5 Best Small Gaming Keyboards : New

by Narendra

The best small gaming keyboards will not only certify that you get an ultimate gaming experience, but they also promise comfort & great efficiency in competitive gaming mode.

But you know what choosing the right compact gaming keyboard is not a piece of cake there are plenty of things that you’ve to look at. Such as ideal gaming switch, great durability, easy-to-use software, no latency, and much more.

Luckily for you, we have compiled the best list of small gaming keyboards that you can consider buying.

Let’s take a look. But first,

1. Have white gaming setup? Check out these best white gaming keyboard.

2. Take a look at these best low profile mechanical keyboards.

Best Small Gaming Keyboards (2023)

1. Drop ALT Small Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If price is not a barrier for you and wants one of the best experience in the field of small gaming keyboard then Drop ALT makes for a good buy. The first thing that eye catches is its slim & svelte design which truly looks super cool.

Secondly, being a premium class gaming keyboard brings you a fully customizable RGB backlighting that allows you to optimize per key lightning with millions of colors. My favorite is to light your keyboard with a custom rainbow wave pattern. It looks fantastic!

Drop ALT Small Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

What’s more, unlike other plastic frame keys, it comes with a solid premium aluminum frame, so you can expect durability & richness. At the same time, built-in switch plate & magnetic legs make it more awesome.

Aside from that, here you’ll get Cherry MX Brown RGB Switches that give you tactile bump in medium actuation force which is ultimate for gaming.

Overall, if you want the best small gaming keyboard that comes with a cool design, top-notch build quality & performance, I’d recommend you check out Drop ALT for sure.

2. HyperX Alloy Origins Small Gaming Keyboard

Another excellent small gaming keyboard that worth its price tag is the HyperX Alloy Origin. It’s a 60% small gaming keyboard & what makes it popular in gaming community is the one comes with double shot PBT keycaps which means the key will never fade or chip-off, even after heavy use plus PBT material deliver durability for long.

 HyperX Alloy Origins Small Gaming Keyboard

The switches you’ll get here are HyperX mechanical switches that promise to deliver balanced speed & accuracy at the same time.

As its heart, the HyperX comes from a gaming background, So it caters to amazing RGB lightning with several lightning effects with advanced customization. So yeah, no worry you’ll get ultimate lightning features that give gorgeous look to the keyboard.

If we talk about its build quality, then the one is made of full air-craft grade aluminum that promises to be stable at intense gaming mode. So no worry this side.

Apart from that, this keyboard comes with three adjustable keyboard angles that allow you to set ergonomically perfectly, Moreover, for ultimate portability, it comes with USB-C connectivity.

Overall, if you want the best performance small gaming keyboard that is budget-friendly & most popular in gaming, you can’t go wrong with HyperX.

3. Asceny One – 60% Small Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, the Asceny One is worth a look. For the price, the one brings you gateron blue switch which has unique clicky touch plus tactile feedback that gives you a fantastic experience. More importantly, if you want to change switch, you can effortlessly replace any other optical-mechanical switches thanks to the hot-swappable board. Cool right?

Asceny One - 60% Small Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Coming to lightning part then here it delivers millions of colors which you can change into plethora of styles. So no worry about customization you have unlimited options owing to Asceny one driver.

The best thing that every gamer needs is built-in flash memory to save settings. So even when software is off it works.

Design wise, this one look unique and attractive as compare to others, RGB lightning make it more gorgeous.

Overall, if you want a budget-friendly small gaming keyboard that delivers great performance & provides a new look to the table, this is another good option you can pick.

4. Motospeed Wired/Wireless Small Gaming Keyboard

How does the stunning RGB lightning system under the keys sound to you? Mind-blowing right? Say hello to Motospeed mechanical keyboard. The one brings 16.8 million kinds of colors with 19 backlit effects that deliver an immersive look to your gaming table.

Motospeed Wired/Wireless Small Gaming Keyboard

Other than that, Motospeed comes in dual connectivity wired & wireless in which you can prolonged Bluetooth usage up to 10 hours thanks to 1300mah battery which is pretty good as per this price segment. Moreover using the switch you can also turn on & off battery power for long battery life.

In low budget segment motospeed deliver Outemu Red Switch which is best known for gaming, Furthermore, the performance of the keyboard is awesome several users are praising for the same.

Quality-wise, the keyboard is made of with durable ABS, which is pretty good but don’t compare this one to the above keyboards.

Overall, if you want an affordable, good performance, ultimate backlighting small gaming keyboard then this is another good option to check out.

5. HUO JI E-Yooso Z-88 RGB Mechanical Small Gaming Keyboard

If you’re looking for white small gaming keyboard under budget then HUO JI worth a peek. First off, it bundles an attractive look. All thanks goes to combination of white keycaps & RGB backlighting. Furthermore, it has 14 lightning modes to make it more gorgeous plus if you have white gaming setup then this is cherry on cake.

Despite being on budget this keyboard provide you Outemu hot-swappable blue switches which are ultimate for gaming, What more interesting is it comes with anti-ghosting 81 keys & N-key rollover.

 HUO JI E-Yooso Z-88 RGB Mechanical Small Gaming Keyboard

The one pretty good in durability thanks to ABS & metal material that provides it matte finish texture plus made it sturdy.

Aside from that, this compact gaming keyboard comes in simple sleek design that is compatible with several devices like Mac, Windows PC.

Overall, this is another budget item that you can consider buying if you have white gaming setup & looking for great performance.

Wrapping Up: Top New Small Gaming Keyboards

Here were some of the best mini gaming keyboards that you can consider buying. Here we’ve included premium & cheap small gaming keyboard, So now choosing the right one is not be difficult. Take some time to read this article completely then decide what is best suitable for you.

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