Banna Gupta Viral Video Twitter

by Ami Dalsania

Banna Gupta Viral Video Twitter: A woman sent a video call to Jharkhand’s Health Minister Banna Gupta. Video viral It’s finished. The Congress Party has taken this action by the Minister of State very seriously.

There are signs that the Congress party may take strict action against him by late Monday evening. Avinash Pandey, who is in charge of the Jharkhand Congress, has told Alakman everything that has happened.

At the same time, police in Jamshedpur have also begun to look into the case.

Banna Gupta Viral Video Twitter

Sources in Congress say that the full report has been sent to Alakman by the party. Jharkhand Mr. Pandey, who is in charge of the State Congress, is letting the party leaders know about this.

This move by the minister has been taken seriously by the party. Talk about which party Banna Gupta can punish in a serious way. The head of the government in Jharkhand is also in touch with the Congress party.

The Congress party is also in talks with the government of Jharkhand

The Congress Party is also talking with the government-led party in Jharkhand, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (Jhamumo), and the head of the province, Hemant Soren.

At the same time, police in Jamshedpur have begun to look into the case. Since it has to do with a minister of state. So, DSP and Thana in charge are taking part in the investigation themselves. After the video went viral, Banna Gupta filed a FIR with the Cyber Thana police station in Bishtupur.

Banna Gupta Viral Video Twitter

A video of Banna Gupta, who became Health Minister from Congress Kota in the Jharkhand government, has gone viral, with Jamshedpur showing up in Western MLA Sando Ganji. He is having a video call with a woman. But Banna Gupta says it’s a plot by the opposition. He said that this video was made with the help of an app to make him look bad.

Ask to get rid of Banna Gupta from the cabinet.

On the other hand, since Banna Gupta’s video went viral, people are very interested in talking about it on social media and in political circles. If the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) asked the minister to resign, Sarayu Rai, an Independent MLA, said that this is the situation right now, that the whole picture is left.

Under the excuse of Banna Gupta, BJP MP Dr. Nishikant Dubey has made harsh attacks on the Congress. He has brought up the Tandoor scandal again and again.

Pratul Shahdev, a leader of the BJP, said that the minister should be kicked out of the cabinet if the video is true. If the video is fake, the case should be looked into and the people responsible should be punished severely.

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