Best App Lockers For Android 2021 (Advanced Security)

by Narendra

Hey, looking for best app lockers for android ?

No doubt, In the era of technology, smartphone knows everything about us more than any other. It has every sensitive information from banking details & passwords to private photos, videoes, and of course social media apps. So, in other words, you can say a smartphone is the most important part of life that needs to be secure from hackers & spying eyes.

For that, Most modern smartphones come with inbuilt privacy app locks & security. But there many other smartphones that don’t come with app locking features. Don’t worry! In the google play store, there are tons of best app locker apps are available to secure your smartphone apps & private information. So if you looking for the best app locker on android for lock apps then here I covered the 7 best app locker for Android.

Best App Locker For Android 2021

These are the best free app locks for android at a glance:

  • Vault
  • App Lock- Fingerprint
  • App Lock (IVYMOBILE)
  • Calc Box-App Lock
  • Norton App Lock
  • Lockit
  • App Lock

1. Vault

This is the most popular app locker app on play store, with over 1million+ user trust. The reason hidden behind everyone loves vault is its multiple features and advanced security. Vault provides the user with an ultimate experience of privacy, for instance with vault, you can easily hide pictures, videos, SMS, call logs, contacts, and much more. Moreover can also use app lock to lock your various privacy apps for best security. What’s more is vault provides lots of unique features that make you stay private such as private browsing, cloud backup (for photos & videos).

Vault app locker for android

Furthermore, My favorite feature that I love most is a fake vault, using this you can easily create multiple vaults with different passcode, to make your original one unknown by spying eyes. If that’s not enough for your app security then using stealth mode you can also hide the vault icon, from your home screen, After that, It only appears when you enter the correct password. Moreover, if you want to catch a person who is trying to unlock your app security then vault provides a feature known as break-in alert that has work to capture instant snaps of the person using the front camera. Isn’t it awesome? So overall you can say vault is a feature-rich app on the list.

Note: Vault comes with a free and premium version. If you are looking for high privacy and more cloud storage then I recommend you upgrade with a premium.

Vault App Locker Features at Glance:

  • Having Private Browser where you surf the internet privately without any traces.
  • Cloud backup option to backup your photos and videos.
  • Fake Vault feature with this feature you can create multiple vaults and make them fake vault so no one detects the original one.
  • Stealth Lock using this feature you can hide App locker (disappear vault icon).
  • Alert mode when someone wants to access the app lock then it will automatically take a picture from the front camera without knowing ( After wrong password attempt).

Install: Vault (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads : 1M+

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2. App Lock- Fingerprint (SpSoft)

App Lock is my second pick in the list of best app locker for android. If you only looking for strong privacy locks in android apps then, here is the app lock that I suggest you to use for two primary reasons, firstly, The app only has features related to lock apps, and secondly, this is the most secure and unbreakable app locker. That’s not enough then there are many other astounding features such as lock and unlock the app using fingerprint, fake error window, scalable password pattern, and much more.

app lock fingerprint

Need more high security? Then here is the feature named as, Lock convenience using this you can manually set a certain time on the app or there is also an option of wifi based unlock and Bluetooth based unlock. In that, your app only opens when you connected to wifi or Bluetooth. Amazing?

What’s More is, you can also remotely control your locker from anywhere, And the best feature that I like the most is using multiple passwords for different apps for better security. The feature list of app lock is not over there are many more features are open to using. So go an check them out.

Note: AppLock is free of cost and best part is there is no ads showing.

App Lock- Fingerprint Features at Glance:

  • Intruder Snap capture: It will automatically capture pictures of anyone who tries the wrong attempt to unlock passcode.
  • Fake Lock: With this app, you can create a fake lock with an error message so no one will detect the app locker.
  • Scalable Pattern Lock: Here you will get 18×18 pattern size for strong passcode pattern.
  • Remote Control: Here you will remotely unlock your phone via SMS text msg.
  • Fingerprint: Having a fingerprint unlock feature to unlock device apps.

Install : App Lock (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads : 50M+

3. App Lock (IVYMOBILE)

Here is the app lock for those who are looking for clean UI, Fast, and lightweight app locker. The app lock is quite different as you see above app locks because it has mainly concentrated on app lock privacy and security. Apart from that, The app lock provides you the fastest and most trustworthy app locking system with few clicks. Here you can lock any of your android apps with pattern or password. What’s more, is to be on the safest side the app lock gives you the fake cover feature using that you can change your lock icon into various common icons such as a clock, calc, weather, Notepad.

app locker for android

Furthermore, Just like the above apps here also you can catch intruder selfie if someone illegally trying to enter your app lock. So overall this app lock by IVYMOBILE is the ultimate option for the one who is looking for a lightweight app locker for android you should give a try.

