Best Phone Cooling Apps: And How To Stop Smartphone Overheat

by Narendra

Phone Master, CPU cooler, and more. Here are the best phone cooling apps & tips to reduce overheating.

Smartphone heating is a significant issue that mostly seen in low-end smartphones, but that doesn’t mean high-end phones do not feel heat ever. There are various constituents on which overheating of a device depends, for instance, mobile processor, RAM, Battery health, Overusing while charging, high graphics apps in a low-end device, and many more factors it depends.

Now the question has to arise what user could do to reduce heating their smartphone? Or how to make the phone cooler?

So to reduce smartphone heating and make phone cooler there are two methods:

  • Using Various Certified Apps that pretend to cool your smartphone.
  • Proven phone cooling techniques, that stop overheating of smartphones.

In the beginning, As I said, phone heating and cooling depend on various factors, Here android & iPhone apps would only reduce your warming at a certain point by closing various ongoing internal hidden tasks that heat your device. To maintain that cooling, you could use lite apps, do one job at a time and best way upgrade your device to the high-end processor, which could be capable of maintaining that load without heating your phone.

At the initial stage of heating, you can take help with various best cooling apps that are available for both android and iPhone users, Here in this article we compiled great apps that could reduce your phone heating at a certain level. Let’s Begin.

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Best Phone Cooler Apps 2022

These are the best phone cooling apps at a glance:

  • Phone Master
  • Cooling Master
  • CPU Cooler
  • Fast Clean Booster
  • Cooler Master

1. Phone Master

Looking for a multifeatured, trustworthy phone cooler app for android, then phone master is the first app that we recommend you to use. The app contains various features that have the capability to control your phone heating by turning off unused apps & downloads.

On top of it, phone master provides users a vast list of features, for instance, junk files cleaner, CPU cooler, antivirus, battery saving option, app lock, and much more.

phone master cooling app

Why I Strongly Recommend Phone master:

  • Tons of different features free of cost.
  • Most trustworthy application on google play store.
  • The great user interface, no bulky nor ads.
  • Geniune decresesd your phone temperature.

Download: Phone Master (Free, App In purchase)

2. Cooling Master

Cooling master is another phone cooling app which you going to love it, why I am saying this is because On every aspect that user wants from app, whether to genuinely cool down the phone to an engaging user interface here cooling master united of both.

Moreover, there is no numerous unwanted feature included in-app; that result makes the app more potent toward cooling and better UI. If we talk more about its user interface, then it looks impressive with real-time temperature monitoring and standard design.

cooler master cooling app

Apart from that, If we talk about its features, then the cooling master includes Real-time temp, Monitoring, Overheating detection, One-tap cool down feature, and overheating prevention that cooling master provides, that help your device stay healthy and safe from overheating.

The cooling master contains Ads, but don’t worry; it also provides a user an app in the purchase option through which you can remove ads with minimum price.

Download: Cooling Master (Free, App In Purchase)

3. Fast Clean Booster: CPU cooler

Here is another best phone cooling & booster app for android. The fast clean booster comes in a list of apps that are belive in fewer features and high performance. Available free of cost but shows ads.

Apart from that, the app only contains a feature that necessary to cool down the heating of the phone, for instance, cooler, battery, and booster. Using these three options app will stop unnecessary heating apps, and clean junk files that result in your RAM have a lesser load, and it decreases heating.

 Fast Clean Booster: CPU cooler

If I talk about its UI, then it’s ok because of less availability feature option that results in it looks simple and easy to navigate throughout the app.

Download: Fast Clean Booster (Free, App In Purchase & Ads Contains)

4. CPU Cooler

Here is another best cooling app that could help you to decrease overheating faster; just like the above phone cooler app here, CPU cooler also contains lots of features like junk cleaner, battery saver, phone booster, and much more. We recommend this app after using from a while and getting surprisingly great results. Moreover, another reason is its great reviews on play store that prove that the app works well in between tons of different phone cooling apps.

CPU Cooler app

What makes it different is, here CPU cooler gives users complete details about its smartphone, for instance, device info, CPU info, battery info, GPU info, and much more.

Apart from that, In CPU cooler I like the most is its user interface that minimalistic, easy to navigate, and has complete information about device usage, ram, and more. Moreover, one tap cool feature is available that makes your works faster whenever your device slows down or heating.

Download: CPU Cooler (Free, App In Purchase & Very fewer ads Contains)

5. Cooler Master

Last but not least, Here is the most straightforward & clean app in the list, which helps you to clean junk files, manages apps, and of course, memory boost to cool down the heating. After using it for a few days, I have to say, Cooler Master is a great app to use if you are not looking for tons of features.

cooler master

Apart from that, the app works flawlessly without lagging or any battery consumption; so if you are a moderate phone user who wants clean UI and an ads-free experience with significant phone cooling, then we recommend you to go with cooler master for sure.

Download: Cooler Master (Free)

2. Proven phone cooling techniques that stop overheating smartphone.

Let me tell you the overheating causes and techniques to cool down your smartphone step by step:

So firstly you should know, Why your Smartphone heat up?

Working and movement lead to heat, whether it’s your body, vehicle, or your smartphone. Whenever you turn on your smartphone, then there is a backend process happen that wants electricity to process and that moving electricity causes heat. All our smartphone depends upon the power that leads to different methods.

For Example: If you are playing a high graphic game, then what happens in your smartphone is, the game needs more power because it’s a highly realistic game that results in a top speed of electricity flow to maintain the gaming process, and that results in it generates more heat.

Electricity flow in your smartphone is directly proportional to heat ( If you increase processes in the phone then the high speed of electricity flow)

How to Reduce Smartphones Heating?

1. Up-gradation

If you are a high-end user and want to run top graphics games and processes, then up-gradation of a smartphone with a high-end processor, RAM, Bigger battery, SoC is the only option you should go with. That’s the only way to handle high-end tasks.

2. Leave Some Space In Internal storage

If you are one who always has internal rooms are on max capacity, then we recommend you to leave some space blank because many inbuilt and third-party apps required space to store cache file, data files and more if there is no space in storage that effect on ram and processor that produces heat to force on the app to store the file.

3. Not use packed cases and covers

Heating is a normal part of running a smartphone, but if you packed your smartphone with strong cases, then heat will not leave from your smartphone that may cause an effect on your processor, and it will damage SoC.

4. Don’t Run High Graphics Process in low-end Devices

Running high-end operations in low-end devices may cause too much heating because your processor will not have the power to handle that much task.

5. Use above Third-Party Apps 

Phone cooling apps are also the best way to reduce the heating of your phone; the apps will stop overheating apps in the phone and also maintain the battery temperature that results from you face less heat.

Wrapping Up: Phone Cooler apps and tricks 

Upgrading a smartphone with a high-end processor and internals are the best way to reduce heating. And if you don’t want to improve your device, then you should have to manage your work with a limited capacity of ram and processor that will not cause heat. Above were the several best phone cooling apps for android and tips to reduce heating of smartphones.

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