5 Best Fitness Bands Under Rs 2000 In India

by Narendra

Best fitness bands under Rs 2000 in India from popular to latest.

Fitness bands, whether it’s for kids, or adult, it energize and motivates us to on our toes. If you are just starting to have serious about fitness, it makes sense to invest some amount in fitness bands. These trackers not only keep tracking your steps & workout activities but also excite you to stay true to your mission. So if you have been seeking the best fitness bands under Rs 2000 in India, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have gathered a list of best fitness trackers in India under Rs 2000 to date. Obviously, shopping sites change price ups & downs for that I recommend you to use amazon price tracker, which might help you.

Best Fitness Bands Under Rs 2000

1. Mi Smart Band 4- India’s No.1 Fitness Band

The Mi Smart Band 4 is almost the perfect fitness band that you can buy in India under 2000. With a sizeable battery that runs 20 days with a single charge and almost all essential features like sleep tracking, heart rate monitor, pedometer, among others. It has all the basic features that packed finely in a little package.

Mi Smart Band 4- India's No.1 Fitness Band

Apart from that, it boasts with AMOLED color full-touch display with adjustable brightness and water-resistant up to 5ATM. Plus interestingly it also detects swim styles and continues tracking.

When it comes to looking then it’s a standard high-quality band that gives ultimate look & comfort to wear plus you can also add unlimited watch faces as per your mood.

Overall, If you are looking for a budget fitness band under Rs 2000 that caters to plenty of customization, features, decent battery life & trusted then Mi Smart band 4 is the one you can go with.

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2. HONOR Band 5 Fitness Band

Another great fitness band under Rs 2000 is the Honor Band 5. The heart of this gadget is its AMOLED touch large color screen plus what I loved most about it is the breathable belt clip strap that not only comfortable but also the classic watch-like approach that makes it more riskless.

HONOR Band 5 Fitness Band

Apart from that, with the new version of fitness band, it improved the sensors which makes activity tracking & heart rate monitoring more accurate. What’s more, it comes with SpO2 monitor that tracks oxygen saturation level in blood.

The battery life is around 14 days standby depending on the usage, and it takes short time to charge.

If we talk about its features then it has almost all required things like water-resistant up to 5ATM, sensors to track all types of activities, multiple watch faces, notifications, and much more.

Overall, Honor band, 5 is for one who is looking for tons of features and comfort, you might don’t like battery backup but it’s decent, so overall the band is good.

3. MevoFit Bold HR Fitness Band

MevoFit Bold HR is the best option for you if you want a fitness band with accurate measurements, comfort, and no extras. For starters, it’s slim, light in weight, and the water-resistant (IP67) means you can wear it throughout the day.

It’s not really eyeful, but you will get an HD full-color screen with smart light sensor technology and a variety of sports widgets.

More importantly, it has advanced features like built-in GPS, Intuitive Heart Rate Monitor, and more, the only downside is mevofit comes with a high price as compare to other.

At the same time, MevoFit battery is built to last. On a single charge, it can last long 5 days, and yes mostly depend on uses if GPS is switched on, the battery life takes a plunge and get low as 1 day.

It’s available in three colors, and the purple color gives gorgeous look.

Overall, MevoFit is for one who is looking for accurate measurement, & comfort with no extras, then it is another good to go.

4. Noise Color Fit 2-Smart Fitness Band

If you are looking for a slim and stylish fitness band under Rs 2000, you can’t go wrong with the Noise colorFit 2. This stylish fitness tracker packs quite a few interesting features and has a nominal price tag, Apart from 1.5 m water-resistant and long battery life, it also comes with 14 sports modes and lets you track your walk and activities without breaking a sweat.

Noise Color Fit 2-Smart Fitness Band

Furthermore, the only fitness band under Rs 2000 that caters menstrual cycle tracker feature for women. So it’s a unisex fitness band.

Like most conventional fitness bands, it regularly reminds you to take a break, whenever you do same long activity. The band is easy to operate with clutter-free UI is the cherry on top. What’s more is you have easy access to 24*7 heart rate, sleep tracking, camera control, and lot more.

Noise color fit 2 comes with decent battery life with single charge buys you approx. 5 days and 7 days standby.

Overall, you can say that it’s a perfect watch for unisex, comes with almost all features, comfort, durability but it might disappoint you through battery life.

5. Realme Fitness Band

Another fitness band under Rs 2000 in India would be a good choice, the right balance between features and price. It comes with (0.96 inches) large color screen. Plus this fitness band & the screen are sturdy that easily withstand normal scratches. What’s more, it’s very lightweight (20gm) and comfortable to wear.

When it comes to battery life then it goes up to 10 days with single charge. So no worry about charging.

Fitness-wise, it comes with normal features for instance 9 sports mode to track activities, notification, heart rate monitor.

And for its price, everything seems good, you will get a water-resistant band with an IP68 rating that protects from water, dust, and whatnot.

So overall, if want a fitness band that caters to lightweight, good battery life, build quality, then you should think to check out this.

Wrapping Up: Fitness Bands Under Rs 2000 In India

So, these were some of the best budget fitness bands in India under the price range of Rupees 2000 that you can get. Every fitness band has some pros and cons, So choose wisely as per your requirement. If you ask me to choose one of my favorites then I definitely go with Mi band 4. If you slightly increase your budget then you would get Mi band 5 which’s also the ultimate fitness band in India.

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