App Lock (IVYMOBILE) Features At Glance:

  • Picture capture: If someone wants to crack your password without your permission then it will detect.
  • Replace App Lock Icons: The great feature to hide your private app to replace with some popular app like weather, clock and many more so no one can detect.
  • Lock Frequency Time: Here you can set lock frequency instant to anytime you choose.
  • Power Saving: battery saving option available to close some unused apps.
  • Having a great user interface while locking and unlocking the apps.

Install : App Lock (IVYMOBILE) (Free)

Downloads : 10M+

4. Calc Box-App Lock

Calc Box-app lock is another featured rich as well as trusted app locker for android which provide you a plethora of advanced privacy locks & security, It’s unlike above apps here it provides some advanced new feature for better security and user experience such as Uninstall Protection, Share to hide, Disappear app lock icon and much more. But if you are looking for a great quality user interface app locker then it might not be a perfect alternative for you.

Calc Box-App Lock

Apart from that, The reason I like the clac box app lock is its lots of new features, not only app lock but more than. for instance, you can hide photos, videos by one click, App icon change, Flip-lock action, fake lock cover, intruder photo, and more. What’s more, is to make UI look great it has many slideshow transition and time intervals that give incredible look while opening app lock.

The foremost reason to use cal box app lock is its trusted security and ads-free experience in free of cost. So Don’t go late and check it out.

App lock Features At Glance:

  • Lock Cover: If someone wants to find your vault-app then it will automatically show them an error message.
  • Intruder selfie: If an intruder tries more wrong pattern then it will automatically take their picture and save into your smartphone.
  • Great User Experience: You never dissatisfy with the app.
  • It will automatically block the spam call and customize the block list.

Install: Calc-Box (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads: 10M+

5. Norton App Lock (Norton Mobile)

Yes, you guess it right, Norton is the most popular PC antivirus that helps us to secure our computer system from viruses. Well, Now to be in the line of security Norton developed the most secure and standard app locker for android. Here the Norton provides the user ultimate protection of your private apps. Furthermore, Here the Norton app locker provides the almost same features as the above app lock gave but if you are looking for a trusted brand and standard features with the original user interface then I recommend you use the Norton app lock.

Apart from that, The best thing that I like here is Norton app locker is an ad-free, and much trusted brand as compare to other free app locks. Furthermore, If I talked about its user interface then it’s pretty good looking and fast as well so don’t worry you can go and try it.

Norton App Lock Features At Glance:

  • Custom Pins: You can adjust the pin of 4 digits and make them secure.
  • Extra Protection: Norton gives extra protection of security when the device is stolen so your data remain private.
  • Lock all Types of apps: Here you can lock any type of application with powerful security.
  • Antitheft: After three attempts the antitheft will take out the selfie of person.
  • App Lock is very easy to handle and understandable.

Install : Norton App Lock (Norton Mobile)

Downloads : 1M+

6. Lockit (SuperTools Corporation)

Running out storage or RAM is your problem while installing app locker then here is the solution for that. Lockit is an amazing app locker for android smartphones that comes with very lightweight and smooth performance. What’s more is lockit comes with fully featured security to make your personal items private, Such as my favorite one is notification lock and lock incoming calls to prevent anyone to know your private talk.

lockit app lock

Apart from that, to make the app light in weight and fast as well, the app locker uses very fewer resources that make lockit more secure as compare to other best app lockers.

The best thing that I like is lockit also supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, and many more.

Note: App lock is ads free and comes with multiple features.

Lockit (SuperTools Corporation) Features At Glance:

  • Notification locker: Lockit will be able to hide notification in real-time to make your privacy more secure.
  • Fake Covers: With using fake cover no one will detect your app to break passcode.
  • Free Themes: There are lots of great themes option to make a good interface.
  • You will be able to lock google play store so no one will install other applications.
  • Lock Incoming calls for more private calls.

Install : Lockit (Free)

Downloads : 10M+

7. App Lock

Lastly, The most common as well popular app locker for android. Here is the app lock for one who is confused between the above 6 best app lockers. The reason to say this here the app lock contains every required feature whether to lock apps, hide photos or videos, and also in terms of UI designs. The reason everyone loves is because of its fast and feature full, you can also say it’s a multi-purpose best app locker.

If I talked about its security, then its an amazing and no comparable with any other app locks. So If you really get confused between various app locks then I urge you to choose this app lock by Do mobiles.

App Lock Features At Glance:

  • Having the best app lock privacy option to make your apps and gallery private.
  • Break I alert using this feature you will able to know who is interfering with your phone.
  • You can hide the app icon using the app lock and change into other icons.
  • Phone cleaner which will clean the junk and intruder virus to make more secure.
  • Great user experience to make a more smooth app lock.

Install : App Lock (Free, App In Purchase)

Downloads : 50M+

Wrapping up: Best App Locker (2021)

After reading this article you will be able to know which app lock is best for you, in the article I was defined and arrange as per the feature so that it’s easy for you to choose one from it I am so curious to know which app lock you like the most comment down to give your experience about the great list of app locker apps.

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