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by Narendra

Best Monitor Arms With Laptop Tray: Investing at monitor arm with laptop tray is one of the best investments you can do that not only increase productivity at work but also bring a clutter-free desk setup.

After having you can effortlessly expand your laptop screen to do work for long hours without begin tired. More importantly, it allows you to work from your comfort by having a range of motions.

But again on the market, it’s quite challenging to pick the good one for your business. You have to look for several features like built quality, motions, value for money and the list goes on.

Luckily for you, here we have lined up the best monitor arms with laptop trays that you can consider buying. So what’re we waiting for. Let’s begin.

Best Monitor Arms With Laptop Tray (2023)

1. Viozon Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount

Monitor Size: 17-32inch | Laptop Size: 12-17 inch | Max Monitor Weight: 19.8lbs

If you don’t want to compromise with quality & range of motions then there is no better option than a Viozon monitor arm with laptop tray.

The main highlight that makes it popular in market is its heavy-duty arms that effortlessly handle monitor weight up to 19.8lbs at the same time you can easily swivel monitor to 360 degrees at desired height & comfortable position.

Viozon Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount

What’s more, the laptop tray allows placing 12-17 inches of laptops which you can tilt to 45 degrees plus adjust height and motion as of your comfort.

Aside from that it deliver metallic finish that looks good at table plus has cable management option is cherry on cake. Did I tell you this one has enough arm length for best working?

Coming to most important part the mounting, here the one bring a pretty solid C Clamp & grommet option that does not make mount wobble at all. But make sure before installing check out your desk thickness.

There is some downsides like it might leave its mark on desk plus recommend for heavy desk.

Overall, if you want some great motion & easy to use monitor arm with laptop tray then you can’t go wrong with Viozon for sure.

2. SHOPPINGALL 2 in1 Monitor & Laptop Mount Stand

Monitor Size: 13-32inch | Laptop Size: 12-17 inch | Max Monitor Weight: 17.6lbs

If you’re looking for budget-friendly monitor arm with laptop tray mount that brings standard range of motion with pretty solid quality then one from shoppingall is worth a look. Here this one comes with simple design that allows you to adjust height plus tilt, swivel, and rotate to standard point. Unlike above one where you get good arm length with movements.

 SHOPPINGALL 2 in1 Monitor & Laptop Mount Stand

Furthermore, to give desk a clutter-free look here it has an inbuilt cable management system. If we talk about mount built quality then here it is made of with thick material which brings solid structure with a solid clamp.

You can mount it in two ways either using C clamp or grommet is also good for permanent fix. But again make sure your desk has some thickness for good performance.

Aside from that, here mount can hold your monitor of 13 to 32 inches plus a laptop to 17 inches. The best thing these are removable arms so customize as you want.

Overall, if simple range of motions is ok for you plus want budget friendly option then this is the best option you can buy.

3. VIVO Monitor and Laptop Desk Mount Combo

Monitor Size: 13-32inch | Laptop Size: 12-17 inch | Max Monitor Weight: 22 lbs

Vivo monitor and laptop desk mount is another popular option on the market right now for two main reasons first it comes at budget price second delivers good motion for productivity. Moreover thanks to solid aluminum steel material that allows holding heavy monitors from Acer, LG, Samsung, BenQ, and more.

VIVO Monitor and Laptop Desk Mount Combo

The good thing it has fully adjustable arms that bring tilt, 180 swivels, and 360-degree rotation just like the above counterparts, more important integrated cable management gives desk a clean & organized look.

The quality of mount is undoubtedly good and backed with 3-year warranty. Aside from that, the laptop tray comes with simple design with holes for ventilation. More important it holds up to 17 inches laptops. So no worry if you have MacBooks or windows notebooks.

Overall, if you don’t want to burn holes in your pocket plus want popular option with standard range & quality then this is another good option you can check out.

4. HUANUO Monitor and Laptop Mount

Monitor Size: 13-27inch | Laptop Size: 10-17 inch | Max Monitor Weight: 17.6 lbs per arm

If you’re looking for best two monitor arm with laptop tray then Huanuo makes for a good buy. Here you can easily mount two monitors to 27 inches flat or curved plus arm provide enough extend, rotate swivel plus tilt that won’t disappoint. In short, it is fully adjustable.

HUANUO Monitor and Laptop Mount

Talking about mounting option then as above counterpart here it comes with C Clamp & grommet mounting which perfectly mount the arrangement. Thanks to a good quality design that won’t wobble.

The best thing that makes it a premium mount is the gas spring arms which allow smooth movements for desirable use without any effort. Cool right?

Overall, if you want top-notch comfortable design arms with laptop tray mount for two monitors that deliver pretty solid structure then Huanuo is best to buy.

5. FORGING Laptop Monitor Mount

Monitor Size: 13-32 inch | Laptop Size: 10-17 inch | Max Monitor Weight: 22 lbs

Last but not least, this is budget-friendly monitor arm with laptop tray which is best for one who has large size monitor plus looking for short & simple mount for home office. This is again to share same bells and whistles like it allow you to fully adjust as per your comfort from swivel to rotate plus easy for height adjustments.

FORGING Laptop Monitor Mount

If we talk about its built quality then it’s pretty good as of price point. Here it can effortlessly handle weight of monitor to 22lbs plus the best thing is the laptop tray has enough size to fit up to 17-inch laptops.

As above ones, there is two installation method available first C Clamp & grommet. The good thing here is it comes with all the tools in box for fast installation on desk.

Overall, if you want to enhance home office with short & simple mount for one monitor & laptop tray that share good built & Vesa compatible then forging is another good option to buy.

Wrapping Up: Top Monitor Arms With Laptop Tray

These were some of the good options to organize your monitor and laptop to give super cool look to the table. It not only improve productivity in long run but also help from health point of view. The good thing is these mounts come in pretty solid built plus some shares full adjustability as you want. So lastly choose the best one as of your preference.

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