Best Harmonica Learning Apps & Sites To Learn Faster

by Narendra

Harmonica easy tab, harmonica lessons, and more. Here’re the best harmonica learning apps for you.

Personally, I think harmonica is the best instrument to play when you feel romantic or want melody music to express your feeling. It’s a versatile woodwind playing instrument which is easy to learn by just simply breathing control, no need to remember fingers or anything, to learn harmonica practicing is key just like all other musical instruments, but to learn something new perfectly, you must have to know do’s and don’t and have a experienced tutor.

For that to make your harmonica learning easy and enjoyable here in this article I will be going to tell you the best harmonica learning apps & sites that will help you in learning harmonica perfectly.

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How to play harmonica

Best Harmonica Learning Apps 2022

Here are the best fast harmonica learning apps & websites at glance:

  • Harmonica Easy Tab: Overall best harmonica learning app
  • Harmonica Excercise: Best harmonica practice app
  • Harmonica Lessons: Harmonica beginner video collection app
  • Youtube: Ultimate source of harmonica learning
  • Harmonica Paid harmonica learning website
  • Reddit: Interact with harmonica enthusiast audience

1. Harmonica Easy Tab

Here is the first best harmonica learning app for android if you want to improve your harmonica skill by practicing more and more with songs and a written note then here is the app “Harmonica Easy Tab” that I recommend you to use. Here in the app, you can choose your difficulty level as you want from beginner to advanced. Moreover, there is also a much different note music song pack but it comes in the premium version not for beginners it already has lots of songs to practice for free.

Apart from that, the app has a clean and simple user interface, but like all, it also shows ads for app development, to remove ads you can upgrade it to the premium version.

Pricing for more songs: To practice with more beats and music upgrade prices start from $2 to $4.

Install: Harmonica Easy Tab (Android)

2. Harmonica Excercise

If you are looking for thousands of different songs with a note in free version without having ads in-app, then here is the app “Harmonica Exercise” which I recommend you to use for improving your harmonica skill. The app quite the same as the previous one but here there is no category decided of a song like for beginner or advanced you have to look for yourself, that’s the only cons the app has.

Moreover, user interface not that bad. Hence this app is for one who knows how to play harmonica well and to do practice and learning more harmonica then you should definitely use this.

Install: Harmonica Exercise (Android)

3. Harmonica Lessons

Learning through videos is quite an effective way to learn harmonica, Here the app “harmonica lessons” is the complete directory of lots of youtube videos that play the harmonica. The best thing I like here is its division of categories with levels that helps every student to choose their level.

But one thing missing here is written notes of a song that might be a bad part, Apart from that UI look nice and well categorized but here also there are irritating ads that I don’t like. Overall if you are mediocre in learning harmonica then I recommend you to use this app for improving your skill by watching tons of videos free of cost.

Install: Harmonica Lessons (Free, Android)

4. YouTube

Nowadays youtube is the best source to learn anything new whether it’s harmonica or any other musical instrument. Here on the youtube website, there are tons of latest harmonica learning videos uploaded by an expert that can help you from scratch to advanced.

Moreover, you can also prefer to use the above app that has well-categorized youtube videos of harmonica. So to learn and want to improve a skill you should have to take the help of the biggest video platform for sure.

Install: Youtube

5. Harmonica

If you are looking for an online paid course of harmonica then here is the website “” where you can join. Here it provides various 45 hrs of lessons, techniques, live classes, and much more that make you an expert in playing the harmonica.

Pricing: Here are different categories divided with features given in the plan.

  • Starting from a monthly plan that starts from $19.95.
  • Second quarterly basic $55.
  • Third Yearly which is VIP Plan of $149.95 ( which have every service that website gives)


6. Reddit

Learning harmonica with the help of android apps & website is fine, but what if you have any queries to ask? or any suggestion to discuss? Where Reddit works well. Here in Reddit, there is a big following page of harmonica enthusiast where you can ask your query if there is any.

Moreover, you can also use Reddit for learning more tips and tricks of harmonica for playing much better. No doubt Reddit is the best platform where you share your thoughts and learn something new every time. Highly recommend it for beginner and advanced users.

Visit: Reddit

Wrapping Up: Harmonica Learning Android & iOS Apps

These were the best free and paid harmonica learning apps and websites for android & iPhone users through which you can improve your learning skills in various ways. I mostly recommend you to use Reddit and youtube which has tons of content related to your learning with a specialist. So at last which app or website you want to prefer and why. Let me know in the comment section.

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