Best Keyboard Covers for MacBook Air M2 : New

by Anchal Thakur

Best Keyboard Covers for MacBook Air M2: It can be hard to figure out which keyboard cover for your MacBook Air M2 will give you the best combination of protection, durability, and comfort.

But don’t worry; we’ve made a list of the best keyboard covers for the MacBook Air M2, taking into account things like the quality of the materials, how well they protect the keyboard, and what customers say about them.

We have everything you need, whether you want a thin, clear cover or a colorful, heavy-duty one. But before you begin, you might want to:

Best Keyboard Covers for MacBook Air M2

1. MOSISO Compatible with MacBook Air M2 13.6 inch

If we’re talking about full protection, how about a keyboard skin that comes with a hard case to keep your MacBook safe from scratches and dents? Even better, this Mosiso protection kit comes with a screen protector for your MacBook Air and a USB Type-C to Type-A dongle in case you need to plug in a USB stick.

But if you have a lot of USB devices, you might want to look into the best USB-C hubs. Back to the kit, it comes in a lot of cool colors that you can mix and match however you like. Depending on the color you choose, the keyboard skins can be either transparent or opaque, which could affect how the backlit keys look. Depending on the color you choose, the hard cover can also have different levels of transparency.

The hardcover protects your laptop from corner to corner, and the screen protector that comes with it stops scratches and dust from building up. With a value proposition like this, it’s easy to see why this protection kit combo has so many good reviews online.

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2. Keyboard Cover Apple MacBook Air Laptop with M2 chip 13.6-inch

If you want more than just a keyboard skin, CASEDAO has this full protection kit with a clear TPU keyboard cover, two trackpad protector covers, and a palm rest protector. The keyboard skin is very thin and clear, and it protects against dust and liquid spills completely.

Keyboard Cover Apple MacBook Air Laptop with M2 chip 13.6-inch

The clear trackpad covers can’t be scratched and will protect the trackpad from damage caused by normal wear and tear. This will make the trackpad last longer. If you’re wondering, they don’t change how the trackpad works or what it can do.

The palm rest covers match the color of the rest of your MacBook Air M2 and can give it a new look and feel. This kit is available in all four colors that the 2022 MacBook Air M2 comes in. This is the best keyboard cover kit for the MacBook Air to protect it in all ways.

3. GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Protector

The GhostCover keyboard skin is made of high-quality, clear TPU and is one of the best-rated MacBook keyboard covers. This keeps the skin looking very sleek and doesn’t cover up the pretty backlit keys on the MacBook keyboard. It can also be washed and used again and again.

This keyboard skin works well with both the M2 Macbook Air 13.6-inch and the M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro models. It’s also tested to make sure it doesn’t mess up how Touch ID works on MacBooks.

This keyboard skin comes in both clear and colored versions. We chose this as the best keyboard cover for the MacBook Air 2022 because of how well it fits and how well it is made. One thing to keep in mind is that while most reviews praise how well it fits and how well it protects, some users say that it makes it hard for them to type.

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4. CaseBuy MacBook Air M2 Keyboard Cover 

Want your keyboard cover to do more than just look good? This keyboard skin from CaseBuy has shortcuts and hotkeys for your MacBook written on it. Shortcuts and hotkeys in macOS help users get their work done quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a new Mac user or an experienced Mac user who wants to learn more, a printed keyboard can help you remember shortcuts and use them to their full potential. The skin is made of very thin silicone and can’t be damaged by water or dust.

Most online reviews of this keyboard skin praise how well it fits and how well it protects the keyboard. Even though this skin is a great cover for the MacBook Air M2 keyboard, the printed surface means that some of the backlit keys are hidden. This could make it harder for you to use your keyboard in low light.

5. EooCoo Premium Keyboard Cover Macbook air M2

If you don’t want to change the way your laptop looks, the transparent keyboard skin from EooCoo is a great option at a low price. It fits the 2022 MacBook Air M2 keyboard perfectly and has a dust-proof and waterproof design to protect against spills, dirt, and key wear.

This MacBook Air 13.6-inch keyboard cover is made of high-transparency TPU, so the backlit keys of your laptop still shine through it. Plus, it’s only 0.12mm thick, which means it doesn’t get in the way of the screen when the laptop lid is closed and doesn’t change how the keyboard feels when you type.

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This product has hundreds of online reviews, and most of them praise the way it looks and how it feels to type on. But some users said that when they opened the laptop lid, this keyboard skin sometimes stuck to the screen. To be fair, though, that’s something that almost all keyboard skins can’t stop.

6. Clear Ultra Thin TPU Keyboard Cover for MacBook Air M2

Clear Ultra Thin has what you (and your keyboard) need if you want a simple keyboard skin that gets the job done. This ultra-thin silicone keyboard cover skin is waterproof, dust-proof, and dirt-proof, so it keeps liquid, dust, and dirt from getting into your keyboard.

The keyboard cutouts on the skin are perfect for the M2 Air, and the soft silicon material even helps to reduce typing noise. Even though these cover skins can slow down your typing speed a bit, at least at first.

This keyboard skin comes in four fun colors to make your MacBook Air look a little more interesting. But some people might be upset that there isn’t a clear, transparent option. If you don’t mind the colors, this is one of the least expensive keyboard covers for a MacBook Air right now.

Wrapping Up: Best Keyboard Covers for MacBook Air M2

Adding a keyboard cover to your MacBook Air M2 can be a good idea if you want to make it last longer and keep it looking and feeling like new. So, why not try one and give your keyboard the care and protection it needs? Happy typing!