Best GoPro Backpack Mounts 2024

by Narendra

In our traveling lifestyle, investing in the best GoPro backpack mounts is reasonably one of the best investments that you can do. These mounts not only allow you to take some immersive POV shots but also give the confidence to keep your hands free.

However, choosing the best backpack mount for GoPro is not easy peasy there are several things you should have to look at such as solid quality, Easy to install, fitting and of course budget-friendly.

Luckily for you, we have compiled the best list of GoPro backpack mounts for travel, hiking in 2024 to take immersive shots throughout the journey.

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7 Best GoPro Backpack Mounts (2024)

1. NICEYRIG GoPro Hero Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount

Here is the first best GoPro Backpack Mounts, Niceyrig GoPro backpack mount is one for you if you don’t want a regular plastic strap mount.

The maker clam’s that it’s the top-notch aluminum quality mount that delivers ultimate performance without losing backpack strap. But make sure backpack strap should have some thickness like from 2mm to 10mm.

What’s more, the one is perfectly swiveling & tilt 360 degrees and 180 degrees plus you can also set your desired shooting angle freely. Did I tell you mount has an inner rubber cushion for better grip?

Aside from that, this backpack mount is compatible with several GoPro hero generations like GoPro 9 to GoPro 5, and some action cameras too.

The best thing is here it’s very easy to use, thanks to strap clam & buckle base that deliver tight protection. More importantly, it gives you top-notch POV shots without any worry.

As I said earlier, this is well built GoPro backpack mount. So yeah no worry about scratches and quality at all.

Overall, if you want the best backpack GoPro mount that works well for long & promises to deliver best security of GoPro while traveling then this one is worth a peek.

The Goods

  • Top notch build quality
  • Good strap clam
  • Easy to fit

The Bads

  • Feel heavy

2. STUNTMAN Backpack GoPro Mount

Another best GoPro Backpack Mounts, Stuntman backpack GoPro mount is a clever accessory that best of both worlds, for one being lightweight it is super comfortable at your shoulder.

Secondly, thanks to two non-slip straps wrap that delivers strong attachment. So yeah, while hiking or during adventure sport, this backpack GoPro mount will never disappoint you.

When it comes to built quality, then this is made of semi-rigid elastomer which promises to work in long run. So no worry about that.

Furthermore, this is a ball joint design mount hence it allows you to comfortably point your action camera to shoot POV flawlessly.

Aside from that this GoPro mount is compatible with several GoPro cameras and other action cameras like 360fly, Nikon, insta360, sony, and much more.

Overall, if you want the best affordable GoPro backpack mount that provides non-slip strap wraps & super comfortable, easy to use then this is another good option to pick.

The Goods

  • Lightweight
  • Ball joint design
  • Comfortable

The Bads

  • Plastic material

3. SUREWO 360° Rotation GoPro Backpack Strap Mount

If clip style GoPro backpack mount is what you’re looking for then Surewo 360 is worth checking out. The main highlight here is its ultimate sawtooth that guarantees to fit the backpack strap strongly. So no worry about falling off.

Thanks to shark-like clip design that truly gives the confidence to take any shot while roughly doing climbing, skiing, or any other adventure things. Did I tell you this is so easy & fast to use?

The interesting thing that everyone loves is its ball joint design that gives permission to take 360-degree angle shots effortlessly. Hence don’t let yourself be restricted while taking heart-breathing shots.

More importantly, being a clip design mount it also allows you to clamp at any part of backpacks like shoulder, chest, and back pocket.

Overall, if you want budget-friendly GoPro backpack mount that has pretty great built quality plus versatility then this one is worth checking out.

The Goods

  • Great Grip
  • Ball joint design
  • Easy to use

The Bads

  • Decent build

4. Sametop Chest GoPro Mount

Another best GoPro Backpack Mounts, Although this is not a backpack GoPro mount but if you do mountain biking, skiing, or some heart-breathing adventure and want one of the best GoPro mounts to capture immersive videos then this is worth your every cent. This is a chest GoPro mount that allows you to film POV shots.

If we talk about its comfortability & quality then it’s top-notch, several users are praising it for its adjustability & built quality.

Being a buckle design mount you will experience confidence & it’s super easy to use. More importantly, it will fit with a wide range of adults thanks to a long strap that you can adjust.

Aside from that, the quality looks promising, best thing is it comes in budget-friendly segment.

Overall, if you haven’t tried this ever then you should have to give it a chance to prove itself.

The Goods

  • Good quality and comfort
  • Budget friendly

The Bads

  • Big thing to carry

5. VnoPro Professional GoPro Backpack Strap Mount

VnoPro is another value-for-price option that you can consider buying. The thing that makes it unique is its three levels of adjustment as of backpack thickness, which makes it super stable & perfect for adventure sports.

