Best Plagiarism Checker Tools For Research Papers & Articles

by Narendra

Hey, are you looking for the best Plagiarism checker tools for thesis, research papers, or assignments?

If yes, then, you are at the right place, here you will get to know the best free plagiarism checkers tools that will help you lot to find duplicate content and keep your assignments unique.

Professors of colleges are always worried about the copyrighted content written by their students in their academic writing of an essay, or any project report. But no worry anymore, with the help of plagiarism checker tool it’s easy to check whether the paper is plagiarized or not. Here in this article, we have lined up some of the best plagiarism checker tools for research paper, assignments, and thesis. So no further ado let’s begin.

What is Plagiarism Content?

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What is Plagiarism?

In an easy word, we can say that it is a copying work of someone without giving him credit and that is completely illegal to use or steal someone’s works without giving credit to that work.

In detail: As per Wikipedia plagiarism is stealing someone hard work and their ideas or thoughts and their efforts someone gives to make content or work to make a perfect and you steal that work without giving credit to the author and use their work for commercially that is illegal and that’s called plagiarism work.

Plagiarism tools are mostly used in colleges, where students have to submit their project report to a teacher, not to do hard work they will find the shortcut and they just copied the whole content from the website. To detect copied content teachers are using plagiarism tools through which they will know who copied the work of someone.

1. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Tool

Here is the first best plagiarism checker tool for research papers (Grammarly). Whether you are a teacher or student using this tool you can check your work. Grammarly has a trusted certificate most of the foreign universities have used and trust on this plagiarism tool. It has the largest database where it can search the plagiarism. Through Grammarly, you can check documents like an essay, project report, and reviews many more. With the continuation, it will also check the grammar mistake in the text. Cool right?


  • Trusted by 600 foreign universities
  • Million of blogger are used Grammarly
  • It displays the percentage report
  • Check grammar in text and sentences
  • Send you email weekly performance report

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2. Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker

Here is the second best plagiarism tool for research paper (WhiteSmoke Plagiarism checker) which is best plagiarism tool for the student & teacher. You can check your text against billions of web pages using this software. Moreover, you will get many more extra helps like you can translate full text in different languages plus you can easily integrate with Microsoft word and outlook for more works.


  • Classic and great user interface
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Has a translator as well as grammar checker options
  • Having a large database to check online
  • It’s compatible with all browser and systems

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3. Small SEO Tool Plagiarism Checker

Next up, we have the small SEO tool plagiarism checker which is the one of the simple and most popular tool ever used by student for research papers & assistment. The good thing about this online plagiarism checker is its fast & easy to use. Although this is not ad free but here it provide good result.

You can check plagiarism by webpage URL or copy words to it. Here it support only 1000words at a time. However, if you have short article then this small SEO tool is best to use.


  • Best online marketing tool which gives all in one feature
  • Having a very large user database
  • Fast and free to use
  • Highly trusted site
  • Best for the writer and owner to check

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4. Quetext Plagiarism Checker

Quetext is another best Plagiarism checker tool for researcher paper which is coming with the paid version, as well as the free version, The free version of quetext is simple where we have to paste the text and it will easily check the duplicate content. But if you think you need more advanced options then you have to choose the paid version of it.

The reason to be the popularity of quetext is the trust & most secure tool you can try. Although for advance version it charges unlike above one.

For a paid feature in QueText

  • Deep search option where it will go deeply like it will check contextual and more in deep.
  • You can upload the whole file to check.
  • Word limit increased as compare to the free version.
  • Any format file will be check

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5. Viper Plagiarism Checker

Viper Plagiarism checker which is an easy online checker tool here it will scan your document fast and display the unique content. It has access to a variety of books and articles to check unoriginal content. It is useful for the essay writer as they determined on their website, you just have to signup for used Viper plagiarism checker tool.


  • Easy and great user interface
  • Having 10 billion plus resources to check the plagiarism content
  • Just upload file to check work
  • Fast to capture plagiarized content
  • Best plagiarism for the paid version

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6. Plagium

Plagium tool which gives us a free word tracker of 1000 word to be detected after that there is some more option to choose for the plagiarism premium plan. In plagium, there is an option for analyzing text which is free of cost but if you want to analyze URL that you have to pay for it. Overall, if you want a better experience then you have to pay, otherwise the free option is best you can check your work two times then you have to pay for more.


  • Great For small use of work
  • Best for the professional work in the paid version.
  • Having a great option for file search, deep search, and quick search.
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Recommend by professional

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7. Copyleaks

Here is another plagiarism tool for student that will fully protect the document and It will clearly show, where someone used that copied content is being used. Copyleaks allows you to use bulk work at once to reduce your time it is most helpful for essay or thesis plagiarised content.


  • We can easily submit the bulk word to check.
  • Plagiarised content check-in any language
  • It is mostly used for publishers and SEO expert.

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8. DustBall

Dust Ball is a premium tool that gives you a quite decent user interface, in the premium plan it gives us a 3x more accurate result and fast doc checker. I will recommend this tool only for colleges and institutions where they have to check the whole content and they have a lot more copies which can be checked easily by this tool.


  • Fast to check work
  • Easy and simple user interface
  • It uses an algorithm to detect plagiarized content.

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9. Plagtracker

Plagtracker is another plagiarism tool for checking plagiarism content of research paper with this tool you can take advantage of to check writing content, URL or any plagiarized content URL link from where it will copying. You can also easily check work for student, teacher, website owner and more option given there, you will have a great option to check this tool for a great experience in free.


  • Great plagiarism checker tool in free
  • In-depth content checking
  • Best for teacher and student
  • Fast and has a decent user interface

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10. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma another great plagiarism checker, which is best for the students where they can check the work before submit, plagiarisma gives you a great easy UI where you can upload or copy your work and check, You can also upload documents from google drive, or any other link to check the whole document in the free version, It supports the 190+ languages by which you can check your duplicate content with security.


  • It will not save your work in their tool.
  • It is totally secured and trusted.
  • It has 190+ languages in a tool to check
  • You can easily check with Url link
  • You can easily upload the doc to check the content with google drive and more options.

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11. Unicheck

Unicheck is another top plagiarism detector tool that comes with 14 days trial period after that you have to pay for using and it’s a profitable tool after paying the price tag you will not regret after purchasing the tool. In free days trial version, you will know how great the tool work they have billion of web pages and content are checked regularly with the original quality. We can use the bulk data processing in the user account to make our work faster and check plagiarised content in work.

New Update in Unicheck :

Unicheck Plagiarism Checker comes with Google doc, G suite and more to access easier and fast. You can easily live chat with the profession if you have doubts and problems with there tools.

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Wrapping Up: Best Plagiarism Checker Tool For Articles

Above were the best plagiarism checker software & websites for students. I mostly prefer to use Grammarly because they having more feature and number of users are trusted on the site. In this article I briefly described the every best plagiarism checker tool you can choose which one suited you and let me know your opinion in the comment section.

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