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by Narendra

The best Corsair mouse for gaming for you, from high-performance to budget-friendly

If you game for hours, then there is no better option than buying the leading gaming brand corsair mouse that not only delivers you solid performance but also makes you comfortable to grip for long without any strain.

More importantly, thanks to the corsair mouse’s versatility that is perfect fit for FPS games, MMORPG, and simple RPG games to play with fantastic performance.

But choosing one of the best corsair mouse for gaming is not an easy task you have to look at several things like DPI, programmable buttons, size and weight, comfortability, performance, and of course in budget.

Our current pick for the best Corsair gaming mouse is the Corsair Nightsword RGB which is overall best in almost everything from price to features. It is best pick for various types of games that need ultimate performance mouse.

Luckily for you, here we have lined up the best corsair mice for gaming that you can consider buying without any doubt.

Let’s have a look. But First,

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1. Corsair Nightsword RGB

The Best Corsair Mouse for Gaming

Weight: 113g | Buttons: 10 | DPI: Up to 18,000

If you want one of the best corsair mouse for gaming that delivers the ultimate performance for FPS or MOBA gaming then Corsair Nightsword RGB is worth a look. The first thing that eye catches is its ergonomic design which provides top-notch thumb rest for an effortlessly long hour gaming session. More importantly, if you truly want to make your game to the next level then this corsair mouse with 10 programmable buttons supports you for easy gameplay.

Corsair Nightsword RGB

As for the premium quality mouse, the best thing that impresses me is its weight tunable system which allows you to adjust weight between 119g to 141g. So yeah you’ll get a perfect mouse weight to your grip for ultimate gameplay.

What’s more, is it has a remarkable feature of max 18,000 DPI for one who loves ultra-fast speed. Plus as you may already know you can also customize the sensitivity to your best.

Coming to built quality, this corsair night sword is strongly built with quality material that makes it a premium class mouse. So no worry about that.

Aside from above, this is wired gaming mouse comes with beautiful RGB lightning which looks awesome. Moreover, this is best for small & large hands. For long gaming sessions, it works well without slipping.

The Goods
  • Adjustable weight
  • Top notch ergonomics
  • Great performance
The Bads
  • Simple
  • Little pricey
0 5

Overall, if you don’t want to compromise with feature & performance then this corsair night sword is worth your every cent.


The best Corsair Lightweight Mouse

Weight: 74g | Buttons: 6 | DPI: Up to 16,000

If a lightweight gaming mouse is more your thing, then Corsair Sabre RGB Pro is the perfect Corsair mouse for you. The highlight of this mouse is its simple sleek look packed with high-tech performance that most professional gamers prefer to use. Being the best ultra-lightweight Corsair mouse at 74grams it provides you the advantage of quick flicks.


And that is not the end of story, this comes in an ergonomic design that perfectly fits in every hand. Plus thanks to its lightweight design which makes it super comfortable for the long hours gaming session.

On the downside, this is sleek non- textured mouse for that, you might feel slippery if you have sweating hands.

Apart from that, built-wise, it has a quality structure that is made for long run. Did I tell you it has ultimate quality braided cable?

Feature-wise, it comes with corsair axon hyper-processing technology that delivers ultra-fast movement and clicks response with an 8,000Hz hyper-polling feature. On top of that, this is an RGB lightning mouse that delivers standard gaming look to the table.

The Goods
  • Simple but high performance
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
The Bads
  • Sleek design/li>
0 5

Overall, if you want an affordable best corsair gaming mouse for FPS or MOBA gaming that supports rapid movement & delivers pretty great performance then you should check out this one.

3. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse

The best Corsair Wireless Mouse For Gaming

Weight: 99g | Buttons: 6 | DPI: Up to 10,000

If you’re looking for best of both worlds mouse-like modesty priced with pretty good performance then Corsair Harpoon RGB makes for a good buy. With a rubber side grip & a unique contoured shape the corsair harpoon is surely a looker too. For better gaming performance it comes with standard weight construction plus as of price point, it has 10,000 DPI optical sensor which is quite enough for almost every type of games.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse

On top of that, Being a budget-friendly corsair gaming mouse it provides you with 6 fully programmable buttons to give a fine gaming experience as you want.

Battery-wise, this mouse has the capability to easily handle your intense gaming session for 60 hours, Plus if that is not enough for you then you can also keep playing while charging. Now that’s good?

Aside from that, this is a simple wireless corsair mouse that looks pretty good at the gaming desk.

The performance is pretty good as of price, plus several users are praising for its response time which is good to see.

But at the end of day, this is a wireless mouse which you have to charge as of use, plus has decent programmable buttons.

The Goods
  • Budget Friendly
  • Good performance
  • Trusted
The Bads
  • Simple
  • Few programmable buttons
0 5

Overall, if you want best budget-friendly Corsair mouse with pretty standard features & performance then this one is worth checking out.

