Best Death Note Wallpapers For iPhone [Full HD]

by Anchal Thakur

Light Yagami, Ryuk & more. Here’re the best death note wallpapers for iPhone in high quality.

Originated from Japan and based on Japanese comics (Manga) anime has a huge fan following worldwide.

One of the most celebrated anime series is Death Note. Death Note is an intriguing journey of Light Yagami who gets his hands on a notebook named “Death Note” which originally belongs to the Shinigami Ryuk, the death god.

If you also love The Death Note anime, then stay till the end because we have created an amazing collection of wallpapers inspired by The Death Note anime.

1. Light Yagami

This wallpaper is showing the true character of Light Yagami who is kind of mischievous. He wants to remove all the criminals from the world and build a better world.

Light Yagami

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2. Kira The Man Behind The whole Game

Kira is an evil side of the character Light Yagami as shown in this wallpaper, he is a genius there is no doubt about that. Don’t you dare to mess up with Kira because he only needs to write your name in the Death Note and you’ll die.

Kira The Man Behind The whole Game

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3. Kira and The Death Note

Light Yagami discovers a notebook that belongs to the death God shinigami Ryuk, and that’s how he gets access to kill people by simply writing their names in the Death Note as described in this wallpaper.

 Kira and The Death Note

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4. Genius Personality Of Light

This light  Yagami shown here is a gentleman, who respects elders, takes care of younger ones, and performs his best in every aspect.

Genius Personality Of Light

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5. The Death God

Shinigami Ryuk is here to drop the Death Note just because he is bored and wants to have some fun watching humans dying.

The Death God

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6. Shinigami Ryuk’s only obsession

Shinigami Ryuk is obsessed with apples, apples for him are like alcohol to humans.

Shinigami Ryuk's only obsession

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7. Highly Secretive L Lawliet

Here comes L Lawliet who is known as L is highly secretive, genius, mysterious, International detective, and tough competition to Light Yagami.

Highly Secretive L Lawliet

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8. Misa Amane

Be aware of adorable Misa as she can discover your name by just having a glimpse of your face. She will do everything in her hand to support Kira.

Misa Amane

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9. Rem the Protector of Misa

No one can mess up with Misa because Rem got her back.

Rem the Protector of Misa

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10. The Main Game

The main game is on between Kira and L. Let’s see who wins. Both of the players have brilliant minds, it’s going to be fun.

 The Main Game

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11. Near (successor of L)

He has no blood relation with L but you can say that he is Xerox of  L. His name is Near and he is one of the successors of L.

Near (successor of L)

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12. Mello (second successor of L)

The second successor of L who is called Mello is raised at Wammy’s House with Near. Mello has extraordinary ways to solve cases and that’s why disliked by the majority. Just look how sassy he looks in this wallpaper.

Mello (second successor of L)

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13. You don’t have a chance to win here

When you are competing with L and his two Successors Mello and Near your chances of winning are zero. Three Masterminds together this wallpaper needs no description.

You don’t have a chance to win here

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Wrapping Up: Top Death Note Full HD Wallpapers For iPhone

These were some of the best portrait death note wallpapers in high quality that surely make your iPhone screen super attractive. Here we have included the latest collection where you’ll get all of your favorite characters like Ryuk, Light Yagami, Misa Amane, Rem, Mello, and more.

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