so moving here and there might be problem. But thankfully, it’s light in weight and also foldable so, you can easily ignore it.

Overall, Bi3 standing desk is for one who is looking budget-friendly, lightweight, and multipurpose use table. So if you are one, then you should check out this one for sure.

6. TABLE MAGIC- Midnight Black Laptop Standing Table

Width: 52.5 cm

Weight: 3.5 kg

Last but not least, here is Table Magic for one who is looking for simple, lightweight, and budget-friendly standing table. That comes with standard top measurements ( 52.5 x 40 cm ) that can easily accommodate 10 kg of weight comfortably. And yes, the best thing here is the height adjustment, where it caters to 6 height, & 3- different angle adjustment, all that means is you can effortlessly take the table as a multipurpose use.

TABLE MAGIC- Midnight Black Laptop Standing Table

The main thing that makes this table different as compare to others is it takes less space as well comes in an affordable option so every guy who is work from home can easily use it for long in any way.

The only downside, there is no wheels to move neither breaker, so in slippery tiles it might not works well.

Aside from that, this table comes with good quality plus comfortable at top, and as per ergonomic point of view, it is also the best one.

So, if you are looking budget-friendly, lightweight, plus adjustable standing desk option then you can check it out.

Wrapping Up: Best Standing Desk In India

These were the best standing desk for small spaces, home office, multiple monitors and every desk is adjustable in height & angle, so you can effortlessly use in multiple places. If you asked me to choose one of the best standing desks for small spaces then I would choose eStand standing desk for sure. Now it’s up to you to choose your standing desk as per your requirement.

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