Barbarian 2022 Horror Movie Spoilers

by Kirti Rajput

Barbarian 2022 Movie spoilers : Audiences who have seen the recently released horror film Barbarian may be left wondering what happens at the end. Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgard, and Justin Long star in this movie.

Tess, the protagonist, rents a house and soon finds out that a man named Keith has been living there with him. What transpired at the conclusion of Barbarian is detailed here.

Meet one of the year’s biggest and scariest horror surprises. “The Whitest Kids You Know” writer/director Zach Cregger breaks the rules in “Barbarian” to keep the audience on edge, making it one of the most delightfully off-kilter movies I’ve seen in a while. A simple rental nightmare set up a high-pressure situation where the midnight madness had no end.

Barbarian spoilers 2022 Movie

Who is the killer in Barbarian?

The Mother is the criminal. The marketing for this movie does a great job of keeping the basic idea of the movie a secret. Tess meets Keith in her Airbnb, and he invites her to stay the night.

Even though he seems nice to her, it is hard to fully trust him. Keith doesn’t believe Tess when she tells him that she found a secret room in the basement, so he goes down to check it out for himself. Tess goes to the room to find out what happened when Keith doesn’t answer her.

Barbarian 2022 Movie Ending Explained

At first, it seems like the movie is setting up Keith to be the killer by luring her downstairs and hiding secrets from her under the guise of a nice man. But when Tess goes downstairs and finds Keith, a naked old woman known as “The Mother” kills him on the spot.

The Mother is a woman who was conceived through rape and incest. In the 1970s, Frank (Richard Brake) lived in the house and did these horrible things. The Mother wants to take people in as her children, breastfeed them, and kill those who get in her way. The Mother kills AJ at the end, and Tess shoots The Mother in the face.

Because The Mother isn’t talked about in the marketing, her sudden appearance is surprising. At first, it seems like Keith will be the bad guy, but this character shows up out of nowhere, and her scary past makes Barbarian stand out from other horror movies.