Best Privacy Settings on Android [New]

by Narendra

When it comes to privacy settings of smartphones then undoubtedly iPhone iOS system beats android and needless to say android is not that good in privacy but still google has been improving its privacy as of new updates in android 10 & 12 that confirmed to protect user data and provide great security.

Nevertheless, here we have lined up some of the best privacy settings on android that you can take a look at & improve your device privacy with these hidden privacy settings on android. So let’s get started.

1. Disable microphone access completely

Turning off the microphone access is one of the best privacy settings on android 12 that you should have to use when you are talking something super secret this simple option blocks all microphone access from calls & apps that might hear what you talk.

To disable microphone access either you can go to the privacy menu or turn off microphone access through quick toggle menu.

For that, you just need to reveal that microphone toggle to the notification area and hear you go to enable & disable that option.

2. Location Access

On android, there are several apps that ask location permission without any use of it, aside from trailing, food delivery, or google map. And where you lose your privacy, thankfully android comes with the option to check & disable location access of any app that you can use to be on the secure side.

To turn off the location access or precise location use follow below steps perfectly.

1. Firstly, open settings & click on the apps option, where you’ll be able to see lots of apps you use.

2. Now select app that you have doubt & go to permission then click on location option.

3. Now tick allows only while using the app in location access & disables the use of precise location.

Using this simple privacy setting in android you will be much more secure from tracing with an unknown app.

Tip: Do not install unknown and doubtful apps in your android smartphone that might be harmful.

3. Clipbord access alert

Here is the most important privacy setting on android that you shouldn’t miss turning on. By enabling clipboard access alert you will get an alert whenever your apps access your copied text and other content. Pretty useful privacy setting that you should turn on right now. Follow the below step to enable this option.

1. Open your mobile settings & go to the privacy menu.

2. Now scroll down and look for the option of alert when clipboard is accessed. Click on that to turn it on & off.

Now you’ll be notified of any app trying to access your copy text.

4. Android security updates

To make android privacy stronger here android comes with monthly new security patch updates to our smartphones that work is to update android security from viruses, malware, and third-party illegal access. Not only that, it results in improving the performance of phone. So for better privacy of mobile, you should update monthly as you get a notification.

To check security updates you have to go to setting and software update to make android secure.

5. Change Browser

Here in Android smartphones by default chrome browser & local internet browser is installed, but as of research google chrome & other browsers might leak your information to third party plus needless to say it capture your data to show ads on websites.

So to make yourself secure & private you should ditch google chrome and fake UC browser instead, you can install either brave browser or any most secured browser that is known for privacy and security.

6. Notification lookup

Nowadays every app asks permission for camera, location, voice, contact, and more. But if you are one who installs lots of app from google or playstore then I’d recommend you to first check & give permission. Secondly, to improve privacy android provide a small green icon on top of home screen that indicates that some app is using your camera, voice, or other. So make sure to check this every time & give permission to be on the secure & private side.

7. Take care of passwords

We all note down passwords of Gmail IDs, Facebook, Instagram, and lot more to either clipboard or google default password management. But that will be an unsafe location and you might get hacked. For that, I’d recommend you to install password managers that majority of users trust and insert your private file to them.

8. Do not root

No of smartphone users root their device to install mode application or to extend its capability but that might be dangerous. After rooting the android phone you will lose the android security plus now any application can access everything without asking.

So, do not try to root your device by any mobile app otherwise you’ll be in trouble.

Wrap Up: Top Privacy settings on android to check

Android OS now improving its privacy and security by giving lots of useful tricks & options that will secure your phone. Above we have lined up some useful privacy options that you should enable and look for every now and then to make android privacy up to date.

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