Baja California Shooting Video

by Anchal Thakur

Baja California Shooting Video: At least ten people were killed and another ten were injured in what appears to have been a gunfight that took place at an off-road vehicle rally in the state of Baja California in Mexico. The authorities say they are investigating the incident.

At least three people were seen lying dead on the ground in videos that were shared on social media and showed heavy gunfire at a rally that took place in an area of Ensenada.

The shooting, which occurred early in the afternoon on Saturday, prompted an intense mobilization of units of the army, navy, as well as state and local police.

Baja California Shooting Video

According to the officials in Baja California, gunmen in one vehicle opened fire on the rally, targeting both people and vehicles. According to the state prosecutor Ricardo Iván Carpio, the investigation revealed that the vehicle in question had “perforations from gunshots and traces of blood inside.”

According to the office of the state prosecutor, there was evidence of crossfire that suggested the incident was a confrontation between members of different organized crime groups.

Cartel activity is at an all-time high in Baja California, which is located directly across the border from California.