Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android {Highly Suggested}

by Narendra

Too many ads on the website (Blog) are the most irritating thing that happens with me, If you are like me who loves reading new blogs from the internet but having lots of ads on blogs it’s just distracting and spills the mood but no more, There are lots of ad blocker apps are available for android which works well for both default browser and for ad blocker browser, but Choosing a best free & Paid ad-block app its quite difficult task to do for that, I personally use many ad blocker apps from since last month and here in this article I will tell you the best ad blocker apps for android that really works well for me.

Ad Blocker Apps For Android

  • Ad Blocker Apps (Works With All Browsers)
  • Ad Blocker Apps (Works With Own Browser)
  • Ad Blocker Apps (Works With Samsung & Yandex Browser)

Ad Blocker Apps (Works With All Browsers)

1. AdBlock: Block Ads, Browse faster

If you are looking for ad blocker which can block ads on any browser whether it’s google chrome, internet explorer or any third party internet browser then AdBlock android app is best to use, Here with this ad blocker you don’t have to configure setting many time, you just have to turn on ad blocking, It will automatically block ads which runs on any website whether its a pop-up or any other, its just work as ad guard of any browser.

The app basically comes in free and paid version, in the free version of app it will block ads at certain time period then you have to buy its premium version, if you like me who loves any single browser where you want to block ads then AdBlock is finest choice it will block any type of ads and gives you seamless performance while browsing.

Why I recommended AdBlock For Use:
  1. Simple to use and works with all browser
  2. AdBlock Blocks any type of ads on browsers like Video ads, Pop-Up, RichMedia and Many more.
  3. Gives best browsing speed, and less battery consumption.
  4. Contains many more features in the paid version

Install: AdBlock Block Ads (Free, App In Purchase)

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2. Vpn Hosts (Ad Blocker)

Here is another great app to block ads on any browser but for me, it’s little confusing to configure but overall it gives you awesome performance to block any types of ads after all its a paid version to use, moreover the VPN hosts make a server through which no ads will cross from it, If you really want ad blocker that works well for a long time and blocks any types of ads without bugs then you should have to try VPN hosts.

The best thing I like About Vpn Hosts is it works without rooting device and supports the IPV6 server for fast performance on any browser.

Why I recommended Vpn Hosts Adblocker
  1. Great Performance & fast ad blocking
  2. The app is paid but its really worth block all types of ads
  3. One time configuration.

Install: Vpn Hosts (Paid)

Ad Blocker Apps (Works With Own Browser)

1. Free AdBlocker Browser

If you really looking for a perfect browser which will automatically block all types of ads coming while surfing or reading articles on websites then free adblocker browser is just awesome to use, where you will get all the features that perfect browser have, morever while using from month, it never dissatisfy me for less performance or not blocking ads you can also set ad blocker browser as a default browser for better use, it’s just the best option for blocking ads while using internet.

Why I recommended Free AdBlocker Browser

  1. Having great Performance and automatically blocks ads as page open.
  2. Make you secure from malware and threats
  3. Free to use
  4. Blocks all types of ads like ad video, pop-up, banner.

Install: Free Adblocker Browser (Free, App In Purchase)

2.Yo Browser – Ad Blocker

There is no doubt, Yo Browser is the most popular mobile browser which has tons of features with great performance and of course adblocking that makes the reading and surfing seamless, so here is another great mobile browser through which you can surf internet without seeing any types of ads, moreover the app gives you great security with antivirus protection, if you are one who is interested to use new features of browser to make reading & editing more simple then Yo Browser is really must to use.

Why I recommended Yo Browser – Ad Blocker

  1. Most Popular and trusted browser to use.
  2. Faster ad Block and reduce page opening time.
  3. Browser having Lots of features to use
  4. Simple user interface

Install: Yo Browser (Free)

3. Pure Web Browser -Ad Blocker

Pure Web Browser as the name suggests it a simple and mini browser that contains every mini-feature with ad blocker to block ads very fast as a website open if you want some mini-browser that open fast as possible and having an automatic inbuilt ad-blocking system then the pure web browser is good choice to use.

The mini ad-blocking browser always has lots of advantage for a device like it not take lots of storage nor consume ram that makes your device fast and instant browser opens, its a great option to use if you want fast browser and adblocking feature.

Why I recommended Pure Web Browser -Ad Blocker

  1. Lightweight, fastest with all type of ad blocking
  2. Having all great feature in a mini version for fast experince
  3. Simple and clean user interface

Install: Pure Web Browser (Free)

4. Adblock Browser For Android

Here is another most popular ad blocker mobile browser which having 10M+ downloads on play store, the best and new feature I like in this adblocker is here it covers automatic space of ads through which you experince the seem less surfing and reading experience without any distraction or any gaps of ads,morever the app having tons of features that every browser having but using Adblock it gives you clean and fast surfing without showing any types of ads, its another great option to choose ad blocker browser for android you can use.

Why I recommended Adblock Browser

  1. Best built-in ad blocker which covers ad space also.
  2. Secure browsing from threats and malware.
  3. Simple and clean interface
  4. Lots of features to use.

Install: AdBlock Browser (Free)

Ad Blocker Apps (Works With Samsung & Yandex Browser)

1. Adguard Content Blocker

If you are Samsung or Yandex browser user then adguard content blocker I will be recommended to use, The app is just flawless with both that browser, adguard gives you fastest performance and great adblocking capacity with all types of ads, the app works well without root and comes in absolutely in free version, The adguard app only works in Samsung and Yandex browser to give limitless experience in both browsers, if you are Samsung browser user then you should have to try adguard adblocker.

Why I recommended Adguard Content Blocker

  1. No, complicate configure & only made for two browsers.
  2. Blocks all type of ads
  3. Fast ad blocking as compare to other ad blockers
  4. Best for Samsung browser ad block

Install: Adguard Content Blocker (Free)

2. AdClear Content Blocker

Adclear is another great option to block ads on Samsung and Yandex browsers, just like all its also block ads while surfing on browser but the bonus part is it saves your battery life and block ads faster than other adblocker, with consuming less space in ram. morever it also gives you the option to set your preference for blocking ads, if you are Samsung or Yandex browser user then it’s a second-best ad blocker app that works very well on that.

Why I recommended AdClear Content Blocker

  1. Fast and simple to use
  2. Blocks all types of ads on way.
  3. Only made for two browser

Install: AdClear Content Blocker (Free)

Wrapping Up: Ad Blocker Apps & Browser

While surfing the internet ads are the biggest enemy that we have to face through but here above in this article I will give you every type ad blocker app and browser through which you will never face again an intrusive ads on browser, Moreover some ad blocker apps are free and paid so you can choose best ad blocker app for you requirements.

Is there any more ad-blocking apps you want to add on this list then feel free to comment below, I will surely look on it too.

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