Best Apple AirPods Max Accessories : New

by Ami Dalsania

Best Apple AirPods Max Accessories: The best headphones that Apple has to offer are the AirPods Max. You get great sound quality as well as the best active noise cancellation in its class.

Since you’re already paying for these extra features, you might as well get some extra accessories for your AirPods Max to make them work better or protect them.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best AirPods Max accessories that you can buy, from silicone cups for the headphones to a charging stand. These extras can be useful when you’re traveling or just want to keep your AirPods Max looking good after a long time of use.

Best Apple AirPods Max Accessories

1. Wireless Transmitter/Receiver with Audio Sharing

This is without a doubt one of the best things you can buy to go with the AirPods Max. If you want to use your headphones with a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can connect them to it easily with this transmitter.

Let’s say you’re on an airplane and want to use the entertainment system. But it only works with wired headphones. Now, you can use the lightning to 3.5mm audio cable we talked about before. But it adds another wire and takes away the ease of using wireless headphones.

Enter the AirFly Pro Bluetooth transmitter from Twelve South. It connects to any 3.5mm port and lets you use Bluetooth to connect your AirPods Max to it. So, you can plug it into anything that doesn’t have Bluetooth, like the sound system on a plane or an old game console. You can use your AirPods Max with almost any device that has an audio jack if you buy this thing.

2. SUPERONE Smart Headphone Stand

As was already said, the only port on the AirPods Max is the lightning port. You could just plug in a regular charger on your desk, or you could get this headphone stand with a built-in charger for a more stylish look.

This stand for the AirPods Max headphones is different from any other stand you’ve seen. It was made just for the AirPods Max, so it has a metal base with a hole in it to hold the headphones’ ear cups.

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Like the travel case, this headphone holder has magnetic spots that put the AirPods Max into standby mode when they are placed on the stand. Then you can connect the charging cable to charge the headphones, and you can be sure that even when they are not charging, they are in standby mode and not draining the battery.

3. Earpads for Apple AirPods Max Earpad Replacement

The ear cushions are very important because headphones are meant to be worn for long periods of time. So, if the cushions on your AirPods Max have started to wear out, you can get these replacements for a low price.

Most high-end headphones have hard-to-replace ear cups, but the AirPods Max’s ear cups just snap in with magnets, making it very easy to switch them out for newer ones. This is great news because it means that anyone can easily and cheaply replace worn-out ear cushions.

Ear cushions can be replaced, and they come in different colors to match the rest of the headphones. They even have “L” and “R” written on the inside to show which side is which. You can choose between two materials: mesh fabric or protein leather. You can choose the one you like best.

4. Apple Lighting to 3.5mm Audio Cable 

The AirPods Max are a pair of wireless headphones that connect to your computer or phone via Bluetooth. But what if you want to use it when it’s connected to a wire? This cable comes in handy at that point.

Here’s a simple cable you can use to turn your AirPods Max into a pair of wired headphones. The AirPods Max only have a lightning port, so you can’t use a traditional AUX cable to connect them to a device with a 3.5mm audio jack. Use this Apple lightning to 3.5mm audio cable to fix the problem.

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The lightning end of this cable connects to the AirPods Max through the 3.5mm jack. Any device with an audio jack can be connected to the other end of the cable.

Then you can use your AirPods Max as a pair of headphones with a cord. This can help get rid of any lag when playing games. This is the only lightning to 3.5mm cable that works with the AirPods max. None of the options from third parties will work.

5. Smart Case for New Apple AirPods Max

Putting silicone cups or protectors on the headband isn’t the only way to make sure your head is safe. When you carry the AirPods Max around, it’s also important to keep them safe, which is where this smart travel case comes in.

The AirPods Max come with a case for transporting them. It’s a standard case that doesn’t do much to protect the AirPods Max and is pretty basic, especially considering how much they cost. And that’s where a good carrying case comes in.

This smart travel case protects more than the official case and has a built-in standby switch, just like the official case. That means that every time you put the headphones in this case, they will go into standby mode to save power.

When you took them out, the headphones would turn on, just like when you use the official case. If you travel a lot, this is a great thing to buy.

6. Silicone Case Cover for AirPods Max Headphones

All the gadgets you use, including your headphones, should have some kind of protection. This is a set of silicone earcups for the AirPods Max that keep the metal sides from getting scratched.

This set from Fintie is a great way to protect and extend the life of your AirPods Max. The ear cups on the AirPods Max are made of metal, which makes them easy to scratch and dent. Using silicone ear cups like these will help protect the metal surface of the headphones while you use them or take them with you.

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In addition to the silicone covers for the cups, you also get a silicone headband cover that goes over the top of the headphones and keeps the mesh from getting damaged. This will keep your headphones in good shape and keep their shine for longer. All of the colors of the AirPods Max are available in the bundle.

Wrap up:  Best Apple AirPods Max Accessories

Adding some useful accessories to your AirPods Max will help you use it to its fullest and protect it from damage from the outside world. Whether you want the travel case to take your AirPods Max with you or the Bluetooth receiver so you can use them anywhere, these accessories should be at the top of your list if you already have a pair.