Best Note Taking App in 2019 (Feature Wise)

by Narendra

You are in the generation where you don’t need a paper to write a piece of important information there are tons of best note taking apps which will help you to take note of whether you have an Android smartphone or iPad you can use and maintain the note-taking habit.

Note taking app is mostly useful for students and working people where they have to take notes to remember the work With the help of note-taking apps you don’t have to remember the information or password you can easily use note taking an app that will help you anywhere.

Here in this article, I will show you the best note taking apps that will make you more productive.

Best Note Taking Apps of 2019 (Latest)

Table of Category :

  1. Best Note-Taking App for Android
  2. Best Note Taking App for iPhones / iPad

1. Best Note Taking App For Android

#1 Google Keep

Google Keep which is developed by Google to solve the problem of note taking in smartphones where Google gives you the best timely update to make the app feature full with the user-friendly design look to make it a new look to take notes.

Reason to be like ( PROS )

  • You can write with a voice and record it.
  • Automatic Backup of Notes.
  • Easy to Share
  • Organize google keep with colors.
  • You can set a reminder on notes.
  • You can attach Images with Notes.
  • Support Gesture Writing for the best experience.
  • Access Google Keep from everywhere online.

Install: Google Keep

Platforms: Android / iOS

Downloads: 100M+

#2 One Note

Another one of the best app for note taking which is developed by Microsoft in 2012 to solve the problem of note writing with one note you can capture your idea instantly and sync to other devices and open it anywhere online.

Reason to be like ( PROS )

  • Microsoft Trusted, safe and secure note-taking.
  • You can Scan documents directly into OneNote.
  • Use Different themes for different work.
  • Sync with all devices and do multiple works on the same time.
  • One Note is the part of the microsoft office you can use it.
  • Having almost all the feature that you want.

Install: Microsoft One Note

Platforms: Android / iOS / window

Downloads: 500M+

#3 Colour Note

If you looking for a simple note-taking app where it will arrange your notes with color coding then this app is best for the use. Majority of people use the color note to make a checklist for grocery items and any household things.

Reason to be like ( PROS )

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Good color differentiation
  • Share your note to anyone through social media.
  • Make a reminder on an important date through the calender.
  • Set Color by name so it’s easy to find

Install: Color Note

Platforms: Android

Downloads: 100M+

#4 Evernote

Evernote which makes for the rapidly note-taking activity and get instant backup and sync so that you can operate notes from everywhere, here you can organize your notes any way you want to organize.

Reason to be like ( PROS )

  • Easy to share your written notes
  • Operate Evernote from everywhere.
  • Create an agenda and planner for business.
  • Make every note differently organized for fast work.
  • Make home screen widgets.
  • Give the presentation of notes.

Install: Evernote

Platforms: Android / iOS

Downloads: 100M+

#5 iA Writer

iA Writer is the note-taking app which makes you more concentrate toward writing because of having great writing font with plain text and clean user interface no more distraction just makes it more simple to take fast notes.

Reason to be like ( PROS )

  • Easy to write notes, drafts, books, and more posts.
  • A simple and clean user interface to like.
  • Works on every platform like macOS, iOS, Android and more.
  • Nice themes combination
  • More focused light as you want
  • Feel like a proffessional writer.

Install: iA writer

Platforms: Android / iOS / Windows / MacOS

Downloads: 100K+

2. Best note taking app for i Phones / iPad

#1 Apple Notes

Apple Notes inbuilt app which is the best app to take notes with a pleasantly simple and fast note taking app better than any third party app.

Reason to be like ( PROS )

  1. Fast and clean User interface
  2. Best inbuilt app for iOS
  3. Automatic sync and backup
  4. Share your written ideas to friends

Built in app

Platforms: iOS/ iPad

#2 Bear

Another great app after apple inbuilt app which has the capability to work the same as apple note which having perfect balanced design plain text to make more focused on to the work.

Reason to be like ( PROS )

  1. You can do sharing and sync automatically.
  2. Good for Blog Posts
  3. Clean user interface no distractions

Install: Bear

Platform: iOS

Wrap Up :

These are the best note taking app for Android and iOS which will help you to take notes with perfection and safe secure with these apps you can share your work with your friends or anyone through social media.

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