Best Batman Perks in MultiVersus

by Ami Dalsania

Best Batman Perks in MultiVersus: Picking the best perks for all the MultiVersus characters isn’t always easy, especially with all the ways the game is changing during the open beta. However, if you do it right, you can set them up with something like a loadout that emphasizes key attributes in preparation for battle, or you can just improve the character in general.

Each character in MultiVersus has their own set of perks, it’s not as simple as selecting a single set that applies to all characters. Perks are unlocked as you gain Mastery with a character (i.e., play games and win matches with them), as detailed in the Collection section of MultiVersus’ main menu.

Not only that, but once characters reach Mastery Level 6, they will have the option to “Equip Ally Perks,” which allows you to equip any perks your ally has unlocked in team games, even if they aren’t normally associated with that character. So, yes, Batman can be as bright as Garnet, and Jake can steal some of Arya’s killing power if the circumstances are right.

However, because you can’t always predict what options your allies will provide in random matchmaking, we’ll be focusing on the best perks to choose for each individual character – aka, three regular perks and one signature perk each.

Best Batman Perks in MultiVersus

These perks make the most of Batman’s ability to position himself optimally to knock enemies around with his fists or devices, as well as the devices.

Signature Perk: Bouncerang — If you hit an enemy with the Batarang as it’s coming back to Batman, it will get the most stacks of the weakened debuff.

Perk 1: That’s (Not) All — When an attacker kills enemies near the blast zone, they are pushed back toward the middle of the map.

Perk 2: Hit ‘Em While They’re Down — When your team hits an enemy with a debuff, it does 5 percent more damage.

Perk 3: Gravity Manipulation — Your team gains a 10% increase in fast fall speed.

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