Best Portable Pow­er Strips for Travel : New

by Narendra

Ntonpower, One beat, and more. Here’re the best portable power strips for travel.

No doubt, while traveling portable power strip is the perfect solution when we have tons of gadgets with us, this nifty small portable power strip allows plugging of USBs, wall adapters, laptop chargers, to charge most of our electronics gadgets at once. All thanks to a number of AC outlets and USB ports inbuilt in these power strips which are undoubtedly useful to carry portable power strips while tripping.

So if you want stress-free & clutter-free solution to give power to your gadgets on a budget then here we have lined up some of the small, slim, and best portable power strips that easily fit in your travel bag. So no further ado let’s check them out.

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Best Portable Pow­er Strips for Travel (2023)

1. NTONPOWER Travel Power Strip

The main highlight that makes it awesome for travel trips is its compact round shape design that effortlessly fits in your travel bag. At the same time, this power strip comes with standard power outlets like here you’ll get 3 AC outlets to connect your adapters & 3 USB port for charging three devices at once. Cool right?

Being a small power strip here it also comes with 5 ft long cord that makes certainly it comfortable when your hotel room plug is far from your bed. Right?

The users have been praising for its lightweight design & enough outlets to give power to gadgets. Other than that, this power strip comes with safest protection system so it will be protected while high temp, short circuit or overheat.

Lastly, If you want budget-friendly plus standard power outlet portable power strip for travel then Ntonpower makes for a good buy.

2. One Beat Power Strip For Travel

Here is the most popular and trusted power strip that checks off all the right boxes. First, it’s affordable & bring premium quality to the table. The power strip comes with 3AC outlets with 4 USB ports which let you easily charge your laptop, iPad, cameras, smartphone & other gadgets at once.

The good thing is one beat is specially made for travelers, thanks to compact & weightless design that only takes small pocket space in the bag.

Furthermore, here the power strip comes with 5ft braided extension cord which is of high quality. So no worry about wear & tear.

The company pledge for multi-protection & brings 12-month of free customer service. Lastly, on amazon, this power strip is praised by several users and has a remarkably good rating.

Overall, if you want top-notch quality of power strip that is easy to carry then one beat is worth your bucks.

3. Sarmert Retractable Power Strip

If you carry lots of rechargeable gadgets then buying 5 AC outlets with 2 USBs & 1 type C power strip is worth your dollars. The one is not only super convenient while traveling but also comes with every required safety protection plus power output to use it in every electronic device.

The max power it delivers is 1625W & a USB charger 5V/2.4A. Did I tell you this power strip comes with a surge protector?

There is low side you should know like it has only 3.3 ft cord that somtime discomfort if plug is far away. Secondly, the strip is not that small as above counterparts.

On the upside, thanks to retractable power strip that save you from cable clutter. Above all, the company also promise for service & trust.

Overall, if you want number of outlets with USB ports then Sarmert retractable power strip is clever pick you can buy at affordable price point.

4. Anker Power Strip

Here is the super slimmest & small power strip that is specially made for solo travellers, the one has 1 USB C port, 2 USB ports, and 2 AC outlets. Although this is 5 in 1 power strip but the good thing is it deliver 18 fast charging for phones & gadgets.

What’s more, here the Anker manily focus on safety therfore the quality of power strip material is fire retardant plus plastic material is premium. Moreover, here Anker provides 5ft cable although this is not a braided one.

Lastly, if you’re looking for compact & trusted portable power strip which is best for cruise ships, hotel room & traveling purposes then Anker is another good option you can consider buying.

5. EWIN Power Strip

Last but not least, here is the portable power strip that effortlesssly fits in a pocket, thanks to compact design that is specially made for travelers. More importanly, this small charging station can able to charge upto 6 devices. It has 3 USB ports, 1 USB C power deliery 30W & 2 AC outlet makes everyone favorite.

The good thing is that it falls at mid-price point so you don’t have to break the bank. Moreover, being a smartphone design power strip here it is very lightweight to carry.

The only low side is here it delivers power output to 1250W max although in which you can plug standard gadgets.

Other than that, here brand promise for safety protection plus the built quality is justifies the price point.

Overall, if you want power strip that fits in pocket plus allows you to charge 6 devices at once then Ewin is another option you can pick.

Top Power Strip for Travel 2023

These were some of the best budget travel-friendly power strip that you can buy, not only these are compact but also has enough ports & outlet. At last, if you’re solo traveler then choosing Anker power strip is good, & with friends Sarmert Retractable Power Strip you’ll gonna love it.

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