9 Best Basketball Games For Android [New]

by Narendra

Here’re the best basketball games for android from popular to latest.

Who doesn’t like basketball? It’s one of the most popular and loved game that everyone enjoys. Whether it’s in real-world or in the android gaming era, but deep inside, we all know playing a basketball game on court is not everyone’s cup of tea, there might be a lot of reasons. But don’t worry, you can calm down your fondness by playing various new basketball games on an android smartphone.

We know that does not give you the same feeling as real but we make sure after playing these best basketball android games you can not find out difference much, because their realistic graphics and fantastic UI would keep you in the game for long. So be aware!

Apart from the high graphics basketball game here in this list, we also include some much funniest and most loved basketball game that works well with both end of smartphones, where some basketball games you can also play on multiplayer, So no further ado. Let me tell you the best free and paid basketball games for android.

These are the best basketball game for mobile at a glance:

  • NBA Live
  • NBA 2K
  • Basketball Stars
  • Fanatical Basketball

Most Funniest (Uniques) Basketball Games

  • BasketBall Slam
  • Five Hoops
  • Basketball Battle
  • Street Basketball
  • Stickman Basketball

1. NBA Live Mobile Basketball

If you love to enjoy high graphics games and want realistic experience on your android smartphone, then I strongly recommend you to go with NBA Live mobile basketball game. Here you can build your own team with your own favorite basketball characters. Yes, Furthermore now there are plethora of new seasons where you can show your skill and beat the tough opponent to create your legacy.

NBA live Basketball game

The best thing that makes game addictive is competition, with the most fabulous team on NBA live. To beat and conquer top, you must have upgraded players on your side and watch and customize the unit for better gameplay.

Apart from that, to make the game more awesome, there are various iconic street courts where you can play a game, moreover now controlling is much easier that makes the game smooth to play. The only problem you might face is if you don’t have a high-end smartphone, then the game might lag.

Install: NBA Live (Free, App In Purchase)

2. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

If you are like I am who always prefer best graphic games when it comes to quality gaming mood, whether a game is for android, PC, or iOS then needless to say for basketball lovers NBA 2k is one of the best game ever on the list, Having top-notch 2K graphics and almost everything that real gamer wants from the quality game.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

Apart from graphics here, NBA mobile caters users the ultimate environment of real basketball; for instance, you can play the game with around the world’s best players with original rules, Make your innovative team with your selected favorite basketball player. And the best thing that I always want from a game is their game controlling style and smoothness, where now I got in NBA 2k mobile where you can customize controlling and have easy-to-use controls that make the game perfect.

Moreover, it’s evident with this ultimate game; there are lots of events and modes are available to play; furthermore, you can also step into court in 5v5 matches. So Overall game is fantastic to play.

Note: Game required 4+ GB of Ram and above Android 8+ version ( Recommended android 9) for better gameplay.

Install: NBA 2K Mobile (Free, App In Purchase)

3. BasketBall Stars

Be aware! This game is highly addictive. “I don’t recommend this game to you if you get easily get addiction to gaming” Ok, so let me tell you what makes basketball stars addictive. The game is unlike above NBA game, here the gameplay is concentrated on a battle to do basket with various online players. Here the set contains multiple modes of play, for instance, Career Mode, Attacker- defender mode, and Shooting Race.

In simple words, you have to do battle with an online player in which more you shoot the basketball in the basket more than opponent in a limited time of the 60s, then only you win. The same rules also follow in attacker-defender mode.

The exciting and additive part is to play a game you have to bet other opponents with money if you lose, then you would lose your betting amount. The game provides an initial some amount after that you have to unlock bags, spin, and watch a video to earn money. The game makes so severe as you level up.

Furthermore, You can also play a game as multiplayer with your friend as a challenge, Apart from that game has incredible UI and graphics with various courts, balls, emotes, kits customization.

Install: BasketBall Stars (Free, App In Purchase)

4. Fanatical Basketball

If you are looking for ultimate gameplay in medium graphics that can run on every smartphone, then I’d recommend you to play fanatical basketball. The game will give you a fantastic experience with 3D graphics and realistic player characters. Moreover, I also like controlling, especially passing and shooting the ball.

