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by Anchal Thakur

Best ChatGPT Examples in 2022: The OpenAI ChatGPT just came out and is getting more and more popular as time goes on. The recently released ChatGPT is one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs that anyone can use for free.

When you use the ChatGPT, you will be surprised and wonder if you are talking to a real person or a chatbot. During the testing phase, it is now open to everyone. During the testing phase, the feedback from the users will be used to improve the algorithm for the future. This article will show you the best examples of ChatGPT that will blow your mind.

Open AI ChatGPT is set up to answer all of your follow-up questions, turn down inappropriate requests, admit mistakes, and even question false assumptions.

It got a lot of buzz, and in just 5 days after it started, it had more than 1 Million subscribers. Now that the number of users has reached its peak, many people wonder if ChatGPT is safe.

In this article, I’ll show you some of the best examples of ChatGPT that will make you wonder if it’s real or not.

Best ChatGPT Examples in 2022

Here are some of the best ChatGPT examples that will help you figure out how Open AI works and how to answer different questions.

Ability to Answer Questions About Health

Roxana Doneshjou answers some medical questions on his personal Twitter account. In one of her questions, she said, “I have a mole that is growing and changing colors. What do I need to do?

The answer is in the tweet, and the section also answers the other questions.

The ability to give AI art ideas

The users will be able to come up with ideas for AI Art. One person tweets, “I asked a one-line question, and the answers were typed into Midjourney word for word, and boom. Things are getting strange…

The ability to get answers quickly

I signed up for the Open AI ChatGPT and asked a simple question to see how well it worked. The Bot is so smart that it knows right away what to say when asked about him. I asked for “hard examples of ChatGPT,” and this is what ChatGPT said in response, which I shared in a screenshot.

The ability to find weaknesses in code

You will be surprised to learn that the ChatGPT can also find flaws in a code. After seeing Mazin Ahmed’s tweet that “No way, OpenAI can actually find XSS vulnerabilities in code samples,” I think that’s pretty cool.

Be able to write tweets for Twitter

I really didn’t expect that from the ChatGPT! Who knew it could write tweets in the style of their favorite celebrity? Yes! This can be done quickly with ChatGPT. The tweet looks like this:

Being able to write creatively

OpenAI ChatGPT can also write outlines for a specific niche or topic. You can write a story about the future or the past. You can also use ChatGPT to try out different approaches, like “I’d like to focus more on what she finds on the other side of the door. That’s interesting to me. Let’s say she finds a parallel Earth where the Romans found gunpowder and carried on. You can look at some more great examples of ChatGPT to get ideas for what to write about.

Be able to explain code bugs and fix them

ChatGPT helps computer programmers who want to run their code and look for bugs. One user tweeted, “ChatGPT could be a good debugging tool because it not only explains the bug but also fixes it and explains how it was fixed.”

Put a virtual machine on ChatGPT

Do you know that you can use the ChatGPT to deploy the virtual machine? You can also make files and programs with this machine. If you sign in here, you can ask the Virtual assistant to act like a virtual machine.

Not getting the point

Here’s an example of how the AI ChatGPT sometimes can’t figure out what we’re trying to say when we ask a question. I asked the ChatGPT how to “get a hike” in this question. My question was about the pay raise, but the ChatGPT answered with information about the Trail hike. This is also one of the things the ChatGPT can’t do.

Be able to figure out how to solve a mathematical algorithmic equation

I wasn’t surprised when I asked the ChatGPT to solve a complicated mathematical algorithm equation and it did so in just a few seconds. Here’s an example of that equation in action.

Generic Outputs

In the next question, I tried to ask a question, and the answer I got from the ChatGPT was quite simple and general. There was no difference from what was expected in the answer.

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