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If you want to know best alternatives then here we have listed out best one that you can consider watching. Anime isn’t just for youngsters or Japan aficionados. Anime has become a global craze thanks to its brilliant graphics, dynamic characters, and unexpectedly mature topics, and we know where you can find the best anime series and movies for free.

Users of KissAnime frequently say that the website is not working properly and crashes frequently when they try to use it. Most users are looking for a better or comparable alternative to KissAnime, and if you are one of them, you are in luck because we have compiled a list of 17 sites that will allow you to stream your favorite anime for free and without delay.

What Happened to KissAnime?

KissAnime, after the Pirate Bay, was one of the most visited pirate sites, according to sources. was without a doubt one of the most popular anime streaming websites. On any pirate websites or content, however, there is always a threat from officials and copyright owners. Because pirated content is, first and foremost, illegal. In some countries, the KissAnime website was breaking copyright laws. As a result, officials and copyright holders have removed all content from the website. This was, however, disastrous for individuals who enjoyed the free stuff on this website.

This year, on August 14, KissAnime sent a note on its website explaining that copyright holders had taken down KissAnime’s beta servers.

Kissanime’s website features

  1. It has the best subtitled and dubbed English anime in HD.
  2. It is completely free! It’s where most anime fans spend the majority of their time! It is the most popular anime website, with millions of users watching anime for free.
  3. KissAnime offers the greatest library of anime videos, which it consistently uploads in every video qualities ranging from 240p to 1080p.
  4. There are various genres to pick from, including Horror, Comedy, Romance, Fighting, Adventure, and more.

Best KissAnime Alternatives

1. 9Anime

9Anime is the go-to place for anime fans looking for the greatest KissAnime alternatives. It stands out from the rest since it offers thousands of anime videos and films in both subtitled and dubbed English with excellent sound quality.

With millions of active users, 9Anime is one of the most popular anime streaming services on the Internet. There are various reasons why 9Aime is regarded as the greatest KissAnime alternative.

The website’s interface and vast database are the first and key reasons. 9Anime contains a database of over 25,000 anime episodes. The nicest aspect is that they are always accepting new requests.

2. Anime-Planet

Another fantastic option for watching anime online is Anime-Planet. It has a distinctive UI that enhances the browsing experience. More importantly, it offers over 45,000 legal anime episodes backed by the industry.

Filter Anime by a variety of criteria, including genre. The website provides a large selection of anime, including old, new, subtitled, and dubbed shows. You can go right into the content, but if you want to enjoy your experience even more, you can make an account. You may create a watch list and get better recommendations if you establish an account. With the exception of the occasional pop-up ad, this is a fantastic site to watch anime.

3. AnimeFreak

In addition to KissAnime, AnimeFreak is a fantastic alternative. The site features the world’s largest database of anime and manga, covering a wide range of genres. You can access the website regardless of whether or not you have an account.

AnimeFreak is a free streaming site with a large selection of anime titles in a variety of genres.

Ongoing, Summer 2020, Anime List, Genre, Search, Latest Episodes, Popular Anime, and more are among the categories available.

The main drawback to AnimeFreak is that it is littered with commercials, which is typical of free, ad-supported streaming sites.

4. Anime Chia

Chia-Anime is the next on the list. The site is accessible from anywhere in the world and offers a vast selection of anime content. Furthermore, it not only allows you to stream but also download your favorite anime for later viewing.

For various reasons, Chia-Anime is regarded as a legitimate KissAnime alternative. To begin with, both Anime steamers are free to use and both have a large selection of Anime content, including programs, movies, and videos.

Chia-interface, Anime’s on the other hand, is a little clumsy. When you visit Chia-Anime, you’ll see adverts all over the place, which makes perusing the site a little awkward. However, the website is adequate for all types of anime fans.

Chia-Anime not only streams anime but also allows you to download them for later viewing. Chia-Anime Anime’s series are both subtitled and dubbed, so you don’t need to be a native Japanese speaker to enjoy your favorite Anime cartoons.

5. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a must-have on any list of the finest KissAnime alternatives. Crunchyroll has around 25,000 anime episodes and 15,000 hours of legitimately licensed programming. It also allows you to watch anime and other episodes in a variety of languages.

6. AnimeGoGo

GoGoAnime is exactly what you need if all you care about is anime. The website contains a large database with numerous anime in various resolutions, from the earliest to the most recent, as well as the ability to download anime for offline viewing.

