7 Best App Lock for Android (Must Use) 2019

There are lots of private things that you are not comfortable to share with anyone in this world, to make your documents, pictures private the developer develop app Lock the application which will privately lock your document in it. App locker app is various types which ordinary person can not see or break that locker here in this article I will tell you some of the best android app locker apps which will definitely secure your private information private.

Complete App Locker Apps For Android in 2019 (Choose Wisely)

1. Vault

Vault is the best app in android to lock your android apps as well as picture and videos in private locker, currently vault having 100 million users worldwide so you can trust and use this app to secure your privacy and lock your private apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and any private applications.

Vault App Locker Features :

  1. Having Private Browser where you surf the internet privately without any traces.
  2. Cloud backup option to backup your photos and videos
  3. Fake Vault feature with this feature you can create multiple vaults and make them fake vault so no one detects the original one.
  4. Stealth Lock using this feature you can hide App locker (disappear vault icon)
  5. Alert mode when someone wants to access app lock then it will automatically take a picture from the front camera without knowing ( After wrong password attempt).

Install : Vault

Downloads : 50M+

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2. App Lock- Fingerprint (SpSoft)

Another great app (App Lock -Fingerprint) to lock your private apps and picture currently this app having 10 million plus downloads and having huge user base with having trust on the privacy protection of your data with the strong passcode to protect from intruders.

App Lock- Fingerprint Features :

  1. Intruder Snap capture: It will automatically capture pictures of anyone who tries the wrong attempt to unlock passcode.
  2. Fake Lock: With this app, you can create a fake lock with an error message so no one will detect the app locker.
  3. Scalable Pattern Lock: Here you will get 18×18 pattern size for strong passcode pattern.
  4. Remote Control: Here you will remotely unlock your phone via SMS text msg.
  5. Fingerprint: Having a fingerprint unlock feature to unlock device apps.

Install : App Lock

Downloads : 10M+

3. App Lock (IVYMOBILE)

Third app lock in the list which will lock apps, photos, videos and many other private data with the strong passcode and the most important feature is it will capture the nap of the intruder which will try to crack your password without your permission so you can easily trust IVYMOBILE (App Lock) to hide your sensitive data and apps.

App Lock (IVYMOBILE) Features :

  1. Picture capture: If someone wants to crack your password without your permission then it will detect.
  2. Replace App Lock Icons: The great feature to hide your private app to replace with some popular app like weather, clock and many more so no one can detect.
  3. Lock Frequency Time: Here you can set lock frequency instant to anytime you choose.
  4. Power Saving: battery saving option available to close some unused apps.
  5. Having a great user interface while locking and unlocking the apps.

Install : App Lock (IVYMOBILE) (Free)

Downloads : 10M+

4. App lock (One App Ltd.)

This app lock also called MAX App lock by security reasons which the app lock defines in there privacy and guard of the smartphone having latest updates of security and many features which keep your phone more secure than other, Max app Lock will provide you the android app lock with photo vault which you hide completely you can definitely trust with millions of users.

MAX App lock Features :

  1. Lock Cover: If someone wants to find your vault app then it will automatic show them an error message.
  2. Intruder selfie: If an intruder tries more wrong pattern then it will automatically take their picture and save into your smartphone.
  3. Great User Experience: You never dissatisfy with the app.
  4. It will automatically block the spam call and customize the block list.

Install : App lock (One App Ltd.)

Downloads : 10M+

5. Norton App Lock (Norton Mobile)

Another most popular branding name app lock which will help you to protect from unauthorized user to access your private apps and data, Norton app lock make strong password protection to secure your android device. Norton brand is a popular brand in antivirus which also prevent the virus to enter into mobile or pc.

Norton App Lock Features :

  1. Custom Pins: You can adjust the pin of 4 digits and make them secure.
  2. Extra Protection: Norton gives extra protection of security when the device is stolen so your data remain private.
  3. Lock all Type of apps: Here you can lock any type of application with powerful security.
  4. Antitheft: After three attempt the antitheft will take out the selfie of person.
  5. App Lock is very easy to handle and understandable.

Install : Norton App Lock (Norton Mobile)

Downloads : 1M+

6. Lockit (SuperTools Corporation)

Another great app which you can try to make secure your private apps which you don’t allow kids and here you can add more photos and videos with the fantastic themes option with locks.

Lockit (SuperTools Corporation) Features :

  1. Notification locker: Lockit will be able to hide notification in real time to make your privacy more secure.
  2. Fake Covers: With using fake cover no one will detect your app to break passcode.
  3. Free Themes: There are lots of great themes option to make a good interface.
  4. You will be able to lock google play store so no one will install other application.
  5. Lock Incoming call for more private calls.

Install : Lockit

Downloads : 10M+

7. AppLock (Hyper Speed)

App lock from the hyper-speed which have same privacy option that all the other app locker app have you can make your strong pattern and password to lock your apps and gallery items to protect your privacy there are 5 important features which must you know.

App Lock( Hyper Speed ) Features :

  1. Having the best app lock privacy option to make your apps and gallery private.
  2. Break I alert using this feature you will able to know who is interfering with your phone.
  3. You can hide the app icon using the app lock and change into other icons.
  4. Phone cleaner which will clean the junk and intruder virus to make more secure.
  5. Great user experience to make a more smooth app lock.

Install : App Lock (Hyper Speed)

Downloads : 10M+

Wraping up:

After reading this article you will be able to know which app lock is best for you in the article I will define and arrange as per the feature so that its easy for you to choose one from it I am so curious to know which app lock you like the most comment down to give your experience about the app locker apps.

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  1. Nice write-up!
    I have not used app lock yet because I hadn’t needed ever. But, our data is our precious asset; it needs to be protected by unauthorized use. I would like to try one of the app locks mentioned by you.

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