Top Amazing Computer Tricks And Secrets To Become Pro User

by Narendra

Hey, Do you want to impress your friends with cool computer tricks?

No Doubt, Windows operating systems always have more hidden & fantastic tricks as compared to Linux or Mac, that might not be allowed by windows in officially to reveal those hidden tricks but if you want to operate PC like a pro then you should have to know those amazing tricks that feel you extraordinary from the crowd, for that here in this article I will be going to reveal various computer tricks and secrets that solve your work much faster then before.

Amazing Computer Tricks And Hacks

Here is Best Computer Tricks at Glance:

  • How Hacker Lock PC
  • Assign Your Picture In The Folder
  • Disable USB Ports
  • Desktop Shortcut
  • Computer Shutdown
  • Set Timer To Shut Down
  • Open Any Window Program With Shortcut Key
  • Hack Windows Password
  • Unblock Any Website

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1. How Hacker Locks Their PC

We are always worried about our security in PC but no more now you can lock and unlock your PC with your pen drive, without your pen drive no one can access your data of PC.

Follow These Steps

Step: 1 Firstly you have to download a software named Predator USB software.

Step: 2 Install Predator software into your PC and launch. Then it will ask to enter the password for security.

Step: 3 Make sure your pen drive is inserted into your PC.

Step: 4 After setting a password click ok and all settings are automatically done by software.

Step: 5 Now everything is done and your pen drive is ready to lock and unlock your PC like a pro.

Step: 6 If you have to configure some more settings like timing and more then go to a predator setting then there is the option of preference click on it and change it.

More Configuration

From the Preference setting, you can change the monitoring time which means after removal of pen drive how much time it will take to lock PC. Moreover, In the main setting, there is an option to change your password and I recommended you to check the box of auto start with window to automatic.

There is another option of alarm where you can set password count down to enter your password to unlock or you just insert your pen drive to unlock.

Whenever you remove your pen drive from PC then it will automatically ask for the password to unlock and shows warning display like this.

If the incorrect password is entered in that then the screen got black with a message of access denied like in below picture, Seems interesting like a hacker.

2. Assign Your Picture In The Folder

No doubt, You have lots folders in your PC and the biggest problem arises is to find a particular folder which has your important doc or images, when you forget the name of it, but don’t worry now you can also find your folder by your assigned picture on it, to do here is a trick to assign your picture or document in that so you can easily find your folder.

For that, You just have to change the name of that picture which you want to assign on the front face, of your folder with the “folder” name which you want to show in front to recognize your document and just save it. Now you can easily saw that pic in your folder front face.

3. Disable USB Ports

If you want to do prank with your friend’s computer then disabling USB ports are the best one, using this tricks your friend’s computer ports disable just like it damaged try this one below are the steps you have to follow.

Follow These Steps To Disable USB ports

Step: 1 Go to Start and type Run in the search box pop-up box is open.

Step: 2 In the run type Regedit and now another window will open of registry editor.

Step: 3 Now follow this click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM>>current ControlSet>>Services>>USBSTOR

Step: 4 After that on right side Start option is shows double click on it and change the value from 3 to 4

Step: 5 Click OK and refresh the desktop.

Step: 6 To enable USB port change the value to 3 and click OK and refresh.

4. Desktop Shortcut

With this shortcut, you can hide your personal tabs at once you just do this with a single action key click the “window key+ D” to show at once the desktop.

5. Computer Shutdown

If you want to shut down your computer like a pro then here I have a way to do that, just follow below steps

Step: 1 Firstly open your computer homepage then right-click, and go to a new menu and create a shortcut file.

Step: 2 Now in shortcut, just paste below code and press next then click Finish that will create a shortcut icon on your desktop.

%windir%\System32\SlideToShutDown . exe

Step: 3 That’s all you have to do now whenever you want to shut down your pc then click on that shortcut icon which is on your computer homepage and slide down, it will shut down your computer like a pro.

6. Set Timer To Shut Down

If you want to impress your friends by the automatic shutdown in your set time then follow below steps

Step: 1 Open your desktop homepage then right-click >> New Menu >> and click the shortcut.

Step: 2 Now new pop up window of shortcut will open where type below command.

shutdown -s -t 120

Note: 120 is the second means 2 min, you can change as per you want.

Step: 3 After you type click on next and then finish.

Step: 4 Now you will see the shortcut icon is created on your desktop computer click on that so it will activate and automatically shut down your computer as per your time is given.

7. Open Any Window Program With Shortcut Key

To be different from normal Windows user, you should know this trick, here I am going to tell you how you can open any windows program or software with your custom shortcut key.

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Step: 1 Firstly create a shortcut of any software by just drop it on the desktop then right-click on it and go to its properties.

Step: 2 Now In properties you will see the option of the short cut key where by default is none, click on that and press any key which you want to add as a shortcut key then press ok, that all you have to do.

Now Whenever you want to open that application just press that shortcut key it will open and for removing shortcut follow the same steps and remove that shortcut key.

8. Hack Windows Password

If you want to work like a professional then you should know the trick of cracking windows password without knowing the old password, from this trick you will be able to crack your friend windows password too, and be a pro user in front of your friends for that just read this full article 6 Ultimate Way to Hack & Change Window 10 Password.

9. Unblock Any Website

No Doubt, most interesting and hacking tutorial sites are mostly blocked by country that really frustrated not to be accessed but no more, using proxy site website you can easily access any blocked website online without any software and payment, so whenever you find blocked website just go to proxy site and enter that URL and surf from that.

Wrapping Up: Amazing Computer Tricks

These were the most interesting and hidden computer tricks that you should know to become expert in computer, In this article, I include hacking tricks and pranks computer tricks that you should have to try with your friends but don’t misused to destroy their computer.

Are there any more amazing computer tricks you know then feel free to share with us by using the comment section.

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