Best Gifts for Samir in Tower of Fantasy

by Narendra

Best Gifts for Samir in Tower of Fantasy : Want to know which gifts will help Samir wake up in Tower of Fantasy?

The latest hit in the gacha RPG genre is Tower of Fantasy. When it comes out in August 2022, the game will have 15 unique characters, called “simulacra,” that players can unlock through the game’s gacha system.

Once you add a character (or Simulacrum) to your roster, you can unlock different avatars, story logs, and Traits for that character. The Awakening system in Tower of Fantasy is how you can get these.

To get them to wake up, you’ll need to give them different gifts. But each character has different tastes, so you have to figure out what to give to whom. In this guide, you’ll find out what the best gifts are to give to Samir in Tower of Fantasy to get more Awakening Points.

Best Gifts for Samir in Tower of Fantasy

The “Awakening” system in Tower of Fantasy is unique. It works like the “Rapport” system in Lost Ark. In contrast to Rapport and other systems for giving gifts in other games, the Awakening system gives rewards that are specific to that character.

Basically, if you give your Simulacra things they like, you can “awaken” them and get a bunch of rewards that are unique to each one. These include things like Avatars and Story Logs, which give more information about a character’s background, motivations, and goals.

Simulacrum traits are the most important things you get for Awakening your character in terms of how they play. These are passive buffs that make your characters better in a big way. Each Simulacrum has its own set of buffs.

Now that we know everything, let’s figure out what gifts you should give to Samir to get the most Awakening Points. You can get Awakening Points for any Simulacra with any gift. But you’ll get more AP if you give a Simulacra the gits it likes. Here are Samir’s best gifts:

Best Blue Gifts (+30 Awakening Points per gift)

  1. Chess Set
  2. Plush Toy
  3. Cat Throw Pillow
  4. Colouring Book
  5. Moonrabbit Kit

Best Green Gifts (+15 Awakening Points per gift)

  1. Custom Poker Set
  2. Paper Pinwheel