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by Narendra

Best Closet Door Light Switches: It can be annoying to have to look around in a dark closet or wardrobe for clothes or papers. Most closets are closed, so even if there’s a lot of light outside, you’d still need more light to avoid taking out the wrong clothes. When things like this happen, closet door light switches come to the rescue.

These door devices act as a switch between the main power source and the light source (LED strip or bulb). When the door is pressed, the switch stays open, cutting off the power.

It saves energy and the trouble of turning lights off by hand. So, for these switches to work right, the main power to the lamps inside the closet needs to be on.

So, if you want an automatic way to light up the inside of your closet or wardrobe, here are the best closet door light switches you can buy.

Best Closet Door Light Switches

1. 6Sets Wardrobe Closet

If you need to light up more than one closet or wardrobe, the lkelyonewy switches are your best bet. The company sends out 6 light switches with screws and tips for push buttons. They are both almost the same price, which makes them a good deal. They work with AC lines that are 250V and you can connect LED light strips to them. Make sure that the light’s power doesn’t go over 250W.

Again, it’s easy to use these switches. Several users have mentioned that wiring and mounting don’t take much time or work. The only problem is that the small size makes it hard to put the wires in the right places.

Users like that they do what they say they will do. Unlike the ones above, they come in both Black and White, so you can match them to the color of your closet, pantry, or wardrobe doors.

2. uxcell Wardrobe Door Lamp

A pack of two closet door light switches from uxcell costs almost the same as a single switch. The only difference is that the push button is in the shape of a disc. Luckily, they both work the same way: when you let go of the button, the light turns on. It works on any kind of door, whether it’s a glass closet door, a wooden closet door, or a metal cabinet door.

The uxcell light switch is white, like the ones above, and it should probably go with closets and wardrobes without any problems. It can run on either 110V or 250V. This means that most low-power LED light strips and lamps are easy to connect.

These slim switches are made of high-quality materials and work perfectly with LED wardrobe lights.

3. 4 pcs Cabinet Door Switch

One of the least expensive items on this list is the cabinet light switch from Takhrwod. These are simple switches that turn lights on and off. They work with both AC- and DC-powered lights.

They can be used with both LED light strips and regular lamps. The way it works is simple. When the switch is open, the light stays off. It works on both 12V and 110V as well as 24V.

For the price, a pack of four switches from Takhrwod is a pretty good deal. The company will also give you the screws and push-button tips you need.

Several users have said in their reviews that it is easy to set up and wire. Keep in mind that the switch works best when the button is pressed just about 3mm, so you will need to move the switches so that they are in the right place. Also, the push-button switches are easy to use.

It’s popular on Amazon, and people like it because it’s a good value for the money and easy to set up.

4. Counters Closets Wardrobes Automatic

The light switches in Litever are a little bit different from the ones above. These don’t come with push-button switches like the ones above. Instead, it has a sensor that can tell when the door opens and closes. It’s a little more expensive than the ones above, but if you want a modern appliance, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The device has two wires: Input and Output. You will have to connect them in the right way. At the same time, you will need to make sure that the plugs on the wires match the ones on your lights or lamps. It works on both 12V DC and 24V DC lines, just so you know.

The only rule is that the door must be made of wood. The sensor doesn’t work with glass doors or metal doors. Still, when they’re hooked up right, they work as expected and give the lights the power they need.

The placement has to be right, just like the ones above. In this case, the sensor shouldn’t be 2cm away from the door.

Even though it costs a lot, its users have said good things about it. Users have liked how long it lasts and how easy it is to put together.

Wrapping up: Best Closet Door Light Switches

These were some of the best light switches you can buy for closet doors. Even though there are some cool options, like rechargeable cabinet lights or cabinet lights with motion sensors, this old way of lighting up your cabinet makes sure that it will be bright no matter what time of day it is. Also, it’s easy to charge the lights or change how the motion sensor works.

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