Best Shotgun Ammo in Escape From Tarkov

by Narendra

Best Shotgun Ammo in Escape From Tarkov: Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter set in the war-torn region of Norvinsk. In this realistic video game, two private military companies are at war with each other. As you move through the game, you’ll need to find different weapons and ammunition. How about a shotgun that has a long range? If you have the right weapons, you can. So, here is our guide to the best shotgun ammo in Escape from Tarkov.

Best Shotgun Ammo in Escape from Tarkov

There are many kinds of shotgun ammunition, but the best ones are 12/70 Flechette and 12/70 AP 20 Slug. But if you look at these two types of ammunition as a whole, the AP 20 Slug is the better choice.

Why? Because the Bullet speed of AP 20 is much faster. 510 m/s is faster than 320 m/s, which is what Flecchete is.

When it comes to accuracy, AP 20 is 125 percent accurate. Flechette, on the other hand, is at -10 percent. Before, it was only right about 20% of the time. If you compare these two types of ammunition, the Flechette does more damage to the enemy. And it costs less if you buy it from Jaeger on Level 3.

If an enemy is wearing a level 3 helmet, you can kill them with a single shot to the head. So, Flechette is pretty cheap in comparison. It has a higher penetration of 31, but it can be hard to shoot from far away. You can send spam with this ammunition. While the AP 20 is the best choice if you want less recoil and less bullet spread. But if you want to do more damage, we recommend Flecchete, which can kill enemies up close.

Aside from these two, the 7.5 mm Buckshot and the 6.5 express are also good. Both types of ammunition not only do more damage, but they are also very accurate.

All the information about the best shotgun ammo in Escape from Tarkov has been covered.