Coming to built quality, it is made of with high-quality PC & ABS materials that look premium & deliver great quality to the table. Has smooth edges & a lightweight design which is cherry on top.

On the downside, you might get hurt with its plastic if you wear without any thick clothing.

Furthermore, again it caters to the same bells & whistles like it allows you to shoot at multi-angles. Moreover, thanks to easy to install & set angles. So yeah while in parachute or climbing it will do its best job.

Overall, if you want the best of both worlds, affordable plus good quality then this backpack GoPro mount is another worth your dollars.

The Goods

  • Best build quality
  • Simple & has level of adjustments
  • Lightweight

The Bads

  • Plastic material

6. TELESIN Bag Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount

Second Last but not least, Prepare to embark on an action-packed adventure with the TELESIN Bag Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount – a versatile accessory that keeps your GoPro, Osmo Action, or Insta 360 camera right by your side, ready to capture every thrilling moment!

On the positive side, this shoulder strap mount offers an adjustable shoulder pad, ensuring maximum comfort during your escapades.

The J Hook attachment system securely holds your camera, providing peace of mind while you conquer daring stunts. Its compatibility with various GoPro models and other action cameras guarantees that no moment goes uncaptured.

However, let’s address the flip side of things. Some users might find the J Hook system a bit cumbersome to attach and detach, which could slow down the action in the heat of the moment. Additionally, for those seeking a more compact setup, the shoulder strap mount might add a bit of bulk.

In summary, the TELESIN Bag Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount is a trusty sidekick for adventurers and action enthusiasts. Embrace the convenience of having your camera within arm’s reach, embrace the comfort of the adjustable shoulder pad, and immerse yourself in the world of breathtaking footage.

Just keep in mind that if you prefer a more streamlined setup or rapid camera access, you might want to explore other options. But overall, this shoulder strap mount is a true gem that adds both functionality and flair to your action-packed escapades!

7. KARUIZI GoPro Mount for Backpack Strap

Unleash your inner adventurer with the best Professional GoPro Mount for Backpack Strap, a fantastic accessory for action camera enthusiasts. This adjustable camera shoulder mount is a game-changer, designed to capture your thrilling exploits while leaving your hands free for action.

On the positive side, this mount is a versatile hero, compatible with a range of action cameras, including GoPro Hero 9 to Hero 4, Session, Insta 360 One R, DJI Osmo Action, and many others.

The adjustability of the mount allows you to get that perfect angle and perspective, ensuring you capture your adventures just the way you want.

Whether you’re scaling a mountain, hitting the waves, or simply out for a hike, this mount is your trusty companion. Plus, it’s comfortable to wear, so you can focus on your adventures without distraction.

However, there are a couple of caveats to bear in mind. The mount’s compatibility might not extend to all camera models, so ensure your camera fits before taking the plunge. Also, while it’s a great accessory, it won’t replace the need for a more traditional tripod or stabilizer for certain cinematic shots.

In summary, the Professional GoPro Mount for Backpack Strap is a must-have for action camera enthusiasts. Its compatibility, adjustability, and comfort factor make it a top choice for capturing those adrenaline-pumping moments.

Just be mindful of camera compatibility and keep your trusty tripod on standby for those cinematic masterpieces.

What To Look Before Buying Best GoPro Backpack Mounts in 2024?

Before purchasing the best GoPro backpack mounts, consider the following factors to ensure you have a reliable and versatile mounting solution:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure the mount is specifically designed for GoPro cameras or other action cameras you intend to use.
  2. Sturdiness: Look for a mount made from durable and high-quality materials to withstand outdoor adventures and rugged conditions.
  3. Mounting Options: Consider mounts with various attachment points or adapters to provide flexibility in mounting positions.
  4. Adjustability: Opt for mounts with adjustable angles or swivel heads to achieve the perfect camera angle.
  5. Security: Check for secure attachment systems to prevent your camera from falling off during intense activities.
  6. Comfort: Consider mounts with padding or cushioning to ensure a comfortable fit on your backpack straps.
  7. User Reviews: Read reviews from other buyers to gauge the mount’s performance, stability, and overall satisfaction.

By considering these factors, you can find the best GoPro backpack mount that perfectly complements your adventures, capturing stunning footage while keeping your camera safe and secure. Embrace the convenience of hands-free filming and the versatility of capturing unique perspectives with a reliable backpack mount for your GoPro camera.

Wrapping Up : Best backpack GoPro Mount For Hiking, POV Footage

Selecting the best backpack GoPro Mount is truly necessary to securely hold GoPro and provide different angles of shoot effortlessly. Above we tried to include the best mounts that you can consider buying without any doubt. In which some are belt design, clip, and chest. So choose wisely which fits you most.

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