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by Narendra

Best Smart Plug Under $50: No doubt, smart plugs are fantastic way to make dumb devices switching on/off from the comfort of your smartphone.

Just plug them in and effortlessly control plugged devices either by companion app or voice command to Alexa or google assistant. But again, market has plethora of smart plugs from premium price points to affordable ones, and choosing from that is quite a frustrating job. Right?

No worry, here we did your homework & compiled the best smart plugs under $50 that you consider buying without any doubt. So no further ado let’s begin.

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Best Smart Plug Under $50 (2023)

1. Wemo Smart Plug

Pack of : 3 | Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit

Wemo is one of the best smart plugs under $50 that not only comes with a pack of 3 but also brings fantastic smart features to the table. For one, this smart outlet is compatible with Alexa, google assistant & apple home kit so you can effortlessly order to turn it on/off. More importantly, in case you are outside of town then thanks to mobile app to operate these smart plugs. Cool right?

Wemo Smart Plug

Another good thing that I like the most is to set a schedule of turn on & off. The application is pretty user-friendly you can name every outlet & set schedules & timers to automate.

When it comes to quality of wemo smart plugs is one of the popular devices that users have been praising for their safety & fast to response. So no worry about that.

The smart plug easily handle some of your standard watts items like a well pump, Clothes washer, Dehumidifier, clock radio, desk lamp, and below 1800 Watts products.

Overall, if you want the most trusted & pretty good smart plug for home under $50 then wemo is first option then you can consider buying.

2. Kasa Smart Plug HS103P4 Smart Plug

Pack of : 4 | Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT

The Kasa smart plug is a good pick if you don’t want to spend much. This is one of the popular smart plugs on amazon right now. All thanks to affordable price point plus bring good features to the table. Just like about counterpart here it supports every voice control like google home assistant, Alexa, IFTTT.

Kasa Smart Plug HS103P4 Smart Plug

Unlike above here it comes in 4 pack & 2 pack of smart plug seems almost same in design, at the right side you’ll get power button to manually turn on and off.

When it comes to operate smart plug then it’s pretty easy you just need to install an Android or iOS app after that create an account and here you go. The good thing is you can effortlessly operate device from anywhere in the world.

Aside from that, here Kasa smart plug offers you to plug almost every electrical equipment up to 1.8KW of max power. Above this one might cause a problem.

The features like scheduling, count down timer, and power consumption are really cherry on cake.

Overall, if you want to run desk lamp, AC, lights, router, or standard item then Kasa smart plug is an affordable option you can buy for under $50.

3. Meross Smart Plug Mini

Pack of : 4 | Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Nest Hub, Smart Things

Next up we have the meross smart plug the main highlight that makes it interesting to buy is the compatibility factor, you can operate this plug by apple home kit, Siri, Alexa, echo, google assistant, next hub, smart things, and more. Moreover, app control makes it easy to arrange different plug by name, plus the user interface of the app is clean & easy to use.

 Meross Smart Plug Mini

Here meross ships 4 pack of smart plug which is pretty simple & compact, each plug has one socket to use. Meross mainly focuses on the standard design and safety of your electrical items. Did I tell you the smart outlet is approved for safety & has been certified by ETL & FCC?

Overall, in budget price segment Meross smart plug is another safest & smartest plug you can consider buying.

4. Wyze Plug Outdoor

Pack of : 1 | Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT

If you are looking smart plug under $50 for outside then Wyze is a pretty good option to buy. Here the one comes with dual outlets that allow you to turn two dumb gadgets into smart. Being a wifi smart plug it supports both app & voice control.

Wyze Plug Outdoor

The good thing is Wyze is IP64 water-resistant so no worry about rain, snow, or dust. Talking about its quality than it totally justifies the price point and delivers solid & trusted performance. Installation is simple just plug this device & add your equipment.

Thankfully, both the outlets are independent control, so yeah this one makes it easy to use for different work. Other than that, you can also schedule, there are some downside is like it will only work with their ecosystem.

Overall, if you want best outdoor smart plug under 50 dollars that work well with Alexa, google assistant then Wyze won’t disappoint you.

5. SYLVANIA Wifi Smart Plug

Pack of : 4 | Compatible with: Alexa, Google Assistant

Sylvania is another low-price segment smart plug that shares almost equal features as above counterpart. The design brings a slim, sleek & compact look with one outlet, there is manual power on & off button.

SYLVANIA Wifi Smart Plug

Being a new & low price point smart plug here it only supports Sylvania mobile app & Alexa, google assistant for voice control. Setting up is simple plus users are praising for its fast response.

The good thing is here it comes with features like the schedule to automatically turn on & off the gadgets at particular time.

The only downside is the Sylvania smart plug is not recommended for high-load appliances, like 1800Watts items.

Other than that, till now there is no problem found regarding safety & performance. So yeah you can believe this latest smart plug under $50.

Wrapping Up: Top Smart Outlets Under $50

These were some of the best smart plugs under $50 that will help you to make your stupid gadget to smart one. As you go up on the price ladder you’ll get high-quality & premium additional features. Nevertheless, one thing is sure now you don’t have to manually turn on & off your connected device. Just say to Alexa or Google to do work for you.

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