7. AniWatcher

AniWatcher is a simple anime website with a large library of current and popular anime episodes. The site’s anime catalog is often updated, and both dubbed and subbed anime are available, making it one of the KissAnime alternatives worth checking out.

8. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is an excellent KissAnime option that should not be overlooked. It has a diverse assortment of anime from a variety of genres. Although this website is only available in Australia and New Zealand, you may still watch anime online with the help of a VPN.

9. Anime Madness

When it comes to the greatest KissAnime alternatives, Anime Frenzy is a game that should not be overlooked. Its anime library is frequently updated, and the information is properly structured for faster sorting, just like other anime websites. It also has a chat room function for communication.

10. Season of Anime

The Anime Season’s Anime Collection is so large that you could watch them for hours. Most popular anime series, such as Alice of Zouroku, Hunter, and Hunter, are featured in Anime Season.

Anime Season has a very beautiful website design. On Anime Season, finding and watching practically any Anime series is as simple as pie. For obvious reasons, the Anime Season is a widely famous moniker in the anime world.

On Anime Season, you can watch practically any anime series for free with the fewest advertisements possible. Aside from that, Anime Season has excellent video quality. You can presently watch an extensive list of ongoing anime series on AS.

11. Netflix

Netflix has compiled a list of all of the most popular and highest-rated anime series ever made. Because Netflix is known for providing high-quality video streaming, you’ll be able to see your favorite anime in more clarity and smoothness. By subscribing to Netflix Premium for a month, you can begin watching anime shows. If you haven’t chosen whether or not to upgrade to a premium subscription, you can continue watch videos on Netflix for the next 30 days.

12. Anilinkz

The anime on Anilinkz is available in both subtitled and dubbed versions, making it ideal for a wide range of users. Anilinkz is a popular anime website that is updated frequently. Thanks to the developer team, it’s updated far too frequently with new anime episodes every now and then!

Anilinkz also has a very clear user interface. It’s simple to find your favorite Anime by browsing through categories such as newly added, continuing series, and a complete list of all the Animes available on the internet.

The best part is that Anilinkz is completely free. Overall, we award this KissAnime alternative full marks for providing a large choice of high-quality anime!

13. Animedao

Animedao, similar to KissAnime, is another popular anime website where you can watch completed and ongoing anime series. Apart from that, you can read Manga and light novels on this website. The site is particularly proud of its “Request/Report” feature. Viewers have the option of submitting a string for inclusion on the Animedao website. You may also choose one of their options to see a list of upcoming Anime series that have been added to the site. Animedao is also a paradise for anime movie fans, as it houses a large library of full-length anime films. In summary, Animedao is an excellent resource for all your anime needs.

Kissanime and Online Anime Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Kissanime go?, the official Kissanime website, is now closed owing to severe copyright issues. To watch anime and download it for offline viewing, you can use some Kissanime mirrors and alternative websites.

What are the best Kissanime alternatives that may be used in place of Kissanime?

Crunchyroll, Anime-Planet, AnimeFreak, Animedao, 9Anime, AnimeLab, and other anime sites similar to Kissanime are among the best. You may search for and watch your favorite anime for free.

What exactly is KissAnime?

KissAnime is a dedicated anime streaming platform. Although the platform is free, some platforms require a paid subscription in order to stream content.

Is KissAnime something I have to pay for?

KissAnime is free for everyone, but it also has a premium plan that requires a subscription.

Do viruses come with KissAnime?

KissAnime does not contain any viruses. However, certain information can lead you to a virus-infected website via ads. You can protect your computer by using VPN or antivirus software.

What is the process for downloading anime from KissAnime?

KissAnime allows you to download anime in two simple steps. All you have to do now is start the video, then right-click on the screen and select the save video option. The download will begin in a few minutes.

What drew so many people to KissAnime?

It’s an amazing platform because of the large amount of anime and English subtitles/dubbing. Any form of anime can be easily found.

Wrapping up: KissAnime Alternatives

Finally, with KissAnime Alternatives, you can watch your favorite anime online.
These are some of the top KissAnime alternatives for free anime streaming. All of these online anime streaming sites include a large selection of the most recent movies, shows, manga, and anime series that you can watch online or download to your computer or mobile device without having to register or sign up.

KissAnime is without a doubt the most popular anime website that allows you to watch anime online. However, everyone has a distinct perspective on particular topics, and their likes and dislikes change from person to person.

So it’s incorrect to assume that everyone enjoys KissAnime equally. Furthermore, Kissanime may be unavailable at times. Such scenarios lead us to seek out more KissAnime alternatives in order to continue watching our favorite anime series uninterrupted.

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