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by Ami Dalsania

Best Christmas lights for roofline: With Christmas coming up, you might want to put colorful lights on your porch and driveway (and scary decorations). But isn’t it annoying to manually turn on the lights and LED strips?

You’re in luck, though, because you can open for lights that you can set to turn on at a certain time. You’ll need some smart string lights for that. The best thing about these lights is that they can be used for both Halloween and Christmas.

Best Christmas lights for roofline

Because it is smart, you can change both the colors and the time. Most of these lights can change colors very quickly. So you can show off your campy purple Adams Family porch decoration. You can change the color to a warm yellow for Christmas after a few months. So, everyone wins?

So, use these smart string lights for Halloween and Christmas to make your holiday decorations look better this year.

1. Twinkly Strings – App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights

Check out the Twinkly string lights if you want to step up your Christmas game. You can make your own patterns with these lights. Patterns, which are sometimes called “mapping,” look great on Christmas trees.

It can be controlled by its app, which has several ways to change it, such as letting you set patterns. It has an IP44 rating and can be used in any weather.

Mapping is an interesting feature, but it takes time and patience to map the colors from your phone app to the tree. On the bright side, there are a lot of ways to make custom mappings.

People who have used these unique lights have given them high marks for their bright bulbs and sturdy construction. But they are a bit on the pricey side. Still, the holidays only happen once a year.

2. Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights

Govee is a well-known brand of smart lights, and if you want to be able to change everything about these outdoor smart lights, you should check them out. For one, they have cool features like an IP65 rating, Wi-Fi control, and the ability to work with Alexa and Google Assistant. Second, you can choose what color each light will be. Now, isn’t that something?

You can also play around with smart settings like Schedule on/off, Sleep, and so on. They can move to the beat of the music. The music sync feature is one of the best, and a lot of people have said nice things about it.

Most importantly, it is well-made and can stand up to rain or cold. The standard length is 96ft, but you can connect up to 2 lengths if you have a bigger yard.

These smart string lights are one of the most popular things out there. More than 1,500 people have rated them. Users love how bright it is, how easy it is to use, and how easy it is to set up. And the ability to use voice commands is a plus.

3. HVS Smart Outdoor String Lights LED 48Ft

The HVS smart lights cost a little more than the other two types. And, of course, they come with some pretty useful features. For one thing, they come with mounts that make it easy to put them in place. Second, you can switch between the app’s presets and colors. They connect through Wi-Fi, and the app that goes with them is easy to use.

Even though the companion app isn’t as flexible as it could be, it comes with a lot of features. You can also use one of the presets if you don’t want to mess around with the effects. Were you told that there are three ways to sync music?

More importantly, the HVS lights have an IP65 rating, so you can leave them on your porch and driveway without worrying. You can also connect them to a second string of lights. The best part is that the string works like a single device and can be controlled by a single app.

Even though they cost a lot, these smart string lights are becoming more and more popular. Users have said that it can withstand bad weather and is well-made.

4. Smart Patio Lights 49Ft

The XMCOSY+ Patio Lights are simple lights with only one color. They are perfect if your theme this year is warm white. These lights are made well and work well in both rain and shine. These don’t have Bluetooth like the one above. Instead, the XMCOSY lights connect to your home network using the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band. They work with Alexa from Amazon.

4. Smart Patio Lights 49Ft

Because they work with Alexa, they are very easy to control, especially with voice commands and routines. At the same time, you can make these lights longer than their standard length. You can connect up to three strings of lights for now. Isn’t that cool?

These lights do what they say they will do, and setting them up and putting them up is easy. The lights are bright, which is even more important. The helpful customer service is another feature that stands out. They are helpful and quick to answer questions and deal with problems. You could also take a look at the XMCOSY+ RGB Patio Lights.

5. Smart Fairy String Lights: 33 Ft

Check out the string lights if you don’t have a lot of money. These lights are UL-approved and have features like a timer, routine, grouping, and the ability to sync with music. This means that you can set your porch to music, and the lights will light up in time with the music. These are string lights that work with Bluetooth.

Smart string lights come in different colors and can change between them. Because it is long, you will have a lot of room to decorate it however you want. A physical remote is included with the light. But it is easier to switch between the different modes with the app.

It’s easy to use and does a great job. It also lets you try out different patterns that are already set.

They work well for the price. But they aren’t the toughest things out there. But if you want smart, long-lasting string lights for this season, these should be on your list.

Wrap up: Best Christmas lights for roofline

Smart lights make it easy to set the time, brightness, and color of the lights, which goes without saying. Voice commands are the icing on the cake.

Using a number of bright LED light strips is another good idea (see Daybetter Smart Wi-Fi Led Lights). These are easy to stick and give walls a more solid color. Yes, you can use your voice or an app to control them.

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