Best Apps & Websites Like Wattpad

by Narendra

Commaful, Mirakee and more. Here’re the best apps and websites like Wattpad.

No one denies the fact, Wattpad is an outstanding website for readers & writers. But that doesn’t mean there is no other website that can give competition to Wattpad. I am also a big fan of Wattpad, I have been using Wattpad for a while and never think that I want to replace Wattpad. But you know, updating and changing the scene is the way that makes us creative.

So with that think, I shifted my favorite place Wattpad to some other best sites & similar apps like Wattpad, which proffers tough competition to Wattpad, by giving new stories, amazing ebooks, passionate writers, readers community, and much more.

After spending time & using it for months I found the best alternatives of Wattpad that I am sure you’re also gonna love it. So no further ado let me tell you the sites & apps that are similar to Wattpad.

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1. Commaful

Commaful is one of the best app & website like Wattpad, it is a remarkable platform for short story lovers, here you can read and write your story in a unique picture book format. Commaful provides an immense platform for its reader & writer to crawl, the site basically contains almost every genre short stories, for instance, Poetry, Fanfiction, Romance, Thriller, horror, and many more.

Commaful: Overall best app & website like Wattpad

Furthermore, the best thing that every user loves here is a genuine community of passionate writers and readers that connects. Apart from that commaful have a beautiful user interface with new designing post styles. I am definitely sure if you are a passionate reader of short stories then this site you goona love it.

Commaful is now also available on the Android & iOS platforms. Check them out.

What’s Great?

  • Cool Picturebook style stories.
  • Simple and Clean UI.
  • Passionate Reader & Writers.
  • Free of Cost.

Download: Commaful (Android | iOS), Visit: Website

2. Mirakee

Mirakee is another best website & mobile app like Wattpad, it is a microblogging platform where users showcase their latest stories, poems, thoughts, ideas, and much more in the incredible post style. If you have a passion for short engaging write-ups then mirakee is the best platform to show your passion. Mirakee has a huge large user base from all over the world, from here you can do start writing.

Mirakee: Best Engaging app & website like Wattpad

Furthermore, all the posts written by the writer are automatically posted on the homepage in front of millions of readers, so as per I think mirakee is another best alternative to Wattpad you should try.

Apart from that, mirakee UI is so simple where you can read as many posts as you can, Moreover reading & writing in mirakee is free and you can access mirakee from website & apps.

What’s Great?

  • Simple & Engaging.
  • Mixed categories of the post are available.
  • Every passionate writer can display their thought.

Download: Mirakee (Android | iOS) Visit: Website

3. Sweek

Started a few years ago “2016” Sweek become the influential platform of reading & writing geeks. Here in sweek you can share any stories, poets, long writeups, self-publish books, and much more. And for the reading geeks here you can able to read ebooks on the various genre free of cost. Moreover, poets, stories, and a lot of emerging words from intense writers.

Sweek: Popular app & website like Wattpad

Apart from that, you can access sweek from your smartphone app available for android & iOS users. Moreover same as other Wattpad alternatives sweek has astounding UI with easy to navigate diverse stories.

Lastly, if you love new reads with simple clean user interface then Sweek is another best website like wattpad.

What’s Great?

  • Almost every genre category available for reading with fresh text.
  • A writer can also publish their self-book here.
  • UI is wondrous. No doubt.

Download: Sweek (Android | iOS) Visit: Website

4. Amino

Here is another best app & website like Wattpad. With a vast number of active users, amino is the most active reading & writing website. Where users can read books from a tremendous library you can also take suggestions from other passionate readers online. Yes, here in amino you can also do live chatting with anyone to get information. Isn’t it interesting?

 Amino: Most active Wattpad like website & app

Moreover, you can also say that amino is a completely interesting reading and writing experience that never makes you bored, apart from that there are tons of new reading articles, quizzes, and much more is available that interest you to find out.

If I talked about its UI then it’s a little mixed because of tons of options on the homepage but I sure that you will easily read and write and share your writing with millions of folks.

What’s Great?

  • Live chatting with the reader.
  • New interesting articles to read.
  • Much updated site with a million active user base.

Download: Amino (Android | iOS) Visit: Website

5. Penana

Penana is one of my favorite stories reading and writing websites like Wattpad, the reason to be liked is because of a variety of stories, contests, blogs and most important the interaction with other readers to get there point of view. No doubt, penana have a strong user base from all over the world, to be a writer you can also share your story with millions of passionate reader.

Penana: New Wattpad like website & app

If you are the one who loves to read long new stories every time from any genre and wants some interaction with other writers or readers then penana is also the best option you can try.

Apart from that here I love easy to navigate throughout the site there are various different categories which makes finding books easy. Furthermore, penana also available for android & iOS users.

What’s Great?

  • Get New stories every time.
  • Interesting to interact with other readers.

Download: Penana (Android | iOS) Visit: Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What can I use Instead of Wattpad ?

Ans:- Above we compiled the ultimate list better than Wattpad that you can try, but you want to ask me then I recommend you to go with Commaful or Sweek. Both are my personal favorite where you can enjoy new interface, users & their contents.

Q.2 What is the most read book on Wattpad ?

Ans:- The Bad Boy’s Girl and My Wattpad Love are the most loved and popular book on Wattpad.

Q.3 Is Wattpad dangerous ?

Ans:- It may be if you are under 17, the reason behind is several inappropriate contents that directly show on book cover. So we recommend you if you are under age then try some other Wattpad alternatives.

Q.4 Which country uses Wattpad the most ?

Ans:- As per previous report of globe, Philippine has the most active user of Wattpad.

Wrapping Up: Best Free Reading & Writing App Like Wattpad

These were the ultimate list of Wattpad alternatives, Now you can easily enjoy reading & writing stories using these apps, All the apps on the list are trusted and have a passionate reader base. So no elder Wattpad site now try these above apps and sites to share your writing skill with new readers.

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