Best Minecraft Quarry Ideas

by Narendra

Redstone Buildcraft Quarry

You’ll need the combustion engine, fuel, pump, quarry, landmark, golden fluid pipe, water, redstone torch, and wooden transport pipe to make a quarry in your Minecraft world. The redstone torch will assist you in starting your engine. To begin building the structure, you must place landmarks on all four corners of the quarry.

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Giant Quarry

This is one of Minecraft’s largest quarries, with 540 blocks and the ability to customize the size. To construct this massive quarry, you’ll need terracotta blocks, wood blocks, stone blocks, redstone blocks, granite stone, andesite stone, iron ore, gold ore, lapis ore, sticky pistons, and much more. Almost every part of this quarry can be moved.

Mining Quarry

Stone bricks, scaffolding, sand blocks, spruce secret door, spruce fence gate, spruce fences, spruce slabs, gem blocks, white stone blocks, chest boxes, emerald blocks, diamond blocks, stone cutters, and other items will be required. To build the quarry, you must control the spawning and movement of the guardians.

SciCraft Quarry

You will need sticky pistons, TNT, stone blocks, cats, redstone blocks, terracotta blocks, and many other items to construct this quarry. You must place the cats in the water, and each cat in this quarry will generate a unique item. The items will fall into the water and make their way to the quarry’s storage system.

Variable Timing Quarry

You can use the fence gate as an on/off switch, and this quarry requires a 7-foot-deep bottom trench. Grabbars will prepare the terrain, and they will try to crush liquids first. The water will start spreading once the grabber reaches the top, preventing the explosion from weakening the block shield. TNT explodes from the bottom up, destroying some items while the trapdoors keep it from going too far. When the grabbers reach the bottom, the cycle will begin again. Before running the quarry, make sure there is a 3-foot-wide trench on each side and that no water is flowing outside.

Stone Quarry

To create a stone quarry, you’ll need to dig up a lot of ground blocks, which you can blow up with TNT. Spruce wood blocks, spruce slabs, dark oak blocks, cobblestone, spruce trapdoors, spruce stairs, and smooth sandstone blocks are all required. For the warehouse’s roof, you can use spruce stairs.

Buildcraft Quarry

This quarry can be built a short distance from your base. Coal, buildcraft pipes, wooden transport pipes, crates, sticks, coal blocks, levers, and a variety of other items are required. The buildcraft pipes will aid in the expansion of various areas of the quarry. To activate the quarry and begin crafting coal, pull the lever.

Fast Quarry

You must build this quarry close to where the water comes from. To build it, you will need a lever, a water bucket, a combustion engine, a stirling engine, landmarks, a golden fluid pipe, cobblestone blocks, a transport pipe, diamond transport pipes, and more. To put the quarry in the right spot, you will need to line up the landmarks so that they form a square. Connect the pump to the engine by putting it in the water.

What can you do with a Quarry in Minecraft?

A Quarry is a machine that mines a large area by itself. By default, this area is 9×9 blocks, but landmarks can make it any size up to 64×64. It doesn’t need much manual labor and only needs a source of energy (Mj).

How do you make a Quarry work in Minecraft?

Step 1: Dig a hole. Set the quarry down where you want to mine.
Step 2: Piping. Place cobblestone pipes from the top of the quarry block all the way to where your storage chest is.
Step 3: Done. That’s pretty much it….
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Can a Quarry be powered by RF?

A Quarry should have at least 20 RF/t of power, but more energy will make it run faster. Its maximum power consumption is 1000 RF/t, but the speed of a Quarry powered by 1000 RF/t is not twice as fast as one powered by 500 RF/t.

How do you power a Quarry with electricity?

Because the Quarry only has four sides to attach Engines to, one way to power it is to put four Steam Engines on all four sides. Conductive Pipes are required to run the Quarry at full speed with Steam Engines. Quarry level 2 power.

How do you use a quantum quarry?

By right-clicking any of the Quantum Quarry Actuators, you can access the Quantum Quarry’s GUI. It has a 200,000 RF internal buffer, and will use 20,000 RF to mine a single block in vertically descending order.

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