8 Best Earphones Under Rs 500 In India

by Narendra

boAt BASSHEADS, JBL C50 and more. Here’re the best earphones under Rs 500 in India.

No doubt, Earphones are an integral part of our life from commute to office, college, or long trips every third person you can see will be glued to their smartphone with earphones or headphones to their ears.

Right from the crystal clear -listening music to other activities like news, accepting phone calls, listening podcast -the uses are many.

On the same note, here we are delivering a list of the best earphones the you can buy under Rs. 500 in India.

Note: All the amazon product prices change timely, So here we recommend you to use amazon price tracker to stay up to date for good deals.

Best Earphones Under Rs.500

1. boAt BASSHEADS 242

If you’re seeking a bass-heavy pair of earphones, the boAT Bassheads 242 should be your top choice. The pair caters to powerful bass along with crystal clear audio. The wired earphones feature a tangling free wire with perfect fitting in-ear, during your runs and walks.

Moreover, Bassheads 242 provides a 3.5MM straight jack that compatible with all devices, you can control music, calls easily, Overall, For sports or gym guys who need powerful bass, noise cancellation with secure fit in-ear then this earphone under Rs 500 is best to go. But on the downside, if you wear earphones while sleeping then there might be chances of pain in the ear.

Apart from that, it gives excellent sound, premium look, with sweat and water-resistant earbuds, So for sports lovers and daily music lovers we recommend you to go with.

2. JBL C50 Hi In-Ear Headphones with Mic

The JBL C50 Hi Feature a standard design. These are lightweight earphones ( 13 gm ) due to which you can easily carry them around. Plus it includes 3 ear sizes of ear tips, that are comfortable in the ears.

 JBL C50 Hi In-Ear Headphones with Mic

Coming to the sound quality then no doubt, JBL always provides their signature sound with powerful bass plus here it also includes a feature noise isolation microphone.

JBL Provide ideal & thin cable size for a comfortable sturdy look. Earphones come in three color variants, black, blue, and red. I personally like the black standard color that looks stunning.

Overall, If you are looking for regular use and fondness of watching movies and listening to songs while traveling then, I recommend you to go with.

3. Realme Buds 2 with Mic

Realme Buds 2 features a neckband design to say goodbye to tangled earphones, built-in straps and magnet that incredibly easy to carry them around. Plus the end has magnetic tips that you can stick when not in use.

Realme Buds 2 with Mic

However, these earbuds are meant for casual as well for sports & gym person. Coming to sound quality, it gives the best quality and have an 11.2mm bass boost driver, you might want not to push the phone bass equalizer.

Moreover, buds are light in weight with wireless technology, with inline remote features through which you can control music, video calls.

Overall, If you are looking for wireless trusted earphone buds in Rs 500 that provide good sound with everyday use then I recommend you check this out.

4. Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphones

Another pair of best premium earphones under Rs 500 in India is the Boult audio bass buds in-ear wired earphones. These offer plenty of features such as in-line control, Ergonomically designed drivers, and Earloop for Sport Fit.

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphones

The audio quality is top-notch with passive noise cancellation, So whether you are a sportsperson or a regular to use it provides balanced sound, so for both, it will perfect.

Another significant feature is earphones are IPX5 water and sweat resistant with highly durable reinforced wire.

Apart from that, the thing that I like the most is its lightweight with adjustable ear loops, so it provides high comfort for long periods of use.

5. Honor AM115 Half in-Ear Earphones with mic

If you are looking best earphones for casual use like listening to music, watching movies and while traveling, then honor AM115 is also a good option to choose. The ergonomic design of earphones makes you comfortable for long use.

Honor AM115 Half in-Ear Earphones with mic

Coming to sound quality, then it provides rich, snappy bass overall, mid comfortable sound for daily uses. However, these earphones are meant for only casual enjoyment. You can’t take them to run.

It built-in microphone with a remote to operate songs and receive calls. Moreover, the only thing that makes me upset is overweight as compare to other earphones under Rs 500.

6. Philips Headphones with mic

Here is another best option of earphones under Rs 500 from Philips. Philps is known for its lightweight and simple look, If you eagerly looking for noise-canceling earphones under the 500 price segments then this is also a good option.

Furthermore, Philips provides clean and bass sound, as their ear seal blocks out external noise and has a comfort fit. Plus you can also get 2 interchangeable rubber ear caps for more extra comfort for different ears.

Same as above earphones here you also get built-in mic switches from music to phone calls. So, if you get confused then let me tell you if you love the simple design and decent sound for daily purpose then this earphones is best to use.

7. Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Earphone

If you are a fan of redmi brand, and already have a redmi smartphone in your pocket and looking for the best earphone in the price range of Rs 500 for daily use then redmi hi-resolution is another great option you can pick.

Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Earphone

If we talk its sound quality then it’s pretty good for redmi users, plus it also has great durability of earphone wires with Y-shaped cable. Apart from that, here you will get a multi-function button, earphones are light in weight.

I wouldn’t recommend this ear phone for gym or sports purpose. But for daily normal period you can use it.

8. Skullcandy Jib Wired in-Earphone Without Mic

The last earphone in the list, Skullcandy Jib wired in earphone, Most lightweight earphone in the list of under Rs 500. If you looking for earphones for only music and casual use not for calling then this quality earphone of Skullcandy not disappoint you.

Skullcandy Jib Wired in-Earphone Without Mic

Quality of sound and product is just amazing, comes in various color variants, Moreover, it has a sleek and comfortable fit in-ear, but not great for sports.

Apart from that, the best thing that I like about skull candy is its product quality and 2 years of warranty. So no worry you can also replace after use.

Wrapping Up: Best Earphones Under Rs 500 In India

Music and songs are an integral part of our life, so choosing a good pair of earphones is necessary. All the budget earphones under 500 Rs come with their own set of pros and cons. So which one will you buy today? If you ask me, then I am in love with JBL C50 earphones.

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