5 Best Apps to Gain Weight (Really Helpful)

by Narendra

No doubt, you are trying so hard to gain weight, you eat a lot in a day and do everything that helps you to gain weight fast. But still no result. It might be the problem of not proper planning food or not taking proper diet as much your body want.

But don’t worry anymore, you just need some best android apps to gain weight that helps you to take proper diet plan and complete guidance to gain weight. If you want to find out all those apps, then here are the best apps to gain weight for android.

Best Apps to Gain Weight

1. Healthify Me

Here is the first weight gain app that we highly recommend to use, the app provides you a plethora of things like most important, a perfect diet plan as per your weight and size, with that it shows you calorie intake, burnt, gained, and much more. In other words, you can say that it is your daily lifestyle coach.

Furthermore, the best thing that we like the most is its lots of features like it shows you meal insights, you can set reminders, and different trackers are available to use.

Healthify Me weight gain app

Apart from that, HealthifyMe also provides 7-day free coach guidance and live workout session that also help you a lot. Free sessions and limited workout plans are provided in free plans but if you want more features and service then healthify me also provide a subscription plan where you will get tons of features and coach guidance. So at last, if you are looking for a perfect weight gain app that can maintain diet and workout then I suggest you go with healthify me.

Features I like the most

  • Amazing User interface.
  • Provide tons of features in free plan.
  • Perfect diet plan with various insights.
  • Videos of workout.

Download: Healthify Me (Freemium)

2. Gain Weight

Here is another app for gain weight that you can use, its a simple and well-orgainized weight gain app, by using some of your information and target time to achieve weight, it automatically estimate the intake calories and makes a perfect diet plan & workout to gain weight in a healthy way.

The best thing that I like about this app is here you can also customize calorie intake by your own desired food, Apart from that, the app having a very clean and attractive UI.

Gain Weight app

The only problem I face while using the app is disturbing ads, but the good news is you will able to remove it buy purchasing it. So lastly, if I conclude then if you are looking for an app that has an uncomplicated and easy diet plan interface with useful features then gain weight is a good app for you.

Features I like the most

  • Very attractive and easy UI.
  • Effective to use.
  • Easy to intake calories by own customization.

Download: Weight Gain (Free)

3. Meal Reminder

Taking meal in perfect time is the best way to gain weight, but it’s not that easy for that here is the app named as meal reminder. Using this app you can easily customize your meal timing with a powerful alarm that always reminds you to take your diet plan meal.

Meal Reminder

Apart from that, the app is pretty simple and contain lots of different option of alarm and addition meal, so if you are one who always misses your diet plan meal and wants a good app to remind you then I recommend you to add meal reminder on your weight gain app list for sure.

Features I like the most

  • Remind your meal timing.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple and provide various unique features.

Download: Meal Reminder (Free)

4. 30 Days Weight Gain

Here is another weight gain app in the list, that provides user an 30 days diet plan with workout sessions, the unique thing about this app is it cater two different plans for example standard diet plan “for everyone” and veg diet plan “only for vegetation” users. Moreover, here you can also do various exercises by watching short animation videos.

30 Days Weight Gain

Apart from that, this app also having a clean and easy UI with ads. Overall its a short and simple 30 days weight gain app that you can use.

Features I like the most

  • Trusted and easy to use.
  • Advanced diet plans & workout sessions.
  • Simple and clean UI.

Download: 30 Days weight Gain (Free)

5. Fitpaa

Last but not least, fitpaa is another great fitness & weight gain app in the list, just like other weight gain apps fitpaa is also provide user a diet plan, workout as per days. But the unique thing that makes fitpaa different from other app is here you can also purchase plans that provide user a personal trainer and nutritionist at a reasonable price. Furthermore, here you can also chat with trainers about your body and diet plans.

Fitpaa weight gain app

So if you are one who is looking for a personal trainer and trusted weight gain diet plans and workout then fitpaa is also the option you can go with.

Features I like the most

  • Personal trainer is available in premium.
  • Great diet and workout plans.
  • Easy to use.

Download: Fitpaa (Freemium)

Wrapping Up: Best android Weight gain Apps

Being skinny is just bad as obese one, But no worry anymore, by using the above weight gain apps you can easily plan your diet and set a meal reminder, after that, you would be easily gain weight as others. But make sure you only use one diet plan and workout on at least 2 months to see results.

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