Basketball game

Furthermore, the game contains two modes to play the first one quick game, and league matches mode. You can play the game with five on 5. Apart from that, the game is quite time-passing and addictive too, when you get the controlling well. So if you have to experience realistic graphics in a low-end smartphone, then this basketball game for android is best.

Install: Fanatical Basketball (Free, App In Purchase)

Most Fun (Uniques) Basketball Games For Android

5. BasketBall Slam

Here is the first game in the list of most fun basketball games for android, if you want to play basketball in an entertaining and new style, then I recommend you to try basketball slam, Make sure you don’t expect realistic & high graphics, rather than you can expect a fun, cartoonish character with you favorite player face and off course with funny commentary you will going to see.

BasketBall Slam 2020

Moreover, the best thing I like about the game is here you can customize your players and join the squad. Apart from that, you can also customize the quarter length, difficulty, counts, and more what’s more. To not get bored with playing the same game, there are great opponents and different modes such as Career, quick match, PBA campaign, 3PT challenge, and more. So the overall game is great to play when you get bored.

Install: Basketball Slam (Free, App In Purchase)

6. Five Hoops- Basketball Game

Here is another fun basketball game for android where the gameplay is all about doing basket from a different location. The part that makes five hoops exciting and addictive is its costumes and online multiplayer. Here you have to do basket with your opponents in a limited time that creates fierce competition.

Five Hoops- Basketball Game

Apart from that, to not get bored, there are various exciting locations, costumes, and balls that you can unlock. Here competition with other online players makes a game exciting and fun. Five hoops are the best basketball game if you want to be free from tension and work.

Install: Five Hoops (Free, App In Purchase)

7. Basketball Battle

The game reminds my childhood video games; just like that, here is the funniest and challenging basketball game ever. The gameplay is all about doing more basket than others to win the game. You can say it arcade-style basketball. Apart from that here, you can experience fun with characters and challenges with live events.

Basketball Battle game

Moreover, to feel every time new, there are 100s of basketball courts to play, and you can also customize your character as you like. Seems interesting. Yes, basketball battle game is one of the best basketball games for android that you must have to play whenever you get bored with a long meeting.

Install: Basketball Battle (Free, App In Purchase)

8. Street Basketball Association

Want to enjoy basketball in street style? Yes, then this game is definitely for you. The game is a perfect mixture of fun and complete basketball styles. Street basketball is an online multiplayer game where you have to make the team and play matches. Moreover, various features make the game perfect for time pass and addictive, such as here you can play local multiplayer by just creating a hotspot, Various difficulty levels, excellent controls, fun characters.

Street Basketball Association game

Apart from all these, there are also modes available such as a quick game, league cups, a three-point contest, and much more. So if you are thinking for a game that gives full basketball game with fun and mid graphics as well less Mb, then Street basketball is definitely for you.

Install: Street Basketball (Free, App In Purchase)

9. StickMan Basketball

Stickman is an all-time favorite character in all types of games, So if already a fan of stickman, then this stickman basketball game you will definitely like. If I talk about gameplay, then here you will get all types of movements, atmosphere, animations, and full of action. Moreover, here also you can choose team, and plays various seasons there are multiple modes to play such as a quick game, seasons, cups, knockout, and training mode.

StickMan Basketball game

To make the game interesting and challenging there are difficulty levels, the only missing thing is a different character there is only one stick man character for all.

So for fun and loved with stickman and wants to play basketball in offline then I recommend you to play this game for sure.

Install: Stickman Basketball (Free, App In Purchase)

Wrapping Up: Best Free Basketball Games For Android

These were my favorite basketball games for smartphones with different moods that I loved to play. I mostly play basketball stars as a default one, that quite an addictive and challenging game with various online players. And when I want to showcase my smartphone with great display then I used to play basketball 2K, that really an amazing game on the list. So these ones are my favorite and fantastic list of the best basketball games for android in 2022. Let me know which game you like the most in the comment section.

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