4. Corsair M55 Ambidextrous Mouse

The best White Corsair Gaming Mouse

Weight: 86g | Buttons: 8 | DPI: Up to 12,400

If you’re looking for a fully Corsair ambidextrous mouse then Corsair M55 makes for a good buy. It is the best Corsair gaming mouse for white gaming setup to match. The one is fully packed with top-notch features like it has 8 fully programmable buttons that work well with both hands, On top of that, it is an ergonomic mouse that delivers comfortability in long gameplay. Plus the best thing that I like the most is its side rubber comfortable grips with texture.

 Corsair M55 Ambidextrous Mouse

And story doesn’t end here, Apart from affordable price range it also caters to top-level sensor of 12,400 DPI to showcase your gaming performance in the field. Furthermore, Did I tell you the mouse only weighs 86grams? Which is known for standard mouse weight.

Aside from that the mouse looks promising, it has durable construction and company promises to deliver a 50 million click range. Which is pretty good for this price segment.

On the downside, you might feel simple, white gaming mouse that has decent features and buttons to use. Although it is best for this price point.

The Goods
  • Ambidextrous Mouse
  • Affordable
  • Great performance
The Bads
  • Simple look
  • Decent comfort
0 5

Overall, if you want under budget good corsair gaming mouse that delivers pretty good performance in long run & has features like premium mice then this is good to go.

5. Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Mouse

The best Corsair MMO gaming Mouse

Weight: 121g | Buttons: 17 | DPI: Up to 16,000

Love MMO & MOBA games? If yes, then the Corsair Scimitar Pro mouse is just for you. As you may have expected this one comes with several programmable buttons there are 17 buttons in total. Apart from this, the mouse has been designed to be organized for palm grip.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Mouse

The Corsair Scimitar boasts a max DPI of 16,000 which is more than enough for MMO games. Right? Furthermore, here you’ll get onboard storage with three predefined profiles.

If we talk about its design then it looks comfortable for both small & large hand gamers. Plus being a premium class corsair mouse you’ll also get 12 optimized mechanical side buttons which provide you tactile feedback for good gaming experience.

On the downside, you might miss the turnable weight system, Although it comes with standard weight of 121grams.

Apart from that, here you have two options to choose from black and white. Did I tell you this is a braided fiber wired mouse?

The Goods
  • Lots of buttons
  • Standard weight
  • Great performance
The Bads
  • Simple
  • Uncomfortable for newbie
0 5

Overall, if the price is not much concern & want best Corsair gaming mouse for MMO games then this is the best choice you can pick.

6. Corsair Ironclaw RGB Mouse

The best Corsair FPS and MOBA Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Ironclaw RGB gaming mouse is a formidable weapon in the hands of gamers, whether they’re dominating FPS battles or conquering MOBA arenas.

On the positive side, the 18,000 DPI optical sensor delivers precision and accuracy, ensuring every shot hits its mark and every movement is swift and responsive.

The customizable RGB LED lighting adds a touch of flair to your setup, creating an immersive gaming atmosphere.

The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, reducing fatigue during those marathon gaming sessions. The programmable buttons allow for personalized macros, giving you a tactical advantage on the battlefield.

However, some users with smaller hands might find the mouse slightly bulky, impacting maneuverability. Additionally, the extensive customization options might require a learning curve for newcomers to gaming mice.

In conclusion, the Corsair Ironclaw RGB gaming mouse is a beast of a peripheral, designed to take your gaming prowess to the next level.

With its exceptional performance, comfortable design, and stylish aesthetics, it’s a worthy addition to any gamer’s arsenal. So, grip the Ironclaw, unleash your gaming fury, and let it lead you to victory in the virtual battlegrounds!

What To Look Before Buying Best Corsair Gaming Mouses ?

Before buying the best Corsair gaming mouse, consider the following factors to ensure you get a mouse that suits your gaming style and preferences.

First, check the DPI (dots per inch) range of the mouse. Look for a high DPI range for precise and fast cursor movements.

Consider the type of sensor used in the mouse. Optical sensors are generally more accurate and responsive than laser sensors.

Look for a comfortable and ergonomic design that fits your hand size and grip style.

Consider the number of programmable buttons on the mouse. More buttons allow for easier access to in-game commands and macros.

Check for customizable RGB lighting options, if that’s important to you.

Consider any additional features, such as adjustable weights or on-board memory for storing settings.

Read reviews from other gamers to gauge the mouse’s performance, durability, and user satisfaction.

By considering these factors, you can find the best Corsair gaming mouse that delivers excellent performance, comfort, and features, enhancing your gaming experience and giving you the competitive edge you need.

Wrapping Up: Top Corsair Gaming Mouses

These were some of the best Corsair gaming mouses on the market right now that you can consider buying without any doubt. Here we have included high performance to popular Corsair mouse.

As you go up on the price ladder you will get new features & performance. As you may have know Corsair mice comes with plenty of features & well-built quality but you might miss the fully RGB-looking mice here. So yeah pick as you want.

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