5 Best News Apps For Android (August Update) 2019

by Narendra

Best news app for Android: The world is rapidly growing and we always trying to make our self up to date with trending news app we are able to find the news app which is best for us and for that there is tons of website which gives news but its quite difficult to read news in that for different taste and we don’t know is it fake news or real however I have a solution for that I have found some great news app which will give you real and high-quality news in their app. It’s quite easy to choose the best app for your taste of interest rather going to the website and read one article.

Here is some Best news app for android 2019 :

1. News Republic:

News republic is the Best news app and most popular in the world. App provides us great content and their article with the latest trending news which I mostly recommend to use which having a million plus download and good rating if you are a fast reader of news then its best for you.
This app is free and available on the play store.

Install: News republic

2. Daily hunt :

Daily hunt which provides us a great interface to read the headline, daily share and many more it is a trustful app which has millions download with a decent reading interface to reader great options to switch with video and it’s coming with high quality and latest updates in detail. This app is free and available on the play store.

Install: Daily hunt

3. Flipboard :

Another great app which gave you the option to personalize the passion which news to show which have a very great view and taking the news from the most trusted website and give us the full news article which is trending and we have an option to search many more option to customize your news article.

Install: Flipboard

4. Twitter :

Twitter is a great option to read most of the current trending news which everyone is talking and read there opinion on that you can gain knowledge from all over the world and interact with that you can always to know something new so many great options to whom you have to follow almost everyone knows about it.

Install: Twitter

5. In short :

Information makes you good but when its too much its just time consuming by this news app it will give you a short news article which is of 60 words and if you want to know more then just click on that for read more. It contains and most useful and trending news stories which are relevant to know us.

Install: In short

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