Best Build for Seele in Honkai Star Rail

by Narendra

Best Build for Seele in Honkai Star Rail: You have found the right place if you are interested in learning more about the most effective Seele build in Honkai Star Rail.

In this guide, we are going to talk about what the best Light Cone and Relics are for Seele, as well as her ideal role, which stats you should focus on, and everything else related to Seele.

There is a lot to cover, so without further ado, let’s get started on this discussion.

Best Build for Seele in Honkai Star Rail

We think her best role is as a DPS, but she has to pay attention to one target at a time. So, you should pay most attention to your Critical Rate, Damage, Attack, and Speed (but not necessarily in that order).

So, now that you know all of that, what can you do to make the most of Seele’s skills? Well, the Relics should be either Genius of Brilliant Stars (increases Quantum Damage by 10% as a two-piece and lets you ignore 25% of an enemy’s Defense as a four-piece), Celestial Differentiator (focuses on Critical Rate), or Musketeer of Wild Wheat (increases Attack as a two-piece and Speed as a four-piece). Do what makes the most sense for you.

The Light Cones are the next thing we need to talk about in our best build guide for Seele in Honkai Star Rail. If you’re playing for free, you can use Arrows to increase the chance of critical hits by 12%.

But In The Night is the best one to choose. It also increases the chance of getting a critical hit by 12%, but for every 10 Speed over 100, it increases the damage of basic attacks, skills, and the critical damage of the ultimate by 6% and 7%, respectively.

You can put these up to eight times. You can also use Only Silence Remains, which increases Attack by 16% and Critical Rate by 12% if there are only two or fewer enemies on the battlefield.

Darting Arrow is also good because it makes Seele’s attack stronger for three turns after she beats an enemy.

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